Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Festival of...

Diwali is festivals of lights, of life, of togetherness, of celebration, of shopping, of forgiving, of holidays, of meeting friends, of making friends, of victory of the good over the bad, of crackers and what not....

I would say, Diwali = Festival of FOOD! [snacks majorly]
and heres the reason why...

I am eating so much that I am surprized on my own eating capabilities :-D But who the hell looks at all this unlimited sexy food being at home!
I made a rangoli-alpana for my neighbour for my neighbour's entrance door [Photo on Facebook] and she gave me 10 Karanjies!!! I mean, Thank-you aunty, do you have a backdoor? :-P

I have had a brilliant Diwali and even-better Kali puja this season..
How is your's going?

Some more pictures,
Some of my self-made diya collection :-)

So, make the most of it.
And for people who are working, Skip work man, we do it all round the goddamn year!
Wishing you all, heartfelt,

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yes, the golden post done and now is the time to talk about you,
Disoriented Neurons.

I love you.
You have been there, always.
Despite me being irregular,
you have provided me with so much that I am in no position to actually acknowledge all of it.

A concise of the till date expedition of my blog.

My first post - the best first post ever! :-P My introduction to the blogger-world.

The best comment - I HAD 2 return to blogosphere after Alok's comments. And the friendship that happened after that is an Epic!

The other side of me... - The post which is most close to my heart.

actually the whole month of feb and march. But the one post I am proud of is,
Comfort is the key.

Namesake express - For any-one who still thinks that I am faking my name OR my name is not 'Shatabdi'.

The best tag I have done till date! - The Bucket List . Anyone who wants to take it up , please do.

Yes, we know - First article ever. The one I worked hardest on.

My crush confession - Which got all you guys so excited that I was super-amused! :-D

Being curious - My most appreciated work till date.

And, The post on one of my favorite festivals. Peek into a bengali's love towards being bengali! Ma aisheche.

Actually, My blog is so awesome up to down that it is practically impossible to digest the whole of it into just one post :-D
So, what do you think?

Also, tell me your favorite posts or special write ups on Disoriented Neurons.

P.S. Happy diwali greetings to you, your family and friends. Have a safe diwali :-)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


As a kid I was always into everything! Singing, drawing, elocution, craft, dancing, recitation, blah blah; but somehow when any-one suggested writing my own thing, I couldn’t gather the courage to even try. I knew I sucked, I knew no-one would care; but I did not know how good it felt to release all the pent up thoughts. And then the blog-thing happened! which is till date one of my favorite possessions.

And all you guys, who care to read. Thanks!
I know I wouldn’t have reached the 50th if you guys weren’t around :-)
So, cheers to you all!

Alok: Good friend no.1

The person who made me take up writing again. My favorite partner in heated discussions, my biggest critic. Idealistic, responsible, the story-teller! My editor, the one who completes my lines, knows exactly what I am thinking.

You know you are special, I don't need to mention that. Thanks for all the honesty and calm. Even if my blog-roll reaches 100 people, you will always be the person for whom I made the blog-roll in the first place.
Song that reminds me of him: Barandaay roddur – Bhoomi.

Sachi: The best sister

I dedicated my first poem on this blog to her, yes, she means that much. I love her; admire her, beyond the barriers of distance. Both of us believe that we live parallel lives, just that she lives it 2 years ahead of me :-D I am her baby sis; she is a piece of my heart.

Sachi, mera pura blog-roll ek taraf aur tu ek taraf hai baby! Your calls make my day; your laughter makes me laugh. I know it when you are sad, I feel it when you are disturbed; oh, I love you! Just hold on, we will make the best out of whatever shit life gives us.
Song that I would sing to her: Nothing else matters – Metallica

Ishaan: Mr. Metal militant

Congratulations on the first anniversary of our friendship!

