Sunday, March 15, 2009

Deep Insight

Sometimes life takes us through such weird phases that we can't help but wait patiently for it to pass. Sometimes it is just out of our hands to change something that is happening to our dear ones. Sometimes it all seems to happen to the wrong people at the wrong time and what is saddening is, we can do nothing about it.

Some recent events unfolded in the past week that have made me see through and appreciate life for the way it is.

Our life is not just ours, our world is inter-laced with so many others that even if one thread breaks, the entire network crumbles like a castle of cards. We always imagine certain people to be instrumental in making us the way we are. Even if they are not physically present at all times, they affect us deeply.

You are always going to be loved Buru didi. My relationship with you will never change.

I have made grave mistakes in the past. Now it is time to correct them, because it is never too late to start. My blog shall not die a slow death. I shall not let that happen.