Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wish you were here..

Raindrops lash against my window;
my hair is wet
and so are my eyes...
A cuppa of coffee in my hands
A million things in my heart
I sigh!
I wish
you were here..

Distance parts us my baby
and words fail,
With no clue of where we are going
and no attempt to ease the pain,
With nothing else up my mind,
I really wish
you were here..

I think of you,
my heart bleeds
and I am out of ideas
of reunion, of togetherness , of being us.
I miss you,
I need you,
I love..
Oh! how I wish
you were here..
P.S. No, not in love. No infatuations or stupid fascinations; just a feeble attempt to poetry in this ultra-romantic weather :-)


Vinz aka Vinu said...

nice romantic lines..!!

simple post..


Express said...

@ vinz aka vinu
hey! welcome to my blog.
Thanks :-)

just an attempt. exploring the aspects of the newly learnt art of poetry-writing.

Thanks for the visit :-)

Sutta said...

I don't believe the 'P.S.' you've mentioned!! :P

Trinaa said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm......i like :)))

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

just poetry haa :P

Arv said...

not bad at all given the weather :)

have a nice evening mate... cheers...

Express said...

@ sutta
:x! oye
Have any ideas, and waise bhi, dude, kon hai jiske liye main aisi-wali poem likhungi ;-)

P.S. Poem k baare mein toh baat karni hi ni hai nah? acha koi ni:-P

@ trinaa
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, thanks :-P

ladki! adding you on blogey-roll :-)

Express said...

@ Jiggs
nahi, pyar mein padd gayi hu, imaginary-ultra-sexy-macho-man k :-P

bas ab milna hai yaar!

@ arv
hey! thanks!!

u have a gr8 day ahead too!
Cheers! :-)

Anurag said...

Wow...arrey yaar mujhe bhi sikhaa de poetry...I tend to make a khichdee :D

Alok said...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you wrote this withput someone in mind. It's so romantic!! *sighh*

Express said...

@ Anurag
haha, pehle main seekh lu, phir tujhe bhi sikha dungi :-P

done with a bong one too :-) shall put it up sometime :-) glad gr8 deal tht u liked it.

adding u on blogeyroll. :-)

@ alok
:-) :-) :-)

pata hai!

Express said...

@ Ki
ofcourse I had some-one in my mind.

Just that I am not too sure if he is a real person :-P

you write awesome poetry baby, me just daring 2 attempt. :-)

Anindita said...

Now, why do I not believe you when you say you are not infatuated or in love???? :D :D :D

Good work! ;)

cRap bloGger said...

the line i liked most......wish u were here....:)

Anonymous said...

yes as if u expect us to believe that... anyway..whatever the case...very nice first attempt..excellent... u have that poetic streak i think..:)
good work !

Sach! said...

aww meli li'l sis..
do I need to blog something so as to DENY your P.S. thing?
baaki post pe comment kal dungi..abhi masti @ home :)

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

Good weather has us all wishing, doesn't it? ;)

My Blog Your Thoughts said...

truly romantic


crasiezt said...

LOL at the PS:P

Vaise poem is darn cute..if I were a guy and you had written that for me I would kiss you all over:D

Express said...

@ Anindita
seriously? I mean, me sounds like me in love? man....then I must be....

:-P :-P :-P

thanks ladki. Means something it coming from you :-)

@ Crap blogger
Welcome to my page.
:-) and thanks..

you should lissen to floyd. Not my line, its some-one's favorite song :-)

Anyway, thanks for the visit. Keep coming by...


Express said...

@ Paratrooper
Haila! well, nevemind..
Thanks for the appreciation though :-)

poetic streak? haha, time will tell ;-)

Love? nah..infatuation? maybe...keep checking this space for updates ;-)

@ Sachi
phone nahi uthati hai :x!
ghar pe masti k chakkar mein sis ko bhul gayi :-(

acha nevemind, jo hai, tujhse seekha hai ma! and u don't have 2 deny anything, jab kuch hoga, blog pe hoga :-)

But still...u wanna publicise my fantabulous blog? why shud I deny :-D

love ya!

Express said...

Oh, the new people... :-P

@ Akshaya
welcome, welcome :-)
yes, very well said!

the company like the one I have..dude! u absolutely have to wish ;-)

Thanks for the visit!

@ Amit
Thanks for the appreciation :-)
and welcome to my page.


Express said...

@ craziest
Haha! almost visualised it :-D :-D

and if u were a guy, would I have waited so long 2 write a poem sweetie ;-)

P.S. Some-one needs to learn things 4m u man ;-) :-P

Bhai with Chai said...

u HAD to ruin it with the PS?

Express said...

@ Bhai with Chai
yes..i love blowing this big big baloon n bursting it.

considering the similarity quotient, don't u? :-D

Bhai with Chai said...

I didn't consider it, comes naturally nay?!

ps : with age, you'll let go of this, trust me.

pps : now, i'm not that old

Express said...

@ Bhai with chai
LOL!! yea baby..
love ya ladki..


Bhai with Chai said...

we demand a GUEST POST!
from you-know-who
*wink wink*

Express said...

@ Bhai with Chai
hold on, hold, HOLD!

kuch bhi hua nahi hai, kuch bhi ho raha nahi hai, kuch pata bhi nahi hai..

just too early to talk about anything. As I already said, jab hoga, yahi hoga :-)

crasiezt said...

Gimme that "someone's" number..baat karti hoon us se:P

BIG Omi said...

Kya Haal hai janaab ka?

he he .. interesting are the lines and the feelings hidden between the lines ;)

now this time which blogger is on Target??

madhura said...

do we know him huh huh?

Shrutilaya said...


So much for someone who said she wasn't romantic1 = D

Anonymous said...

Haan yaar, poetry comes from the heart. So this is DAMN good. :)

Express said...

@ craziest
yeah yeah. When I want it bad and nothing seems to work out, you will be the first one to be called for my rescue :-D


@ Big Omi
You will know , watch this space 4 updates :-D

Express said...

@ Shrutilaya
dekh nah, :-(
and he didn't even like the poem..


I still put it up coz it ws as good as the first attempt to poetry. Anyway, romance....... *nostalgia*

@ Ki
hehe, anything to do with love from the heart :-)

and I am not too sure that I completely understood what I just said *bemused* :-P

gunj said...

:D :D :D
ab to batana padega wo kaun hai??

Express said...

@ Gunj
bata deti yaar,
agar kuch ota toh zaroor batati :-)

drop it,
and anyway, all of it is dropped.