Sunday, March 22, 2009


So today, I fore-see
what tomorrow my world shall be
free from your ignorance
and all of my care,
the feelings can be buried
of which you weren't aware.

Free from the shackles
that would bind us through times of hell,
for the concern I had
were never perceived well.

I shall now let
the shallow painless night end;
forget the love,
you didn't even deserve to be my friend.
You walked
leaving behind the seasons Grey
And I kept sitting below the lone tree
while you partied away.

This is it, I see the end,
of the pretense, the heartless emotionless struggle
To get you back, to be yours
of togetherness, of snuggle..

At the end, I just regret
wishing for the time when we had met
hoping that you would be the one
to wipe my tears
hold me tight
say, "darling, it ll be alright"
stand by me when days were thin
no care about loss or win

Pack your bags, take off,
you've stayed here too long;
I, meanwhile shall dump the memories
that we cherished all along.
I shall no-more
look at the old oak door,
expect the phone to ring
or Gtalk to ping..
I'm happy we chose different ways
before the love deepened or stayed
for if it had been the other way round
I would have lost my soul, my sky, my ground.

Why is it so hard to let go,
If you ask so,
Only thing to be said by me
would be,
We don't give away our heart everyday,
do we?


Trinaa said...

no we don't!! :')


Anonymous said...

Wow. Really well written. :)

Arv said...

I agree... we dont and it makes sense to hold those memories with us :)

take care... cheers...

Anurag said...

Hey wonderful Post thr .....
No Answer to your question in the Last para but I am sure others do :)

The Seeker said...

No. We don't and its difficult, rather it is painful. also the truth is it is foolish to cling onto too much. but???

Cяystal said...

You made me cry..I hate you for that,Shatab

Shrav said...

wonderful post there! don't have an answer to the last line really, and I know it is quite painful! :(

Soham Chakraborty said...

kya ho gaya ??? !!! senti poem !!! break up ho gaya kya ?

Aditi Gupta said...

this is for the above post
do smthing gal make me study
i cant
3 days left
i am screwed
with the lappy i cant study
cant do with the net n w/o it
well i can only help myslef
i guess writign thsi would help
anyway beta do u have time to even write all that over the post lolzzz
parle beta
actually u sd b tellin me that
best of luck gal
i got 3 to 6 on 6th
center par milte hai

Express said...

Tri: :-)

You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
its trooo :D


@ Ki
guess what some1 said was right..
U've gotta be low to be creative..

very judgemental i knw,
but works well..hmm


Express said...

@ Arv
so you have dethroned some1 else to become my favorite reader!!!!!!!!!

memories? no. flushed.
used to hurt.
good :-)

@ Anurag
aree, u havn't given away ur heart till now no.
so, u don't give it everyday

simple :P


Express said...

@ Seeker:
Foolish? yea?

I dunno.

But if something is being reciprocated, no harm i think. well.

@ Crystal:
Nahi :(

Express said...

@ Shrav:
every1 has to deal with it.

@ Soham:
Aing? boyfriend hoga toh break-up hoga nah?

Express said...

@ Aditi:

ho gayi baat,
but man! LOL!

pagal ladki!
fully pagal!

Vivek said...


Liked your lines and interested in taking the reference (first 6 and last 6) on my blog (frankly speaking, am haven't got expertise in expressing my feelings in the words with rhyme as you did).

So if you permit... (pleaseeeeee)...

Express said...

@ Vivek
Tu toh friend of friend hai re, and you taking lines is only my pleasure.
I'm glad you bothered to notify actually.

2 things though,
I would like if you linked my blog-post too; so that anyone who reads gets an idea of the context I was using.

Thanks for the visit :-)


avishek said...


Express said...

@ Avishek
I am not even close to being that actually. But some abs awesome poets on my blogroll. Arv, Sachi and riversoul DESERVE to be read! :-)

and I read some of ur work,
will comment gradually :-)

Vivek said...

Thanks Shatabdi...

Also I have passed your ^5 to 'J'...

Keep Blogging...

Vivek said...

Hey Shatabdi,

Recently come across few lines appeared in a novel finished y'day, and those are perfectly attributed to your post:
"That is why it is so important to let certain things go. To release them. To cut loose.
People need to understand that no one is playing with marked cards; sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.
Don’t expect to get anything back, don’t expect recognition for your efforts, don’t expect your genius to be discovered or your love to be understood. Complete the circle. Not out of pride, inability, or arrogance, but simply because whatever it is no longer fits in your life.
Close the door, change the record, clean the house, get rid of the dust. Stop being who you were and become who you are."

Hope you liked them.


Express said...
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Express said...

@ Vivek
Zahir.. hmm

No, did not enjoy; I'm not too supportive of self-help books. Pardon my bluntness, but I think w/e these have gotta tell us, is already known by us.. saying is easy, its the implementation that matters.

I can argue on this for hours, but choose not to.

& Oh, of course I'll keep blogging.. I'm so regular that I'm surprised you even said that!

Its ME who should be saying that, don't u agree? :P