Monday, April 6, 2009

I Regret the Invention of Science

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Apes evolved into humans, got themselves a better brain. Man started using the brain, started asking questions. And to answer these questions, science was invented.

Then they realized the importance of science for the progress of mankind and started research on it. Result, they introduced courses that taught science, and then I took it up!!!

I mean seriously, Today I equate sex with hormones, I think of food and complex structures of carbohydrates and proteins come rushing into the frame of my vision, When anybody sneezes in my vicinity I thank my antibodies, I blame Cadbury’s for not publishing ingredients and expiry dates on eclair’s!! aarrgghhh, in short, I L-I-V-E science.

And then things are expected out of us, science students. To sit in every lecture, pay attention, make notes, ask questions and also do “further reference”? Is it humane? To suck all life out of young adults by making them mug up complicated definitions and knotty formulae that make no sense what-so-ever? Leave them with no choice but look longingly out of the window towards BA and BMM kids playing in the rain, while they work in gloomy labs with handle-with-care Borosil glassware? Why can’t we be carefree for once? Chill out and not worry about free energy change of a spontaneous reaction?

We do homework; stay updated with advances in science; listen-think-understand-analyze-apply-remember every concept only to get criticized by 50 year olds who think we should “pull up our socks”. We begin giving final exams more than a month before rest of the college does; have stressful dates with deadly bacteria and toxic chemicals on Valentine’s Day; only to get tagged back as “nerds”. The question that I ask is,

How much of it do we finally end up applying in our lives?

We become better individuals. Punctual, aware, real, curious etc. but we end up in event management for the money. Make our graduation days living hell, just get the degree and change the field. Because we don’t want to die doing science. Then why get into it in the first place? Hype? Influence? Friends? I guess many of us like science for being “different” as kids, but when hit the hard-core ways in science, we get turned off. Also, the university system and point of view of teachers doesn’t help us much.

As of now, we have no choice but to live with it. But things better change fast if they want to keep the pure sciences alive in the near future.

And for you all, aspiring scientists out there, If you are ready to slog your ass off (literally) in lectures and practicals, have no on and off-campus life, do a 9-6 job for graduation, like other people dictating your life…This is the perfect place for you, Welcome aboard!


Express said...

written from the mumbai univ point of view people.


Arv said...

In the immortal words of those Legends of Rock...

"we dont need no education"


take care mate... cheers...

Ashish Surana said...


I didn't know exams can take so much toll on you :P

Calm down n concentrate on studies :P

Anonymous said...

Chalo science toh nahi li, thankgod!!!

Shrav said...

what science are you talking about??

do you really check cadbury's for it's ingredients?? I really don't care, I just munch it!!

Express said...

@ Arv:


@ Ashish:
It was written ages ago and my mindset has changed since then, b ut well; this was one of my most appreciated article in recent times. so :-)


Express said...

@ Ki:
haha. haanji, all good hai :-)

@ Shrav:
not a big fan of chocolate, am i?

science matlab, padhai-wala re!

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

Okay! We have a comment box here...:P
I had this thing in mind but i cant write so much.. Actually i can but i am not able too..
So that all what you are telling is What is Matrix all about!!!
You can do and think and make anything but inside the box....
Even if you say out of the box, its still inside..

We try to discover, make our own definitions of different things but ultimately we dont know, We know but still we dont know how life comes, how we come into existence, how we die, how our thoughts are produced, why everyone has a different mindsets??
All lot of questions and i think this are not answerable...
And Science is busy making defintions for it and then they make this universities and then make everyone believe what all it is about...!!!!

*It was a haywire comment...I am more off into Venting out things at the moment..

Jinxed Pixie said...

....and hence i decide to take up humanities..
(and don't you dare call it home science)..
but nice post, btw... :)

Express said...

@ Rushabh:
I'm glad you wrote. :-)

out of the box matlab, scientifically. So, what my teachers want me to do is think, innovating things @ SYBSc when actually the university pattern is not giving me enough knowledge for the same.

in short,
I'm confused. rather was.

Now, I've realized tht it is me who has to push those limits, me who has to achieve, coz I am 'made' for science :)

Express said...

@ Pixie
Haha, whatever suits you girl.

humanities is interesting.
hope u make ur career in w/e graduation you take :)

luck n love

deluded said...

all sane humans agree

we should have never gotten down from those trees!

we should have stayed up there.
with out tails between our legs.

Express said...

@ Deluded
between our legs?

On our asses!

and no, by writing this post I don't think I've gotten any saner. I have just got calmer :)