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Ishaan Kumar Mukherjee, the only guy whose PJs I can tolerate, because well, they are witty. He is the militant of metal music and I think he is insanely maniac about it. But, if you understand even m of metal, his blog is a must-visit ;-) One of the very few people who manage to calm me down when I am mad, yes, it is that tough a job. This man is my guide through metal music and personal English grammar tutorial :-P

He once tagged me of being his female version :-P Now, I wish I get a very hot guy real soon :-D

Ishaan, I know you have put up with a lot of my crap; I mock you all the time, sign-out of chat on your face, criticize you, label you…but you know what, you are my support system and I love you! :-)

I was your first fan [rem?] and will always be one. You know what’s best? Absolutely nothing has changed since you got committed. You continue to be my Agony Uncle; plus I found a new friend in Kirti :-)
Song that reminds me of him: Metal militia – Metallica. No, anything metal :-D

Gunj: All time high [on life] :-D

One of the first people to recognize my presence on blogger :-) Gunj is just amazing!

Her blog is just a fragment of the brilliant personality that she has, hidden behind it. She inspired me to hover around the blogger-world and entering her blog-roll made me feel like I had achieved something :-D

Girl, your spirit rocks! And it is infectious! I mean, even if I am on the lowest of moods, just a small chat with you, gets me back on track! You are the best! muha!
Song that I would sing for her: Talli – Ugly aur Pagli :-P
Bhai: Chai aur gupshup

The third of us crazy crabs [me, bhai n sachi]. Bhai is just too much fun! I relate to every-word she says, her every idea is like straight outta my head. It is sometimes surprising and other times, so amusing! When she was around more often, she was always the first one to comment; and her blog is the one of the best on my list.

Aati Jati rehti hai, sab cheezein observe karke comment deti hai, dimakh se sochti hai, dil se bolti hai :-) Teen-char bloggers ki supari deni hai bhai, naak mein dum kar rakha hai, details bhejti hu. Hamesha ki tarah, iss baar bhi samhal lena :-P

One of my favorite people on blogger :-)
Song that reminds me of her: Ai bhai, zara dekh-ke chalo – Mera naam joker

Samby: The Paratrooper

This guy is like the constant source of inspiration for me. Even if he is not around, he continues to give me the strength to fulfill my dreams. Samby = Hardships with a smile. He has made me realize that life waits for no-one; you have to live it now or never!

You are one of the best writers I have read till-date and I am proud to have you among my friends. Our friendship dates pretty back and I miss talking to you Samby. You think I am impulsive and I think you are too much fun! Go delete and make 10 other new blogs and I shall still continue to read you, [if you invite me that is :-P] But you know what, My favorite is still Enduring Spirit version.1
Song that reminds me of him: Lakshya – title track

Anindita: The Indian Raven.

The meeting with her was like the most unexpected fun meet ever! She is so much like Raven that it made me wonder if the TV series was inspired from her :-P

Her write ups are the most innovative pieces I have seen on blogger. Best in dark poetry! The beauty in her writing reflects what she really is. I relate to her; the incidents she narrated, the amount she talks, the way she reacts to certain things! The moo of her blog, I love that! I go and wave to the one against my name every-time I publish something new :-P

I was a little low on life before I met you girl, and your positive thinking sessions snapped me back to what I usually am. Looking forward to more such fun meets baby!

That’s so dita! :-D
Song that reminds me of her: I’m like a bird – Nelly Furtado

Sutta: Our very own director in making

God writing and absolutely brilliant narrative skills; the first time I stumbled upon his blog, I was dumbfounded on the crisp writing and straight-from-the-heart views. His is the kind of blog your parents warned you against :-D Need depression? Visit him :-P

He gives the most honest comments and definitely is a reader I would like to please. Suffers from Himesh Syndrome [repeats everything he says at least thrice :-P ]
We have had a great rapport and absolutely comfort talks. You never know what is up his mind though, so, beware :-P
Song that reminds me of him: BC sutta [obviously] Also, a whole playlist that I shall mot get into.

Anurag: Fred Flintstone
Ok, don’t blame me; you do remind me of him! But I love them, Flintstones; so.. :-P

Anurag is my favorite fan! When I am absolutely convinced that I am the worst possible writer, he comes up like Santa clause and showers me with candies of the best praises! There is this particular level of decency that you expect from guys, you know; Anurag is like five notches above that :-P He is the ‘only’ person who reads all my work, keeps track of anything new on campusjunkie and makes sure I know what he thinks of my articles :-) Plus, his every post is out of a well thought theme and he portrays his ideas well.

