Monday, June 30, 2008

Yes, we know.

Typed it for a website called campusjunkie, not launched yet, will let you guys know once it is. Be prepared for this one, its lonngg...

Human Society has always been a dynamic system at the exterior. Times change, the way we live our lives change, philosophy becomes common sense, autocracy becomes democracy, spears become missiles, and Rebels become Prophets. What is it that keeps this ball rolling? You got that right. It is we, the Youth.

The youth of a society form the vanguard of its progress, of the dynamic nature of human existence. But amidst all this change, the spirit, the restlessness of youth is never lost. We humans never change.

Youth is the phase in our lives that we long for as kids, enjoy as young and recall as grownups. No-one ever stops being a part of youth, if the spirit lives in you, you live young-forever. And it is this spirit that keeps the world alive.

Let us make the world aware of what they are about to face! Here’s to the spirit.


1) A new life everyday!

2) Coffee.

3) Food, any type! Any quantity!

4) Equality, every kind.

5) Beds in Classrooms ;-)

6) Night College!

7) Unlimited pick-up lines :-P

8) Unlimited talk-time.

9) Unlimited Xerox!

10) Heavy mode downloading, all day long!

11) Crossword sale! :-D

12) More Smileys! :-)

13) A Hollywood in India.

14) Angelina Jolie.

15) Privacy for couples ;-)

16) ATM cards!

17) S*x

18) Pantaloons discounted rates, all round the year!

19) Independence.

20) Trust.

21) Respect for hard work.

22) Respect for women.

23) Value for fellow species.

24) Special local trains.

25) Better Infrastructure.

26) Limited notes. :-D

27) Easy exam question papers.

28) Even easier answer papers :-P

29) Printed Journals!

30) Good stationary :-

31) Memory, like a readily accessible database.

32) Energy!

33) Gossip!

34) Art.

35) Comfort.

36) Colours.

37) Awareness.

38) Knowledge, without any restrictions

39) Sex Education.

40) Better Quality of Life for everyone.

41) Quality Education and Educational institutes.

42) Respect for Cleanliness

43) Less hype, more substance.

44) Freedom of Expression.

45) Happier Farmers.

46) Sophisticated Technology.

47) AR Rehman concerts.

48) Theme Parks!

49) Better Health care.

50) COLLEGE! For the rest of our lives!


1) Dirty Politics.

2) Opinion-less leaders who provoke.

3) Religious Intolerance.

4) Riots.

5) Racism.

6) Being taken for granted.

7) Brain drain.

8) People who talk shit about our mother-land.

9) Confidentiality, which misleads us.

10) Reservations.

11) Saas-bahu serials.

12) Reality TV, "sting" operations.

13) Breaking news!!!!!!!!!

14) Stereotypes.

15) Entertainment, just for the sake of it.

16) Underestimating Mother Nature.

17) Hypocrisy.

18) Superstitions.

19) Male Dominance.

20) Body Odour

21) The way Sports is handled.

22) Global warming.

23) Adulteration, of any kind.

24) Over-Smartness.

25) "Opinion" Polls.

26) Fascism.

27) Child Labour.

28) Sexual Abuse.

29) Waking up early hours.

30) Lawsuits for PDA (Public Display of Affection).

31) Abuse of Public property.

32) Intolerance for Homosexuality.

33) Student Suicides.

34) Pessimism.

35) Female Infanticide.

36) Child Abuse.

37) Blaming everything on the system.

38) Pimples!

39) Hair Fall!

40) Misunderstandings.

41) Heartbreaks :-(

42) Inflation.

43) Being forced to work for what is "in".

44) Loneliness.

45) Conformism.

46) Ignorance.

47) Interference with our work.

48) Deadlines.

49) Fear.

50) Terrorism.

Because we are grown-ups now, and it's our turn to decide what that means!

P.S. The points mentioned above are strictly my opinions, but I represent a face amongst the youth, and there might be more who think alike, though not all. This does not represent public opinion.

P.P.S. Thanks a ton to alok for helping me figure certain ideas out and solve the complication of the introduction. This one dedicated to him :-)


Bhai with Chai said...

