Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jokes that hurt.

I am not the sensitive kind of people. Usually when random people blabber, I don't even bother to pay attention. If I barely know you, and you are talking crap and acting the PJ cracker, your jokes will not even penetrate my external ears, simply because I don't like pakau/popat/pathetic jokes. But when friends blabber, I join-in the blabbering. Their PJs, the most saddest jokes, make me roll on the floor laughing [not literally :-P] Maybe it is simply because of the fact that I appreciate their attempt to make things at ease and I like them, Of course I do, they are FRIENDS!

We all like laughing, don't we?
Its loads better than sitting in one corner and whining. If there is nothing genuinely funny around, its great to sit down with friends, exaggerate absolutely non-noticeable incidents, pull each others legs, and if we are still unable to extract a PJ, just simply sit back, look at each others futile attempts and laugh. Now I can't justify that, but there are certain friends whose mere sight is enough to get me giggling, a slight mention or even memory, brings a wide smile to my face. They are funny people and that is not what I wanna talk about right now.

Everyone seems to think that being funny is "in" and to be accepted in a group of friends, all one needs to do is crack jokes. I don't blame anyone, even I like to laugh. Plus, secretly I accept that I like people who make me laugh. But does that mean that everyone has to be humorous?

People don't know when to stop the whole act that was originally started for enjoyment, this is where they lack. They are all nice people with decent sense of humor, but they constantly cross that line and other people think its funny and you can't be a spoilt sport to take offense and at the end of the day they are your friends and it was just a joke and what will others think and aarrgghhhh......every possible aspect of the situation comes in front of you. Then its all up to you. Whether to object and ask them to shut the trash or laugh along and give them the benefit.

I personally believe, that if you can't tell them that you are uncomfortable, what good is your friendship for? Alright, they couldn't recognize the discomfort in your body-language, but never take home any incident that might have hurt you in any-way. Additionally, never pretend that life is all rosy, because by doing that, you will just be inviting another similar episode. It all boils down to the ability of laughing at one-self and comfort in tackling jokes to turn them into episodes of no offense and pure fun. More-over, when PJs are directed back to the person who initiated it all, that person in turn should not take offense, appreciate the joke and then the cycle can continue :-P

So PJ crackers, choose your victim well. If some-one objects, know when to stop. Your jokes might sound funny to you, for us they are traumatic. If all people laugh on things you say, they might even be laughing at you, think about it, think about it before opening your mouth, it is good friendship and trust at stake.

P.S. The post is directed towards a person from real-life and a particular set of people who are very dear to me. This strictly does not mean that I don't like jokes that are directed towards me or general PJs being cracked to derive fun.


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


i wont stop teasing u :P :P
i am the one who takes the case of almost everyone but i am often also the target of all jokes :P :P
but that wt makes it fun, wn u r surrounded by people who laugh n make u laugh uncontrollably that ur stomach hurts :P
u sd see me laughing at parth, man i go crazy n i just cant stop laughing wn i lok at him :P
but now i worte him an apology letter so he has given me legal rights to laugh at him :P :P
btw do u want a letter too kyaa?? cz i am not goin to stop teasing u any time soon :P :P

Express said...

@ jiggs
haha! aree nahi yaar, i don need any letters, u ve the right :-P

AND I am the all time favorite target, haha, its all good. This post is written coz of some episode that was on my mind while writing the post. Nevemind, jokes make life easier.

whadda u think abt PJs btw? :-D

Bhai with Chai said...

Hey! I was reminded of a friend and this incident that happened some time back, where I had cracked a joke on some habit for hers ( she's usually the target of it all )

She was miffed for a long time after that coz that had taken place in front of people other than the 'good friends' club.. and that hurt her..
and I've always been careful after that..

Nice topic to post on! It'll be good if the "frandhsip" guys read it.. they try TOO hard to be "witty" :/

Anonymous said...

did u tell him/ her this??/ welll... dnt bother is all i can say man......cheerz...!

Express said...

@ bhai with chai
:-) i guess all of us come across something like that some-time or another. I have seen years worth of friendships breaking due to some stupid misunderstanding. I know I sound like 40 yr old, but the point is, being funny is not always the point :-P

Glad u could relate.

@ SambY
Yes, told him. What followed next was another set of comments and another set of new retorts by me. And when the whole jhagada ws donw and over with, we were best friends again! thats whats friendship about isn't it?

I wouldn't have cared even a teeny tiny bit if he wasn't a great friend. And its better to have things cleared off, it might even be my fault, you know how instinctive I am, haha..


crasiezt said...

Hahaha what a thing to write about:D True you gotta draw the line somehwere...hope all those people get the hint you were hoping for!

It once happened that I was chilling with some friends and said something like "ye kaun karega, tera baap" to a friend whose dad isn't around any more. I knew, but had forgotten. One look at his face and it all came rushing back to me in a minute. I apologized of course, but the damage was done right?

P.S I liked what you wrote on Aditi's blog. Left a comment for you there:-)

Akshay said...

You know with friends you have ur special jokes or punches... that no on else will understand because there is a story behind it.... being with friends makes me soooo happy...

but i have seen a lot of "hurting" jokes as well.. its not fun especially when u are the one at pun-point...

Express said...