I really value everything man; all the kidding, mindless laughter, your stupid jokes, interesting fact-o-file, sudden confrontations, renewed attempts of striking ‘conversations that lead us to something’ :-P Thanks for being around, seriously :-)
Song that reminds me of him: Kasauti zindagi kay – curtain raiser :-P

Rajesh: Craziest fan of Shreya Ghoshal
He doesn’t know what an awesome writer he is. The thoughts move about in tandem to yield such beautiful write-ups that make you wonder of the quality of introspection. No jazzy language, no need to shout about the skill; Rajesh stands out in the crowd, just by himself.

Unlike Anurag, Rajesh has seen both mature and kiddish sides of me. We have had deep discussions, honest improvement suggestions, worked on them together and result is a friendship that I would like to treasure :-) The best thing about this guy is that he manages to read the writers mind and contributes in anyway he can :-) Best achievement was when his favorite singer herself dropped a comment on his blog, what a glory!

I wish u the best man, in anything you do. Just come back soon, blogger needs you :-)
Song that reminds me of him: Main agar kahoon – Om shanti om – Shreya Ghoshal.

Alisha: Princess of Bleh-land

My self-proclaimed blog-god-mother! Oh well, okay she is; she told me how to make a blog :-P
Brilliant writer, makes most original stories, her brain runs faster than a computer! She has new ideas all the time, but is such a lazy ass to sit down and actually type them out onto her web-page! Her blog lies dead awaiting her to actually take notice :-o

We have one thousand common friends [and counting] which suddenly crop up new chords in our network; and that is not surprising any-more :-P Girl, Please write, any crap , just write!
Song that reminds me of her: Leaving on a jet plane Denver

Ki: Danza dancer :-P

Let’s face it, I met her through Ishaan; but I definitely relate more to her :-)
Kirti in her own stride is very famous; because what she writes is everyone’s story narrated beautifully :-) You visit her once and you know that she is a complete sweetheart. Currently she is celebrating Guest post month which has a bunch of killer posts on absolutely un-related themes. Check mine

You know what; I don’t usually gel well with my friend’s girl-friends. But thank-god, you didn’t remain as Ishaan’s girl and we made such awesome friends! Looking forward to more fun times with you gal! :-)
Song I would sing for her: Dancing queen – ABBA/U2

Arv: The Arian Ram

I don’t know Arvind through ages, but what comes across is this chilled out guy who lives life by his rules and makes the best out of it. I respect Arv, for he has the clearest heart and every-ones best interest in there.

And he writes great! Especially fiction on his other blog, definately deserves an applause. How-much-ever weird I might be, Arv atleast bothers to pay heed to the strange things I keep doing :-P

Let the road-trip happen buddy, you could do with a big break :-)
And someday, when I have my own money, Vegas shall be the sure call! :-D

Song that reminds me of him: Just my Imagination – The Cranberries

Akshay: The dude with[out] attitude

Akshay is exclusively on my bloroll to increase the sex appeal :-P
Whenever I think about this dude, I imagine this helluva hunk sitting in some beach in Hawaii with 5 bikini-clad females feeding him grapes! He either has an awesome life or makes crappy life awesome with his approach. Whatever fun he keeps having is fun to read, so that makes him a good writer.

Even though he is pretty elder than me, sometimes I wonder if he is younger mentally;
Maybe that is because of the writing style; maybe because I have personally not spoken with him. Still, the first ever poem that made me cry was his. I admire him, because he knows how to have fun and is simultaneously sensitive. Also because he makes loads of money :-P
Song that reminds me of him: Garam Masala – Title Track :-P

Craziest: chic who is hot and still super-cool :-P

Her first ever comment made me absolutely fall in love with her.
Every-one would love to be like her. Craziest is Crazy, wild, wacky, cute and fun all at the same time!

I think she is a sweet-heart and one person whose superb comments continue to come as pleasant surprises which make my day! And her hilariously unique style of poetry definitely is an eye-catcher. And she does Tags in the best possible way! I especially like the way she replies to our comments on her blog; you can even say that, my style of replying is influenced from hers :-)
I miss you sweetie, come back super-fast! :-(
Song I would sing for her: Teri shirt bhi sexy, teri pant bhi sexy, tere gaal bhi sexy, teri chal bhi saxy haaiiiii!! :-P – Karishma n Govinda ka magic – Dulaara [yes, I bothered 2 find out :-D]

Urv: F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatic
You should read Urv because he transmits ‘coolness’. His is an ultra-fun blog with short killer posts that every-one relates to. Urv entertains himself and in the process, others get entertained. I love that!

