Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Company is all I need.

I like to be alone sometimes, yes, to think about myself, priorities, decisions, mistakes. But, loneliness kills me. Too much loneliness depresses me. If nothing else, i resort to music so that pink floyds and the likes can keep me company. I go out of my schedule to travel with friends, might even take the tiring path if that means company.

The most amusing fact about me and my bunch of friends is, when in college, we try our best to stick together at all times, yes, even in the washroom :P Rather, we try to be together when in the washroom, reason? people flick things! money, face washing gels, hand-towels, anything they can lay hands on. Loo tales r too many, some not even appropriate to be put-up here. I shall give the generalized scene.

We walk in, all six of us together usually. Everyone takes turns to use the loo, everyone has their own distinct way/style [preventing from narrating their tales]. I look myself in the mirror and ask the same question over and over again to each of my friends,

Me - Is my hair looking messy?
Amruta - not more messy than it usually does.

Me - Is my hair looking messy?
Prerna - No baba, its just right.

Me - Is my hair looking messy?
Sayali - Chuck nah, who cares?

Me - Is my hair looking messy?
Manik - NoooOooo!!

Me - Is my hair looking messy?
Surabhi - What?

Well. I give-up every time I try, It just never gonna stop looking messy, i tell myself as we walk out...

There are people who think this is irrelevant. I think this is one of the opportunities to observe others. Not stare at them, no, thats pathetic and also makes others uncomfortable. Well, observe the general trends. This is what i have observed,
There are these females, who have their multiple layers of makeup, glosses, kajal, etc etc. Their makeup kits weigh more than their books, good, whatever suits them.
There are these who come for hygiene purposes, others for touch-up before meeting people, some come to use their phones, some come to meet other people, some to have some time just by themselves.

Whatever be it, quite a happening place all day long :D


Am said...

though you had given me some idea as to what this post might contain, I still couldn't stop laughing and making faces!!!!!
Though I agree with some of the things you say, like your hair is never gonna stop looking messy :P (join the club!!!)
This place just stimks!!!!

Express said...

1. don tell me what 2 do, what not 2 do even on my blog!
2. At least appreciate the writing style, u cannot come up with something half as good as this! ha!
3. Even observe the same things, at least I am more verbal about it!!!

P.S. She is one of my best friends and criticizes me every living moment! Criticism is appreciated, this is all in good humor.