Saturday, September 27, 2008

Being curious

If white symbolizes peace,
Why does it make me feel hollow inside?

If looks don’t matter,
Why do cosmetics sell?

If blondies are supposed to be dumb,
Why do we [dark skinned Indians] colour our hair blonde?

If they are not hygienic,
Why are beauty parlors so popular?

If friends are the support system,
Why do they betray?

If they don’t want to get hurt,
Why do people put-up sensitive content on public forum?

If we value our privacy,
Why is orkut more popular than Facebook?

If fuck [as a word] is part of ‘normal’ vocabulary,
Why do people mask it with asterisk?

If they want to keep the content clean,
Why use such words at-all?

If every-one has it,
Why is sex so hyped?

If green is the colour of envy,
Why do I wear it so often?

If I know he doesn’t care,
Why do I wait for his call?

If I don’t like her,
Why do I need to pretend?

If I can,
Why don’t I?

If it is now or never,
Why is not sinking in?

Ah! Such is life…

P.S. Nothing said here is meant for any person or organization. Suit yourself, I shall continue to do the same.

P.P.S. I don't need replies, I have them. I need views on the write up :-)


Alok said...

...And after a long long time a brilliant post on your blog!

So lemme share with you my answer to these questions:

Because meaning is not something inherent. It is attached to an object by the observer.

When I quoted this post as "brilliant" above, does that make it brilliant? Does my attaching a meaning, a label to this post produce a universal truth? No.

"If I can,
Why don’t I?"

This is the central theme of the whole post, and the answer to all other question. The "I" can be anything that it wants to be, but sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it does, because it is confused about what it really wants.

The "I" defines itself. We attach meaning to our lives; we make ourselves what we are.

Yet... there is inherent meaning to things, a knife means cutting, a stone means toughness and rigidity. White is a colour. Cosmetics are designed to nourish your skin, Sex is a deeply rooted instinct raging to be fulfilled.

So you can either perceive objects as they really are, or you can choose to view them through notions conceptions perceptions prejudice.

Most importantly, however, a living being cannot be labeled or attached a meaning to; because living beings have a free will. Nothing except their own selves can define them.

Anurag said...

If you,yourself say "such is life"
then why ask these questions ....

on the other hand ,being curious is has it's own exceptions though ;)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

itne saaree questions

kya hogaya hai tujhe :P

iv left thinkin for soem time
so if u get soem answers
pas them onto me


Trinaa said...

that was brilliantly written shatabdi!!

"If we value our privacy,
Why is orkut more popular than Facebook?" true..n i absolutely dont understand y!!

"If I know he doesn’t care,
Why do I wait for his call?" ..u too? :(( :((

such is life indeed!!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

random thoughts..!!

i loved ~~If I can,
Why don’t I?~~

nicely written and strong enough..!!

Express said...

Before I reply to any-one,
I need to reply to myself.
[In sync with the write-up]

Because it is an empty colour and does not suit my taste.

Because we all like to be presentable.

Because we are dumb-er.

Because they are cheap. Plus, without them we are unhygienic.

Because at the end of the day, we are all self-centered, convinience-attached *beep*-*beep*s.

Because it is an outlet, feels good.

Because all our friends are there! Plus facebook IS slow and complicated!

Because we are all decent people. Yes, this is the one I have no 'sensible' answer to.

Because use of strong words does have that impact.

Because hormones are involved :-P

Because it suits me? Nah, it is also the colour of mother-nature :-D

Because I care.

Because she pretends to like me! Or she does like me and I don't want to hurt her :-(

Because I am busy, doing nothing that will shape my future.

Because it takes time. Now, it has sunk pretty deep-in :-D

So, see..its not like I don't know the replies. I need you to rate this as a write up.


Express said...

@ Alok
so, precisely, the P.S. covers it all :-)

Your last statement was pretty strong. Shall be on mind for long I guess. Thanks :-)

@ Anurag
Being curious is an attribute no-one can gain.

And I will continue to ask questions, always, coz it is a must for my survival. I thrive to find the answers, to feed my curiosity :-)

P.S. Hope all this talking is not exactly an issue with you.

Express said...

@ Jiggs
Yes, found them, put them already.
and abhi kuch nahi hua, khali realise hua hai :-D

campusjunkie mein deneka soch rahi hu, as a poem, wht say?

@ Trinaa
:-)yes. Thank-u.

I replied my idea though.

Yes. *still waiting*
Really hope it gets sorted soon.

and I don't wanna do another poem..


Express said...

@ vinz aka vinu

Glad you could relate.