// despise : body odour

The list may not be exhaustive, but it's quite something!

btw.. I desire : better primary education that sets the foundation for the right thought process, not stressing on marks-on-paper for the heck of it!

Express said...

@ bhai with chai
Hey thanks..

And yea, wht u say is true, but i guess it has been covered in bits in pieces, not in those words though...


Anonymous said... finally the mega list is complete

Express said...

@ SambY
hehe, yea...even you helped me one term nah? can't remember which one though :-P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

fatang hai
see i told u, ur writing has a spark
wh is clearly shown in this post

luck with campusjunky
now ul get a taste of wt it feels like to get ur name in print :)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

plus one more thing wh i badly want
a Metallica concert
i dream of it everynight
i want it bad

Express said...

@ Jiggs
Yeahhh, Metallica HAS to come to India man!!

Thanks for appreciation man, I don't have words of acknowledgment, really...

Good posts flow when you are away from your blog for quite some time i guess... hehe

P.S. chutti maar li :-P

metal-militant said...

hmmm,good the point.covered almost everything.but i wonder,why would you write 's*x' and later write 'sex education'?

and answer papers are given out blank,so what exactly do you mean by 'easier answer papers'?

Express said...

@ Ishaan
I will write w/e I want in my article! stop wondering and start agreeing with me. nahi toh....ggrrrr...

and LOL at the blank answer papers thing. Well, I never give them blank, but usually know the question and am not too sure what is the answer :-P So I guess that was what I was aiming at :-D

Anonymous said...

interesting...mind if i blogroll you for updates? I dropped in here through Aditi's space..

Express said...

@ mishra
Welcome to my page and thanks for the visit.

You really wanna blog-roll, go ahead.

Cheers! :-)

Sutta said...

Why do we need a Hollywood? or Angelina Jolie?
Indian cinema is beautiful in its own. And its changing though at a very slow rate. But it'll be better. Soon! I promise. :)

And a few more mentioned in the 'we desire' list are already happening, but then again at a very steady rate.

We are changing; just the pace needs to rush.

Decent list but I won't say anything else. Rather, I would like to know your views on my recent write up.

Express said...

@ sutta
I never said we need a hollywood. Thr is a thin line difference.

We desire better film industry with more substance cinema. Yes, things are changing, but are all changes for the better? I may be too ill-informed as far as films are concerned though.

and Angelina jolie symbolizes something else man...acc 2 me [ahem many others too] she is one of the sexiest and most beautiful women, read persons, around. Yea, even though I sound like I am gay, but I admire that woman :-P I was thinking of putting on Pamela Anderson, but well...
Don't tell me, you never desired for her, if not her, not even for most sexy females?

And btw, I don't even mean some of the things on the we desire list :-D And yea, I agree, things are changing, but the condition is still sorry.
Its the we despise list I am serious about.

P.S. Its youth that promises change in Indian cinema and thats what this post is all about :-)


gunj said...

dat was quite a list!

Sach said...

*I* desire to turn back time too. (Life should have a REWIND button you see)

Btw..How did you manage to make that complete list??

*Blogrolling you!*

Sutta said...

You know people say Indian Cinema is all about dancing around trees and songs and there is shit loads of melodrama and all that not needed jazz! BUT they don't understand such a piece of work is still served only for the reason coz its been still liked by 'people'. Just few of You, I or bit more others don't like that cinema but ALOT still do.

You give a NO SMOKING and people thrash the movie till core, and you give a OSO and it turns out to be decades most earning flick. Same goes for 'K' serials, we all hate them but still in the end watches them (not me or you, yet a MAJORITY). The TRP never drops!! So why will the producer ever stop making them?

Our film industry has always and will continue to serve the same dish which will be liked by 'most'. So, we need to understand before blaming 'them'; we need to change 'our' taste.

And anyways, I am a cinema student. So don't worry just a couple of yrs. more. I assure my films will be 'sensible' enough. :P

And yes ofcourse I understand why you put Angelina in that list. I admire her too. Who doesn't? :)

Express said...

