Friday, July 18, 2008

Being nine-TEEN

Yes, Its my happy happy birrddaaayyy!!!!!!

The last night of my teen-age. Yes, this is an over-hyped concept. Still, each of my birthdays have been very close to my heart :-)

18th of July is My DAY! I am 19 years old! Out of teen finally [even though a lot of people have other things 2 say :-P]

Celebrations still on, the day has been amazing!!

Ilove all my friends who spent some money to get in touch with me to pass on their good wishes!

All orkut friends who burnt those ATPs to pass their wishes to me!

All blogger mates who will be posting wishes here!

Its you guys who make my day so special! :-)

P.S. Yes Jiggs, you come in all 3 lists! :-P


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


firstly thank god that i didnt forget ur bday :P
considering ur 2 sec memory :P :P

ull get ur gift tomro, upload kar lia hai :P :P
now i want my black forest :P :P

ohhh yes
yaapppyyyy yapppy bday :D


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

3th line
my typosss
my 2 sec memory :P

one day these typos will surely give me a blue eye :P

Express said...

@ Jiggs
Yayy! u were the 1st one 2 comment.

chal atleast ull come 2 collg on weekend for the pastry! haha, why only black forest btw? *blinks innocently* wasn't dutch truffle ur fav? *confused*

Thankssss a lottt!!!!!!!!!
love u!
jo sochna hai, soch le :-P

Solitaire said...

My first time here but happy birthday. :)

Sutta said...


Sach said...

Am late but still........

Bud-daY !!!!!!!!!

So where's the party gurl??And you abhi 19...ummma bahut talent hai bachhe! Cancerian rocks ;)

Urv said...

Oh know. Am a lil late in wishing :( But belated happy bday.. Let each day be as fun filled as the happy birthday day :)

gunj said...

belated happpyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyy!

Express said...

@ solitare
Nah, I think u ve visited my page a couplea times b4...

nevermind, might be wrong :-P
Thanks a lot for ur wishes! :-)

@ sutta
You toh deserving, given!
khali gift ka fruitful utilization k baare mein i ws getting concerned..u will volunteer? suicide bomber?

Express said...

@ sach
nah, not ur fault, I could'nt post it on the day, too many phone-calls :-P

and I am a premature born, so shades of characters of leo, but then god had better plans 4 me, and I am glad that I am cancerian man, rocks!

Thanks a lot for the wishes!

@ urv
Hey, thanks a ton! liked ur msg a lot!
Thanks :-)

Express said...

@ gunj

Bhai with Chai said...

another cancerian! no wonder you're good! ;) ;)

happy birthdayyyyy ladkiii!
:) :) :) :) :)
fly high!

Express said...

@ bhai with chai!
hey thankkss.....

btw, crab doesnt fly, still,
flight made madame! :-P

P.S. I am not just good, I am too good :-D

Bhai with Chai said...

lol! :D
We're not just crabs, we're female crabs! We do what's not done before!
Muawahaha! :D :D

ps : tag done! :)

Sutta said...

Depends on whose to be bombed? :-/

Vikrant said...

heyy..happy b'dayy!!!

Express said...

@ bhai with chai
lol, true!

@ sutta
hmm, u temme...
I love my life, and will die only after nxt yr june :P
so tabhi tak tera ammunition kharab ho gaya toh :-D

u ought to sacrifice ur life for this honourable purpose mate.

Express said...

@ vikrant
Thanks a lot! :-)

Alok said...

19th comment! :P

Happy birthday!

May you get bald one day and have that husband of your dreams. }:^D

Anonymous said...

i wished u on orkut..and happy bday here too !!.:-)...

Express said...

@ alok,
LOL! now I am falling inlove wid my hair all over again! LOL

Yes, u were the 1st one 2 call :-)

@ samby
OK, confession time.
I actually cried after reading the ARMY news! Man, I am so goddamn happy 4 u!!!!!!!!

Thank u so soo much! for all the wishes.
yes, I am 19 yrz, 2 days old now :-P

How do we know said...

Hey Happy Birthday!!

Akshay said...

Belated birthday wishes!!

Express said...

@ how do we know
Welcome to my page..and thanks a ton for the wishes!

@ akshay nahi laya? :-(