Express said...

@ Anurag
I completely missed the joke!:-P
and I hope u actually meant the angle I am taking!

Arrgghh, being disoriented does this to you!
Currently pretty messed-up.
Shall talk later.


Anindita said...

Hey you..

Don't you ever stop caring. It defines who we are. And if he doesn't care, do you still think it is worth it?

You take care and get the mess our of your head!


Disguise said...

I LOVE your blog.
Especially this post =)

Keep in touch , yea?

Alok said...

P.S. No this doesn't qualify to be a poem in my view, it doesn't have a proper rhythm or even flow.

P.P.S. Sorry, had to give this as a comment, I'm short of funds and phone balance.

Alok said...

P.P.P.S. Best of luck for the exam.

Rajesh said...

As u wished.....


Rajesh said...

Sorry!!!! was really really great...something that made me put on my thinking hats...especially the one on sex...every 1 has that but its made a hype...

well...I don wanna answer rather have no answers.. but it made me think...keep it going

Anonymous said...

But life is a confusing paradox. Nothing is as it seems. Hence these contradictions. Oof!

Arv said...

lovely post mate... curious set of questions indeed...

some thing i can never really understand like the orkut/FB thingy...

some are just strange like the If I can question...

but then take these questions and answer them after an year, you would get a different set of answers... I like that :)

take care mate... cheers...

Sach! said...

ahaan so here's my li'l curious baby...
great one! Honestly something that gave me a lot for the day..
*green* u too? I should have guessed...but for me black comes sabse pehle!
I use to ponder on similar set of questions..Wrote a poem too questioning and then answering things like:
If friends are the support system, Why do they betray?
"coz the one's who betray were never my friends!
If I know he doesn’t care, Why do I wait for his call?
B'coz I care!
If I don’t like her, Why do I need to pretend?
(MY fav statement)
If I can, Why don’t I?
'Coz I don't want to...

will share that poem someday soon..btw hopefully 11 baje tujhe aaj ek surprise milega...


Sach! said...

btw..tera cell kal even me mila kyun nahi..wanted 2 wish ya gud luk! I suppose u din' come o/l too...
Anyways \m/ on!!!

Express said...

@ Anindita
that there!
thats why I need to meet you :-D
*hugs back*

aree nothing significant.. a good friend, a fight, some ego-clashing, some confrontations, some unpleasant comments, some misunderstanding. got into my head. already there's so much friction in the group coz of other people..

I hate him, but I like him. These friends I tell u, argh! :-P

alls well, life's good. Thanks for that, helped gr8 deal! :-)

love ya!

@ disguise
Hey! Welcome to my page!
Cute comment! thanks for the visit!

and sure gal..

Express said...

@ Alok
hehe, yea.
I was gonna call, but it was too early on a sunday morning :-D

Anyway, thanks for that feedback.
and thanks for the luck,
dunno if it helped :-D

P.S. not exam, test. but ekdam official. argh! let be.. :-P

@ Rajesh
Haha! yea!
and after a long time, I put-on my thinking hats too!

Express said...

@ Ki
Hey! Thanks gal!
And yes I agree. It is always the way you take it; Like alok said, I defines itself.

@ Arv
Now that comment got me thinking! That is the difference you see, between the way a 19 yr old thinks and a 28 yr old analyses :-P :-P

Thanks for the comment. Made me realise of the dimensions this post had. U guys can really make sense out of rambling :-P


Express said...

@ Sachi
raat 11 baje? ooohhh *can't wait!*

kal sham ko? huh? howcome? kitne baje k taraf? Main toh ghar pe hi padi thi..

anyway, lovely comment, thanks.

and don't even compare my poems with urz baby, sharam se paani paani, u knw :-P

test was ok, but I am still alive. so see, luck worked :-P

For me blue comes 1st. Then green then red. My mum doesn't like me wearing black clothes :-( so thr u go, green, 2nd for both of us, another similarity! high-5!

Love ya!

Sach! said...

Arre I have now realized it was my n/wks fault...showwiee cudnt reach ya!
nd afa poetry goes..falling in luw nd then breaking into pieces is key to a poet's success ;)

love ya...

Express said...

@ Sachi
maybe not.

looking forward 2 2mrw's talk!

metal-militant said...

Brilliant post.Seriously.No jokes.The ultimate example of individualism (and basically a VERY METAL personality)

Express said...

@ Ishaan
see, how u open new perspective of looking at things?
Thats why ur comments matter!

this one coming from u, meant something :-)

metal-militant said...