@ gunj

@ sach
No, I want a forward AND then a rewind button, here are the bunch of fayede :-P
1. U ll b prepared for the future :-D
2. Yea, u can always rewind and then when u get bored, come back...ppl of current life will miss u nah :-D
3. I wanna feel like I when I ll b 60 :-D and the very nxt moment, like when I ws 6....shud b a helluva experience no? :-D

blogrolling? sure...
me adding u on too :-)

Express said...

@ sutta
Hehe, yea..If I see some sense in them, the movies, even I might start watching them....

I think for good movies, what lacks is the publicity. AND just an opinion, but the indian public is really confused what kinda cinema they wanna see. Prolly they want something new but still they don't want too much change and thats what causing us not to identify some good movies.

Yea, TRPs talk. But why does it all boil down to that? Why can't art be given a higher preference to business? Look at a bheja fry. Initial investment minimal, good fun, entertainment, a hit.

When junta is appreciating change, why arent the film-makers [big ones] experimenting? Why can't we convey something while v r still dancing around trees? thr is awesome potential, in actors, in flim-makers, why is that being wasted like this?

I might be so wrong in certain things, I know v r deviating a bit 4m the main topic, but plz help me answer this questions....

P.S. I used to be a movie buff, K3G killed it all...

Express said...

@ sutta
Back 2 reply on the comment :P

Movies, I am NOT the best of ppl 2 argue abt that. hehe. But, the face is changing, and I am glad it is :-)

why didn't you like OSO? thr ws punar-janam, and memory of pichla janam, and deepika padukone, and shahrukh with 6 pack abs, and 1000 dancers, and 10,000 costumes, and nice dance on amazing (lol) songs, and bharry dialogues, and bhoot, and villian, and maa and maa ka pyar....
wht is thr not to like in that *curious innocent look* :-P

Yes, yes Mrs. Pitt is surely admired in this part of the country :-)

Mephistophelian Sage said...

Dropped into your blog,thought of writing some shitty comments..which I wont coz I very much liked your post!
Though there are some points in the We Desire and We Despise list that I dont agree with or would like to modify,starting with night colleges.During my college days nobody talked about their fascination of having night colleges.
The concept of a night college will only increase the crime rate in the country considering how vulnerable today's youth are,unless you are living in an ideal world.We do have night schools but they are for the less priviliged ones who have to toil during the day to make a living,they could be teenaged kids or adults who have a family to look after.

Ironically you cannot impart quality education in institutions that have beds in classrooms!

Personally I will never crave for unlimited talktime coz u very well know how "talkative" and "outspoken" I am.Its like giving a comb to a baldhead!but you are right,99% of the youths will crave for an unlimited talktime.

Hollywood in India??rather wish for Indian cinema exceeding Hollywood standards..but that seems to be a distant reality.

Credit cards in place of ATM gives you the liberty to go on a shopping spree even if u have nothing in your bank account,you can make the payment after your salary gets credited to your account!

I dont think many would despise brain drain,coz its only human to crave for a better quality of life that our country cant offer,after all people have worked hard their whole lives only to lead a much better life that their predecessors couldnt!We can only pray for more Narayan Murthys and Mohan Bhargavs in our country.
In fact I would place [b]Reverse Brain Drain[/b] in the We desire list.

Adding Social Equality in the We desire list

I would like to add two more points in the We despise list
1) Dowry system
which is a social evil and still exists in some cross sections of the society.

Sutta said...


You say good films are not doing well, coz of poor marketing. Now, first question. Define "good films" in here. If you're referring to offbeat low budget films. Then the answer lies there itself. Such films hardly comes from big banners, and don't have that "star" value in it. So, they are hardly left with money to spend marketing. For eg. OSO was a mere product of big stylized marketing. Bcoz, SRK has such money to spend.

Rest you know, today films are made for a particular genre of audience. The target audience is always there. And its differentiated by the terms "Multiplexes audience" and "mass crowd." For eg. say Bheja Fry was only made for multiples audience. They knew it won't be much appreciated in the masses. And so they hardly released there. A recent example is AAMIR. It worked well in Metros, while other places was average. More prints were not even released in every part. Coz the makes know its not for the 'popcorn entertainment crowd'.

