Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yes, the golden post done and now is the time to talk about you,
Disoriented Neurons.

I love you.
You have been there, always.
Despite me being irregular,
you have provided me with so much that I am in no position to actually acknowledge all of it.

A concise of the till date expedition of my blog.

My first post - the best first post ever! :-P My introduction to the blogger-world.

The best comment - I HAD 2 return to blogosphere after Alok's comments. And the friendship that happened after that is an Epic!

The other side of me... - The post which is most close to my heart.

actually the whole month of feb and march. But the one post I am proud of is,
Comfort is the key.

Namesake express - For any-one who still thinks that I am faking my name OR my name is not 'Shatabdi'.

The best tag I have done till date! - The Bucket List . Anyone who wants to take it up , please do.

Yes, we know - First article ever. The one I worked hardest on.

My crush confession - Which got all you guys so excited that I was super-amused! :-D

Being curious - My most appreciated work till date.

And, The post on one of my favorite festivals. Peek into a bengali's love towards being bengali! Ma aisheche.

Actually, My blog is so awesome up to down that it is practically impossible to digest the whole of it into just one post :-D
So, what do you think?

Also, tell me your favorite posts or special write ups on Disoriented Neurons.

P.S. Happy diwali greetings to you, your family and friends. Have a safe diwali :-)


Trinaa said...

will come back to read ol these articles later...but till then haaaaaaaappppppyyyy diwali my love! :))))

CяŷştąŁ said...

I will read them all,sweetiee! :))
Lotsa love..and a veeellleey happy diwali! :-)
take the carrrrrres..and btw.where did you get this template fom?

Anurag said...

"Being Curious" is prolly your best work till date ....I would also like you to share your work of what you write for campus junkie and link it up in your blog.Some great Articles there.

Diwali Greetings and btw wasn't your previous post your 54'th and not 50'th ???...It was your 50'th post of 2008 ...wasn't it :P Anyways...It did call for a Big celebratory post..So Well done :)

Express said...

@ trinaa
aree read only if u wanna, actually I am still in the flashback mode, so.. :-P

Heartfelt diwali greetings 2 u and ur family :-) Have a safe diwali.

@ crystal
Teamplate is apna normal minima only. Just that I changed the background. I love pics that have multiple [more than 5] colours u knw; so have a loads of them. Was experimenting randomly and loved this outcome, so it became kinda permanent. :-)

and YOU read all of them :-P
It is not actually for other people and I am anyway gon na top it up with another post, but would like 2 knw wht u think abt the highlights of my blog :-)

happa diwali!

Express said...

@ Anurag
yea, i realised.

But anyway, I had reached 50 ages ago, I dont publish everything I write no :-)

so, either ways, I am happy I did my 50th in the way I wanted to :-)
my 100th is that much closer :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

And I am gonna put up all my articles one by one here. rem? I have a sea of exams waiting an d dont want my blog 2 b dead meanwhile.
Thats the plan ;-)
sshhh, don't tell anyone else :-D

and kali pujor subetcha,
the bong power :-D

Trinaa said...

hehe ur bucket tag really is awesome! n aamio bangali..atleast 50%

ps:so who IS d lucky guy??! :P
bolo bolo..tell tell..


Arv said...

Kewl post... I need to read the old ones sometime soon...

take care... cheers...

Shrutilaya said...

Your blog IS amazing.

I is a HUGE fan!

Express said...

@ Trinaa
ooo, nice 2 knw! :-)

happy kali puja :-)
and I dont wish 4 bhai-phota coz its heart-breaking :-( bhai lives in US no.

and abt the guy,
I have said enuff thr :-P

@ Arv
hey! thanks :-)
tc n ve fun!

Express said...

@ Shrutilaya

thanks man, really!

I likes dancing the rain loads too.
the's template rox :-D
I love ur writing style.

sorry 4 the delay,
u r up on the list :-)

deluded said...

i would say the best post was on how you dedicated a whole post on my awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

Hey :)
Happy, happy Diwali :)
I read ALL the posts, loved all of them, most of all the Shatabdi one. I did ask Ishaan, "why Shatabdi?"
Now I know. :P
My favourite post was the 50th. :)

Manga devil said...

Hewwo this is my first visit to your blog...IT's really amazing as far as I can tell...I lurve yr blog name!
I think yr first post is loverly!!
:D...I hope to read more from you
Happy gold!!(I think)*slaps noob-self*

Vinz aka Vinu said...

Most of them i had read..need to read those which i missed..


Bhai with Chai said...

Gold.. on dhanteras?! :)
I know I might have missed some o these..
*makes a note of completing pendin assignment - b-l-o-g!*


Express said...

@ deluded

@ Ki
any1 who ever asks me, "is ur name really shatabdi? I give them that link :-P
nice no?

Express said...

@ Vinz aka Vinu

yea, u ve read! :-)

@ Bhai
pehli insaan jisne mere dimaag ko padha, jana k main kya kehna chahti hu....

I am touched!

Alok said...

I think my favourite post would be "The other side of me" or "Reality TV and Kids".

Express said...

@ alok
din u like the music one most?

ah, anyway..

I love the other side of me.... :-)