Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eerie Hostel Tendencies :P

Hostel life exposes us to whatever other people’s good/bad/ugly habits are and well, even you can’t actually hide yours’. Even if you become all isolated and tight-lipped, there is no escaping intrusion on your privacy :D

So, so.. having faced about 3 weeks of life in girl’s hostel, having seen quite a bit [:D], having had quite some words; an enlightened Shatabdi shall have her say..
*clears throat*
A girl’s hostel is the most uncivilized place on the planet.

Don’t believe me? Visit any! Okay, guys have to take my word for it :D

I shall just mention what all I saw than leaving it on your imagination.
[Stop thinking about it, girls do NOT make out in the corridors of my hostel!]

So, back to what all I saw with respect to clothing, hmm..
Girl walking around without major clothing, yes
Girl walking into the washrooms, holding her towel, yes
Towel slipping off, oh yes :-|
Girl having bucket full of clothes and none on her body, yes
Girl changing in the corridor, yes :-|
Girl wearing just a translucent top and running in the corridor, yes
Did I want to see any of it? Hell no!
So you get the hang of it, plain disgusting.

I was going around the rooms of my hostel for a survey and for some reason girls seem to run to change clothes just after I knocked the door! Not once, not twice but more than ten times! What were they doing all the while, no, I didn't need to ask :-|

Now that I’ve started talking about disgusting things, lets go one step lower..

Bathroom Quirks :D
Now, we have a Bathrooms with have one side of baths and the other of WC with the central part lined up with wash basins and one clothes-washing enclosure. Once I had the whole of my wardrobe for wash and also the bedsheets and curtains; so, I just decided to get them washed than die. Also, I’m an absolute laundry fanatic and there is only a particular way my clothes are to be washed, starched etc, thus I had to supervise the woman. This meant a good one hour in the washroom with no good work to do.

Quick question, what should people ideally take along with them to the loos?
Soap, mug, toilet paper [if necessary] and errmm towel?
I’ve seen people emerging out with all kinds of things..
Bucket, Books, Music player, Newspaper, Glasses, Make-up kit, Toothbrush + Paste, Hair oil + comb, Mirror, Eye-lens box + solution, washed socks + washing brush, A soiled plate + cutlery set!
What is it? Don’t people have 2 minutes to spare for essential activities! Or they have the skill of time-saving that I don’t possess! Why have you gotto eat while taking a dump?! Or is it some simultaneous input-output mechanism that one needs to master!
I can’t even eat while people are talking about it, how do these girls manage to eat while doing it! How?

I’m just gonna stop typing or I’ll get nauseous!

Until next weekend, BYE!


deluded said...

oh. god.



Express said...

@ deluded

I wudn't mind seeing hot naked men though :P

exchanging places? :P

divinediu said...


LOL!! I can imagine you all disgusted with that. But I kinda belong to the take a book/ipod to the loo category. You didn't mention all the screaming and shrieking.

It's SO fun!!

Express said...

@ Diu
Screaming and screeching in the loo?

soin said...

its even worse in boys hostel at times..there are common tooth brushes.. my room mate takes bath once in two weeks in summer.. in winter he skips it..clothes are washed once in three months when we get home..but once you get used to the lazy life it is heaven like said above..

divinediu said...

No no.

General excitement levels are HIGH is what I meant!!

Girls talk across shower cubicles. =)

Express said...

@ soin
1s in two weeks? really? which country are u in? Siberia? :-|

thanks for the warning man! now I know where NOT to go :-| and how-much-ever monica-like I may sound, hygiene is my 1st priority!

My clothes are washed every alternate day! urgghhh.. 3 months? HOW? :-|

anyway, i do not want 2 b part of the heaven, no.

welcome to the blog if u took bath for the day :P

Express said...

@ Diu
oh that?
not really in my hostel.. but then u r in graduation school and i'm in master's so.. prolly has an affect, hmm..

and I talk to the girl next door through the window :D shower cuicles is fun too.. on sundays though :P

i miss u man :(

Misanthropist said...

You make me wanna not give the entrances and stay in MU itself :|

Express said...

@ Misanthropist
NO come.. the good stuff i'll write of soon :D

just that i never expected tht ppl can b SO ignorant :D ut w/e..

and btw
come 2 HCU :P
v'll have naked parties and pillow fights :P :D ;)
looking forward :P

divinediu said...

I miss you too. :(

Anurag said...

where in Hyd do u stay ??
Just let me know again in case you haven't :D

soin said...

alternate day washing.. worsht.. if we wash our jean like that we wont have anything to wear..anyways new to hostel life and so it is like this.. after some months alternate day will become once in a week and so on

Express said...

@ Anurag

@ soin
No no, jean pants get washed on the weekend hmm.. I'm talkin at all the other things :P

Vaibhav Lall said...

y r sum gals so weird??
even my friends at hostel used to tell us some stories...! But never got so many details....! :P
Hope you get your kinda people soon :)

Express said...

@ Vaibhav

i do have my kinda ppl hmm.. its just that i have other kidns too :-|


cheers :)

Shrav said...

yeahh?? disgusting :P

heaven :) lol

no wonder guys aren't allowed into any of the girls hostels :P

Express said...

@ Shrav

and whr dead YOU been mate?

Shrav said...

well, me?? I don't know, I was just going crazy and all :P I'm back now :)

workhard said...


People eat when they take a dump?

That is just so disgusting....

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Stupidosaur said...

^^^^What deluded said.

Bhai with Chai said...

ewww.. gak.. sick..

ps : read this comment jiska reply tune kiya.. "screaming in the loo? " hehehehhe..