For the masses, there are enough makers who serve any shit under the tag "Masala entertainment". And to hell it works as well. 'Welcome' n all thats being the same. So the problem lies here, still in our country there is more of mass appeal and "masala entertainment" lovers than intelligent cinema takers.

But yes I agree, off late even those crapy entertainers are getting flopped. For instance YRF suffering the most. (Laaga Chunari mein daag, Aaja Nachle, JBJ, Tashan, Thoda Pyar Thoda magic.) So you see polly THIS is the point where big names like YRFs will start experimenting too. This had to be done.

Its an entertainment industry which runs on money earned. And so it always opts for the ways where more bucks are available. Akshay Kumar's movies are pretty much shit all the time but they earn in billions. So he never changes his genre. Till date, they have followed the simple rule "If it ain't broke; you don't need to repair it". I mean the Barjatyas are making another movie like Vivah. Coz of the simple fact, VIVAH worked.

And look at the other case, how will Anurag Kashyap even plan to give us another NO SMOKING when his film was thrashed till no end. How will anyone else try n be a Anurag Kashyap. Everyone wants success, they will intend to be a Johar or Chopra.. bcoz those places earns more.

And YES! just bcoz of some Bheja Fry and AAMIR's success we will be watching some more sensible cinema. Their success will make others experiment and take risks.

Imagine, now even KJOs next film ain't gonna be all that family drama shit. Though it WILL have ASS-RK still, he's attempting something different. Coz Kabhi Alvida was thrashed badly.

So, the process is ON! But yes, the rate is bit slow.

Sutta said...

And you've already mentioned all the reasons why I didn't liked OSO. :)

Dekh tu zyada tension mat le.
Just few more yrs. Main acchi movies banaunga yaar, and then you can be back being a movie buff again. :D

Sutta said...

With no rocket science I am sure you musta judged Cinema is my fav topic to howl. I still wanna say MORE.
But its morning and I need to sleep. :(

Sutta said...

And yeah one more point.
See, making of a film is a long process and so even if the director HAS some different idea, it totally depends if the producer is convinced. He's the one who'll put money.

As shit it may sound, but Cinema in India has turned out to be ONE big money sucking business. And where money comes creativity goes!

crazyy lazzy said...

great write up.what drove me here was your distinct blog name Shatabdi!!. mind if i blogroll u. i dropped in here through mishra's place

Express said...

@ jay
tu sochta bhi hai?
dimakh kis-se udhar lia? :P

replying 2 the comment, u like point-wise replies nah, I ll do just that, I oh so love making listss!!!!

1. Night collg coz getting up early is the worst part of my day dude. We desire list pe dimakh chalana bandh karo ppl!!
2. You take unlimited time to talk sense, no, unlimited time to talk at all!!
3. No credit cards, youth doesn't like to spend something they don't have, lol!!!!!!!!
4. We despise brain drain, but v r helpless, thts the point of that bullet, unlike popular belief...
5. Social equality included in Equality, every kind. 4th bullet.
6. Dowry system, hmm...point noted sir.

P.S. 6 mnths mein ek baar blogger log-in karta hai, woh bhi mera blog padh-ne k liye...meri maan, profile delete kar de, khali commenting ka kaam kar, generating topics tere bas ki baat nahi hai...

Express said...

@ sutta
How dare u call shahrukh, ass!!
whadda u ve against them, the asses? [perversion promoted :-D]

The last line u said, said it all...but blabbering is our favorite paas-time isn't it?

and tension? woh kya hota hai? :-0

P.S. Saw a satyajit ray classic 2day, I love being a bengali :-)

Mystique said...

oh yeaaaaaaaah @ all. especiall Crossword sale. and art. and colour. and the rest.

Express said...

@ crazy lazy
Ahem, my NAME IS shatabdi. I blog by the name express.

Go on if u wanna blogey-roll. :-)
Thanks for the visit.

@ Mystique
hehe, glad u could relate.

Anindita said...

Love the long lists!! Only, I wish it would be implemented!

Alok said...

Sutta and Express,

I've read your discussion, and I'd like to add something to it.

You see, however we might have alienated ourselves from our true selves, however we might say we are "Modern", however we might say that times change and people have changed, the spirit of being a product of nature, the spirit of being alive, never changes.