@ craziest
Mistakes we all do, but clearing things of really helps. It also depends on the intensity of joke and the bond u share with th person I guess..

And thanks a ton for comments on jiggs' blog. She sure is a lazy ass.. :-P

@ Akshay
I know! thr r special words and special way some words are pronounced or even some song or some color of the dress, that can get us roaring with laughter even in the middle of the crowded train! and such incidents are the 1s that help keep the friendship alive.

As far as hurting jokes are concerned, they aren't jokes at-all. They are some thoughtless comments and people not willing to change the statements they made and the earth-quake that follows there-after, hehe...

Welcome back ji, hope 2 cya around more often :-)

Mads said...

nice writing...interesting topic u chose..!! :-)

Crazy Lazy said...

yup i too agree every indivisual has his/her own set of perseverance which should not be voilatedat any cost.nice one

Sach said...

right said! sometimes words do hurt but I feel they come out of sarcasm and nothing other than that. I mean words of true friends no matter what they be don't hurt. Right?

Mystique said...

so true. both my parents crack jokes at my expense, i do the same for them....we don't's all in the tone. the joke might not hurt, but the tone can, sometimes.

Express said...

@ Mads
Welcome to my page.
Thanks for your compliments. Yes, I was l on my mind since quite some time.

Thanks for the comment n visit :-)

@ Crazy Lazy
Hey thanks.
Glad you could relate. :-)
Thanks for the visit n comment [again]

Express said...

@ sach
There is no scope for "hurt", a couplea abuses do the work, hehe...

@ Mystique
Tonality is 38% important in healthy communication, u knew this? :-P

I dunno how I missed this, glad you mentioned. and cracking jokes with parents? I am simply comfortable in their company, so yes, I can relate :-)

Thanks for visit,

gunj said...

its strange hw certain things are percieved so diffrntly by ppl!! u shud ask dat guy/gal his/her reasons fo doing wat he/she does!

Sutta said...

Aaye!! The 'world' and its 'functioning'.

Greasing, oiling, servicing.
Dhurr dhurr!!
No change.
Dhurr dhurr !!

The 'world' says "Main Aisa Hi Hoon". :D

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

ab mei kissi cherauge :(


i had so much fun takin ur cASe :P

Express said...

@ gunj
Yea, not asking, people take offense you see. Usually it is attention seeking I guess, doesn't matter why. Its what is does that causes trauma.


@ sutta!
god comment. the best 1 on this post!

Express said...

@ Jiggs
1st time I read "kissi churaungi" haha!! you sure r going down the lesbian way gal :-P

aaj late-wali train mein mil gaye!! that is my usual train!! high five!!

tere lecs nahi hue nah? kismat! sighh**

P.S. Yea yea, I know its time 4 a new post :-P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

kissi means
whom will i tease now
u know my typos :P
haa koi lecs nahi huee
prax mei bhi onli instructions dia
aaj 12 baje freee
ppl have started calling
life sciences as love sciences :P

Express said...

@ jiggs
its not kissi, its kisse
kisse chidhaungi :-|

Love sciences LOL! sahi hai yaar...but then they take our pracs early n v r free by 12, so not complaining...then group studies, till 4...2-4 :P 2 hrz tp :-P

aaj, 11 baje ;-)

Vikrant said...

haila.. fundo.. im sure u were laughing when u were posting this huh..? nice nice..ask the particular person to read this. btw im going out wid tht person now@ cheers! :p

Express said...

@ vikrant
would you like to enlighten the public about the "person" ?

nevemind, long time..howdi? :-P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

abey oyyee vikrant

u got it wrong
its not abt 'him '
the person u r goin out with
its abt somebody else
actually somebodiesssssssssssss :P

not him
ill tell u later :P

Express said...

@ Jiggs
Pu-re ruia college ko bata de. Jitne bhi chahe logo ko jhod de.
itna bhi chahe cAse le-le.

mere good friends k list mein tu bhi aati hai ladki, ye hamesha yaad rakhna,

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

:P :P

Vikrant said... really thought this was fundo's blog.. the background :p.. nevermind abt the person! hehe

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

dope karke online aata hai kya
:P :P

Vikrant said...

yea express. whts up wid u.. fundo = CL!

Express said...

@ vikrant
Yea, fundo's CL! woh bhi umang! ruia ko bhagwan bachaye :-P

lifes good! extended birrday on the weekend, no, i celebrated my birrday whole month! :-P and plan 2 celebrate remaining month too..


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


CL stand for something else too
which i am sure he meant

tu CL

Vikrant said...

@express.. wht is fundo talking abt? somebodiesss??? i knw one i guess :p..
@ fundo.. umang ki CL?? hahah.. oh yea, you are one now.. so fundo, ur umang's CL, and btw CL! hahah... umang's CL! ;)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

abey i said
cl stands for something else

u cl

Express said...

@ vikrant
no, u know none. or no, u do know 1, i dunno...mad jiggy mad mad jiggy!

@ jiggy
I guess even he meant the other-meaning wala cl. But now u can't deny that u r cl. [umang ki hi sahi], u ARE cl!

@ jiggs and vikrant
kya hai be? cl cl cl, now i wanna know!! tell or ill ban u both 4m my blog :-P