Friday, February 1, 2008

The other side of me...

Well, i have been with myself all my life. But "me" is something i am most confused about. And i have finally deduced the reason for that.

'Me' undergoes transitions.
'Me' is usually under illusions.
'Me' learns from situations, tight spots.
'Me' misunderstands, misinterprets, does mistakes. But then, they are all part of being me.
'Me' likes to experiment i.e. does new things.
'Me' realizes things.
'Me' experiences and makes a choice; either yes, or no.
But then, 'me' is never just me, its influenced by several other 'me's.

Also, here me is not just shatabdi, according 2 me, its all of us.

Coming back to my other side. I am told [numerous times] that i have a very sensitive, mature person hiding behind myself. This post is the reply to all people who talk about the "akkal". All shades of me, are a part of me. I am calm, sober, loud, good, confused, bad, lazy, unpredictable, nasty, patient, happy, understanding, abusive, angelic, cute, quite, psychic, crazy, sweet, mad, talkative, naughty, ugly, bitter etc. etc. all at once!!! Well, only my good friends have actually seen all these and many more shades. For others, i am the usual talking, happy person. Probably that gets my friends confused.

But no-one ever remains the same. So, no-one should ever stop exploring themselves.
Ending with a thought...

Take a minute before you sleep each night and think about yourself.
Think about your day
and how you contribute to the world in your little way.
Your mistakes, kind words you said,
Things you thought you would do, Things you finally did.
Life might be short, long; you've gotta live it all,
If you get up each time, its not that bad to fall.

: )


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

hmmmm well written
evetybody has diff faucets to themselves, thats wt life is all abt
gettin to know urself
and makin the best of wt u r
and luck gal

Express said...

well, its gr8 2 hear 4m u gal.

1 of the persons who urged me to write. And i sure have come a long way. And when i read your and other peoples work, i know that i still have a long way to go.

Thanks for everything.

Alok said...

Very nicely written post.
I don't think that anybody could understand themselves fully. That's what makes life interesting. You've got to discover various aspects of yourself as you wander on...
Instincts govern the way we behave a lot, whether we want them or not. These are all part of being alive, they help us to remain fit and survive, "Survival of the fittest" being the law. So when we experience instincts take control of us, we find a new aspect of ourselves.
If you were to know all about yourself, what fun would it be to be alive? :)

The thoughts you wrote down reminded me of this song:
Enjoy! :D

Express said...

i liked the way u said, "instincts govern the way v behave a lot." The very idea of thinking 2wice b4 doing anything and everything is scary. For massive and hugely responsible decisions its good 2 think.

n the link is damn cool. Thanks.

दीपक said...

nice post.

Describing oneself is a tough task like anything. A person is a mixture of good and bad qualities, but if one is able to come up with more of good qualities, people will admire.

Life is to learn, to struggle mostly from our inner self. This endless journey has so many jewels as well as stones to be unearthed. So lets see all with welcoming attitude.

Keep Writing.


Express said...

Errm, i like the struggling it out feel to it.
n ur blog is beautiful.

Thank u 4 the comment.