It lies somewhere, probably buried deep inside and hidden, but it is there. And it makes its presence felt, through things I like to call "instincts". As people who have been through teenage, you must know what I speak of.

Now, an artist is a person who expresses this spirit, this experience of being alive through some medium. Be it painting, music, or a movie. A good artist is a person who remains true to the spirit of his/her art and keeps it alive.

He/She doesn't care about whether people will appreciate his/her art or not. He/She knows that any person who experiences his/her art would be able to experience the emotion, the idea that it was made to convey. That is, according to me, the confidence of a good artist, which essentially makes the art good.

As Sutta suggested, Capitalism's goal is to give to people what they want. I completely agree. A capitalist's goal is to maximize profits, and if something sells, why not sell it?

But there's something missing here. There lies a deep mistrust in people when I see the kind of movies that are being produced. It seems that the industry thinks that people won't be able to appreciate good movies (by which I mean movies which conform to the idea of good art, as stated above). People could appreciate movies like "Khamoshi", "Lagaan", "Dil Chahta Hai", "Rang De Basanti". Because these movies could touch a chord in the people. They were successful art pieces.

Alok said...

So you see, people can and will appreciate good art. All they need is a break from this tradition of watching formulas that have worked earlier, of formulas that they have seen a thousand times. They need to experience what good art is, they need to have a few choices, before they can appreciate it and start spending money on them. They need trust from the artists or capitalists. And when this trust is laid, the result is always in the favour of the art (for example, "Taare Zameen Par").

A truly capitalistic industry will allow for experimentation and artistic freedom. Because it is only then we can truly know what people want, for now we have provided them with such a variety of choices, they will be able to experience new things and be able to come out of their prejudices.

The reason why, I think, "Hollywood" was included in the "We Desire" list was because it is indeed such an industry. Where artistic freedom is not compromised. And as we very well know, it works, doesn't it? Movies from Hollywood do not follow templates, and yet are widely appreciated and sell more than anything else. Because artists in that system have complete freedom to reach their potential, and be true to their art. Which automatically ensures that the audience will appreciate it.

Today's youth has a wider exposure to international art. They have experienced what good art can be, they are rebellious with the strains of the spirit inside of them. They want to express it, they want to experience it. And hence we desire that things will change, change for the spirit, "The fire that burns within us all". And, as I see it, we are working towards it. But we need to take risks, we need to trust.

Bhai with Chai said...

post kitthe gayi?? balance waali?
I had almost posted a comment on it!
editing it?

Sach said...

Yeah! the faeyadas are qt. a lot :))

Anonymous said...

I think there is a lot that needs clarification.Do you mind ?

Express said...

@ bhai with chai
aree neend mein by mistake post ho gayi thi, haha! woh baadmein complete karungi, lot needs to be added...

did u like the start? :-D
aaj raat ko kuch aur post karungi...tht will follow soon...

Thanks for always being on gaurd! lol! Kafi time se update nahi kiya hai, bore ho raha tha, :-P

@ sach

Express said...

@ mishra
Please do the honors. If my thoughts induce discussions, the pleasure is all mine. If talks any other than the post need to be discussed/clarified go on man, nothing u say/do here is unacceptable. :-P

what kind of clarifications btw, I am curious!

Express said...

@ alok's reply

Yayy! the desire list contained trust! haha!!

On a serious node, yes, it all does boil down to insticts. A lot of things youth does or decides to do is based purely on insticts. I just wanna ask you something,

"why do you think movies like K3G and Aap ka suroor are a great hit overseas?"

P.S. I was secretly waiting for you 2 give your comment on this 1 b4 posting something new man. The vishesh tippani made all the difference mitra!

Bhai with Chai said...

It did look unfinished, but I liked the start! Comment bhi karne waali thi.. haan ni toh! :/

Haven't been around lately, so was checking your blog and saw the post! :)

Alok Meshram said...


The same reason that we find the Martial Arts (like Judo and Karate) interesting, and join up half trained, half experienced "teachers" to learn them.

Also, there's the fact that these movies are mostly appreciated by Indians who have settled abroad. It reminds them of their homeland, however bad it might be.

