Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Dot Song

Well, so one of my friends from college, Anisha, had this very interesting status message on Gtalk for ages, which read, A line is a dot that went for a walk. :-)

Then one fine day, alterations of this were made by various people on her friend-list and now it is an entire poem! :) :) :) It is so cool that not including it on my blog would be an absolute insult to this master-piece! And as I am one of the contributors, I shall take full liberty of that :-D

So, here it is!


A line is a dot that went for a walk.

- Paul Klee (contributed by Bimal Bharath)

A curve is a dot that flew like a hawk.

- Rahul "Anonick" Dandekar

An icosahedron is a dot that didn't know where to stop.

- Madhura Rane

A scribble is a dot not knowing what it sought.

- Anisha "Anne" Zaveri

A circle is a dot that just goes round and round,

A coil is a dot that keeps getting wound.

-Adi Sengupta

An exclamation is a dot with an erection.

-Bimal Bharath

An asterisk is a dot with hair.

-Srikanth Viswanathan

A Buckyball is a dot that was out there to shop.

-Shatabdi "Express" Roy Chowdhury

A doodle is a dot that dances a lot.

-Rahul "Anonick" Dandekar

A colon is a dot who found true love.

-Siddharth "Sid" Joshi

A knot is a dot that lost it's path.

(disclaimer: in a closed space)

-Ravitej U.

A star is a dot that's really really hot.

-Adi Sengupta

A tittle is a dot.

-Anandi Rajan

Z is a dot after too many drinks.

-Shivam Gupta

A bot is a dot, out of silicon wrought.

-Preyas P.

A semicolon is a dot taking a dump.

-Ranaji Deb

A division sign is a dot looking at the mirror in vain,

A curl is a dot that had too much champagne.

-Anisha "Anne" Zaveri

A comet is a dot with a wild streak.

-Nikita Mehra

A shooting star is a dot that can't be caught.

-Shatabdi "Express" Roy Chowdhury

A squiggle is a dot that lost the plot

-Nikita Mehra

An O is a dot yawning.

-Bimal Bharath

A bulls eye is dot that is tough to spot.

-Preyas P.

A fuzzball is a dot with goosebumps.

-Rajani Rajan

A double helix is a dot that is entangled and can't get out.

-Anandi Rajan

A dot is not what you and I thought.

-Achal Agarwal

A dot is a dot is a dot.

-Nikhil Karthik (A Gertrude Stein reference)

:-) :-) :-)

P.S. The whole poem can be found here :-)


Vinz aka Vinu said...



The kota guy said...

A dot is a dot which stops sentences a lot!!
Great blog.

Express said...

@ Vinz
Heyi! Long time bud!
It is no?
the order of the lines is in which people came up with them :-)

@ The kota guy
Welcome to the blog
And haha! Grr888... But last dates for entry was 25th Apr! Its ok, keep compiling, if I have too many good entries, I will make my own poem :D

Thanks for the visit!

Arv said...

kewl one :)

sometimes, I dont like the dot :P

Anurag said...

wow...really kool...Shatabdi is a dot who has everyone caught with her awesome blo(t)g ....

Me is bad ...but some of them are really kool :)

Anonymous said...

Haha! An exclamation is a dot with an erection!!! :D :D :D

Trinaa said...

An asterisk is a dot with hair? hair??? muahhahahhahahahahahha.. :P

Urv said...

Ekdum mast hai :)

So many contributions there na. So, I will say:

Life is like a dot. Its upto us to perceive and shape it the way we want :)

Vaibhav Lall said...

Hey that ws Awesum...!
Maybe we cans till cuntinue this poem..! :) :)

Jinxed Pixie said...

I love the poem!
It's just...tooo good...
Awesome awesome..really, really..

Express said...

@ Arv
Haha! :D
I LOVED urz.. no, seriously..
I’m gonna pass this one on.. deserves 2 get added :-)

@ Anurag
All of them are supercool! You just have 2 understand what exactly was the author thinking :P and its double fun :-)

And yes, you IS mad.

Express said...

@ Ki
YES! THAT, that was the one which made me so wanting to contribute! Imagination ekdam fatang mast no?
I love the dot song! :-)
And there are so many versions now :P

@ Trinaa
Yes again! Like the nigro hair-ishtyle :P

Express said...

@ Urv
:-) Mere waale ok hai, but Im glad I contributed! :D
But tu serious line maare hai? Kai ko?

@ Vaibhav
Welcome to my blog mister.. and we most certainly can :-)

Express said...

@ Pixie
Guess why I made a whole post outta it :-D
How u be missy?

Prachi Bansal said...

a colon is a dot who found true love!:D..loved it!

Express said...

@ Prachi
Yes, it sure is that awesome! :)
Thanks for the visit.