However, note that bands like Indian Ocean which have almost nil following here are instantly recognised over in foreign countries, and are appreciated, even though nobody knows about them or has heard them before.

Express said...

@ alok
Yes, that makes sense. :-)

Anonymous said...

** Human Society has always been a dynamic system at the exterior.**

Couple of things related to this line..
1) why exterior? What is it about the interior that stops it from being Dynamic internally? I mean you must have thought about it,right ?
2) Personally I doubt it being completely dynamic.Because, we can study society.And anything we study is only because it is governed by some law,some pattern.And the presence of any governing feature makes itun-dynamic ? would like to know your take on this..

Anonymous said...

Apart from the ones that you have concluded with ":)" or the ones that are seriously a characteristic feature of the Youth today- i would like to know what do you think of :-

1)Food of any type- I do not find people to like the traditional food any more.The days of Poori sabji are gone.At home I find my cousins yelling at the oil that is soaked by pooris and the very same afternoon they are seen at the local Domino's outlet trying Peedza with cheeze burst and deep crust.So, all they want now a days is that imported food item and not the traditional ones.

2)Equality ?- I personally do not want to drag your post on the gender discussion but then since you have asked my take,I will try to say things.Its not about equality that people ask for,they ask for an edge.Any chunk of laziness that they can carry on.Like you can hear females screeming for equality at the work and social level but still when you go to the traditional cinema halls ( the ones where multiplexes are yet to be started ) you will females breaching the queues for something as irrelevent as tickets.Also, they are not shy of using the seats in buses coded as "ladies seat" even when there is a old man standing right in front of them.

Its not the females only who have a degree of hypocrisy,its the darker sex too.I have seen people taken their daughters out of private schools (which are somewhat better than the govt. ones) on the account that they are "paraaya dhan" and the very same evening they boast that their son has always been a good student- who stayed back in the same school.

Mistake is from both the sides.The point is - we do not want equality.C W Mills said that and the functional and marxist perspectives of sociology confirms it.

3) independence ?- What exactly do you mean by that ? If it is staying late in night when your mother waits for you to get back home,then I believe I am not a part of your so called "youth".Or is it the freedom that you found breached by the old grannys who ask your sisters to get back home before dark ? Kindly clearify Independence.It is far more of a term that you can mention in just a word !

4) Trust- Kindly clarify the context.There ofcourse is a need to do things on a personal front rather than expecting from others.

5)Respect for women- I guess I dealt that in an earlier point.

6) Respect for hard work- Do you work hard because you want the work to be respected ?Or is it that the hard work is done to achieve the goal that has been set. I mean to ask,what is important- the goal or the appreciation ? Like for example- Mahatma gandhi did all that to be known for centuries as the father of nation or did he do it because he wanted something to happen ? Or farmer works hard in the field- does he do it so that India would be known as a Village nation or he does it to feed his children/ contribute to national production of eatables? So, in "most" of the cases its not the appreciation that is sought.

7)Better quality of life for everyone- I do not think that is possible.Without darkness there is no meaning of sunrise.Everything has a role and if you aspire for the development of everyone,well,then you might want to watch "Bruce Almighty"- and see what happens when everyone gets his wishes is granted.

8)Less hype and more substance- and you want "easier exams" too.Do you see a clash ? The tougher the exams are the better is the quality of professionals- ask the IIM-ahmedabad guys and they will tell you what finding a sleep is.

** there are lot of points that I had to skip,else it would have become another post.

# Kindly do not take it personally
# I personally avoid being analytical because people are not prepared for discussions.But since you insisted, I respect your pursuit.

Alok said...


I am taking the liberty of answering on behalf of Express here, regarding the first of your comments, since I was involved in the composition of this article.

The statement "Human society is a dynamic system at the exterior" is pointing out the very fact that at the interior, it still remains the same. Which is just the fact that you have reiterated in point #2 of your comment. It's just that from the outside, as times change, the way we our lives change, as pointed out in the post.

Now about society not being dynamic at the interior: Society is, and will always remain to be, about freedom and survival. It is a human creation, and its sole purpose is to ensure that we humans remain on top of all species. The aim of a human society is to ensure that its members live a life that they want to live, while benefiting from the works of other members of the society.

Thus, even though how society operates changes from time to time, the core ideas remain the same. If not, the members of the society bring about a change and fight for their rights, thus establishing a new system.

Alok said...

Thus you can see that it all boils down to being living creatures ensuring their survival and freedom.

If the current form of society does not assure people these, people fight to change it. (Which is the dynamism at the exterior being talked about)

But, at all times these changes are directed towards the same things: survival and freedom. (Which is the reason why society remains static internally)

Express said...

@ Mishra
Yes, ur comment came. and I am glad that some untouched issues are touched.

The 1st comment, alok used such amazing words tht I need not talk nemore 2 spoil the effect. The remaining part though I would like 2 clarify...

If you say, youth is not used 2 eating traditional food, I would laugh at you. Look beside you n then comment. the most popular food in my collg canteen is dal-khichdi, pulav, indian thali and chapati bhaji.. haha! Food any-type, I mean it. We are more receptive 2 experiments than the prev generation...

Equality, I mean that, I post would follow soon. But please, equality is not only 4 gender man, Equality among co-workers, nothing called strata, caste equality-no reservations, any angle u take, the point is made.
Yes, we desire equality, even as women, v do...more on this 1 later...

Independence, no, by thoughts. Not getting influenced by other people/cultures and having individuality of personality.

Trust is such a wholistic term! How can u possibly see it just 4m an angle dude, open the horizons, the sun will smile at u!

Respect for hard-work is NOT appreciation for hard work. According 2 me, we don't work so that some tom, dick n harry takes away the credit. Many other angles, guess u look up for the meaning of the word respect :-P

Better quality of life, coz v dont want ppl 2 die of hunger and sanitary issues. Sure after night comes dawn, but for some people, dawn never arises, targeted towards that.

at everything else u said,
giving general answer coz its gonna b more or less the same...
I used just 1 words, coz its gonna b the readers perception, I had too many things 2 say, and I very strongly believe that precision does many tricks being elaborate doesn't. and thr is no scope of mis-understanding u see, things r pretty obvious. And no, I am not taking this for granted. I guess its the mumbai-youth this is mostly relating to, It is for a mumbai based website, so.....

Also, I am telling this for the last time, that the desire list is not something I really mean, so dont target me on petty things 4m that. Every point is an idea, a dream that we live.

read the P.S. very carefully....

I hope i have not offended u in far as I am concerned, none taken dude, sorry 4 the late reply, ws away all weekend. :-)

Thanks for critical scrutinization, helped me clear somethings.


Express said...

@ alok
tere massive comments se dekh maine bhi kuch seekha! haha!!

Thanks for replying when u knew I ws away mitra, :-)

I loved the way u said, "society will always remain abt freedom and survival", u din mention the word instinct, haha!!

You owe me 1 party less,

Alok said...


Yay! I am now influencing people... Muhhahahah }:^D

Seriously though, it's pretty apparent that you have given quite a lot of thought before you wrote the article. :)

Let's keep the spirit of our youth alive, it's our turn to decide what that means! \m/

Express said...

@ alok
and u can write short comments? kab se?

That 1 line said it all man,


Anonymous said...

@ Alok:- thanks for the reply. But dude, do you even know what you said ? Society is all about freedom and survival- that is all written in the medieval sociology text books ( I have gotten hold of a few- like the ones by CWM and Durkheim,though Focault and MArx were far more apprehencive of the idea) Sir.I would recommend you to read Lenin for a change and I am sure you will understand what central idea guides things now-a-days.Also,do check out the basic Buddhist philosophy-"Nothing is static- the only fact that is permanent is the change itself"- beautiful isn't it? How do you think you can quote internal mechanism to be static in the face of this all.Infact, tell you what..You first read those books and get back to me.You will find all what needs to be known

Anonymous said...

@ shatabdi:- Miss,I do not know what is your perception or sampling of youth is.Your college people- I do not have an idea what is different about them.But tell you what, I will pose you a question- given a choice between a pizza and dal-khichdi,what will your college guys prefer ? I talk of PREFERENCE ,remember!!

You think youth wants all that equality to seep into the system? that is all bookish Miss.In reality they want that difference to remain there as that serves them better than with an ideal society.Eg:- how generous are my or your college guys are to the kid who works at the dhaaba and serves us tea and never goes to school? Or the vast millitary of beggars who are at the crossings- what do the YOUTH do to make equality actualize there?

Trust- Well am all ears Miss.and for that reason I asked for your take when you mentioned it in that list.Sun has already been smiling at me since the last 23 years- and not infact smiling- laughing :)

Independence- not getting influenced on the thought front by others? Miss, I would like you to open the horizons, the sun will smile at u! How can you isolate yourself from the stream of ideas around.Do you think getting all in a shell will help you improve? Ofcourse one has to be influenced by thoughts,take their path,make mistakes and then make a choice of the RIGHT path- without walking the path how can you decide which one is right and which is not? So what is your choice:- YOUR ideas or the RIGHT ideas ?

Respect for hard work- When you are working for a cause why does it matter to you how others feel about it ? The only respect that should matter is self respect and by doing anything the way-it-should-be done, we earn self respect.Why do you have to be so dependent on the perception of others? come on...Dictionaries do not sound so DYNAMIC.MEANING is not sufficient after all- its more about the context..

What is about you being from Mumbai that you have mentioned? And what is a Mumbai youth? A youth is a youth- what is mumbai youth? come on..I never said where I am from ...Why do you have to talk in terms for your region ? We already had so much trouble in the past because of this attitude of some respectable leaders from Mumbai.Atleast do not do it in virtual spaces- JUST A REQUEST.

Alok said...


You say that "Nothing is static- the only fact that is permanent is the change itself". So you agree that at least there is something static, right, even though it is visible as "change".

If you read this post from me, you will agree that there is at least one thing that is absolute. And I believe that it is this absolute that lives within everything, which gives us life. People like to call it "God", I like to call it "Nature", because nature exists within me too.

The ideas I have written down about survival and freedom are my own conclusions from my respect for life and that absolute. This respect is inbuilt in every living being, and hence they crave for freedom and survival. The need for freedom and survival is a product of the absolute, in fact they are manifestations of it.

I don't care what Lenin wrote, I will follow what I feel to be beautiful and obvious. My conclusions follow directly from simple rational and logical thinking. If you can provide logical arguments against my theories, I'll consider them.

Express said...

@ Mishra
Preference and desire are synonymous?
I have failed to convey to you the taste of my post, yes, that is my short-coming.

But, You just don't read between the lines man. Again commenting on only few things coz the rest are again beyond me. And some of them are downright hilarious, never mind, here I go.

Youth does not pay beggars. Coz they want them to work. But then better quality of life for all covered that.

Trust, is nothing about a person or just the people he knows. Trust of the country on her offspring, trust of the offspring on their mother-land, trust of any creative person to have his work recognized, trust that science will develop, and we will develop them. Similarly, there are so many angles, the readers can take any-one they want.

Independence, u completely mis-understood that one. Firstly, none of us is self-made. Everyone needs to derive inspiration and learn from someone, somewhere. That is not even a mile close to what I meant. Think of that comment from individuality point of view.

LOL at the respect argument. I have no words of retort, but I still want my work respected! x-( haha!

Ofcourse desires change from the region of residence. Why would I care from where you hail, I was just trying to give a justification for you not relating to my post. If you still don't please suit yourself. Its you who is taking that angle dude, and that argument is so disgusting that I don't even wanna pose a reply to that.

The reason for writing the post was to make people [not a part of youth] realize that even we understand things and know of our duties and responsibilities. The desire list has a funny feel and despise list is sad, for reason I do-not know.

Read the P.S. just one more time.

By the whole lot of this discussion, what was the point you were trying to make? As less words as possible please.

Express said...

@ mishra
P.S. I prefer u calling me girl, than miss.

also, if you wanna keep alok out of this, just let me know.

Anonymous said...

@ Alok and Shatabdi:- I now regret that I made a review here.All the best to you guys and ofcourse,All WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN makes sense and I was not making a cinch of sense.Have fun !!

@ Alok:- Right are absolutely right.

@ Shatabdi:- Right you are.I was wrong.I accept.