Even better are his comments. How they highlight just the something that he noticed of your entire blabbering gets you smiling.

Be around man, you are being missed :-P
Song that reminds me of him: ‘Urv’ashi urvashi take it easy urvashi – Humse hai muqabla Prabhudeva istyle:-P

Trinaa – oh so simple

I can stand Ranbir Kapoor now!
Because he makes me think of you! Yay!

She likes love and talks a lot about it, so that makes her lovable! :-P And update! She is my most recent love-intrest. And why not, she is the most perfect partner for a wacky weirdo like me.

Anyway, she manages 2 keep the reader hooked onto the write-ups. Absurd endings to her stories get me stunned and what I am more shocked at is the amount sweet she manages to be to every-one. Her comments are like a 10 yr olds’ and her presence on my friend-list only makes me thank god that some genuinely sweet people are still there on the planet!

Yes, I love you; and I don’t care if the world doesn’t read your blog; I always will :-)
Song that reminds me of her: Bachna ai haseeno :-P [mil gaya birrday gift? ;-)]

Crystal – Chemerical thoughts indeed!

The latest addition to my blog-roll and definitely the most talented narrator ever! Aayushi sometimes makes me wonder how terrific can some-one write. I mean, when you read her, you either love her as a writer or are so deep in thought about what she wrote that you completely forget what you planned to do next.

Aayushi is beyond brilliant; and I don’t say it because she is young. See, I believe that thoughts and ideas don’t come by age and nor does ‘experience’ help much in wisdom; but the skill this girl writes with makes me wonder if I could ever match that. The themes are unique and the way of expression is the most innovative.

You provide my disoriented neurons with things to ponder on, if you give me the secret of your writing skills, I will officially do anything you want me to :-P
Song that reminds me of her : Stars - The Cranberries

There you go, all said and done; these are the people I declare to be the reason for my life as a blogger to be fun max!

Some other people who have been around and made their presence felt, deserve some thank-youing
Emaan – Cutest concept ever! He is a complete rockstar! Hail the prince Emaan! the fastest love making machine!

Scribbler’s Inc. – One blogger who should consider printing a book of his post compilations. Each one out-masters the other. *bow*

Big Omi – Comment king.

Vinz aka vinu – Ah! He reads, he understands and that makes him a great reader. Thanks! Plus, he writes awesome too, check him out.

Soham – Alok’s groupie, awesome vocalist, brilliant music writer and composer; check their music on his blog.

So, after this 50th, I am all set enter the new lap of more writing, knowing, analyzing, understanding, loving and being loved!
With a whole new addition 2 my set of friends!
Disguise [cute-heart!], Divinediu [I love you, and you are linked :-)], Shrutilaya [kickass writer], Xorkes [candidness personified] and Deluded [The Sarcastic Doctor]!

Did I forget to mention anybody?
Oh freak! Of course!
Jiggs: Aditi aka Fundo
[in red]

The person who acts like a bridge between my real and virtual life. Continues to be my most dear reader and favorite company in writing articles.
Everything I need to say about her is on the guest post on her blog.
And I would just repeat,
I love you ladki!
Song that reminds me of her : Kabhi kabhi Aditi - Jaane tu ya jaane na.
Song I would like to sing for her : Dil hai chota sa - Roza

So, now the 50th post finally comes to an end. Let the celebrations begin! :-P

P.S. I have been sweet enough, feel free to appreciate that :-P and write good things back for me :-P Also, you can dedicate songs or try and take my case if you wish to :-D
P.P.S. I had to flick some of your my favorite pictures from facebook. Heart-felt apologies.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday wishes and Random updates

To Ridhiman,

Happy 20, Three cheers to you boy, [my best male friend!]

Technically, I know you what, since nine years? Same skool we used to attend :-D But trust me man, the last two years with you have been a total roller-coaster ride!
You are special, I don't need to tell you that; here are the reasons why..

You have put up with all the crap I made you go through..
You have been the shield that protected me from any evil..
You support me into anything I believe in..
You snap me back to reality incase I get too drifted...
and continue to be the friend I never had..

You trust me with your life..
I trust you with my deepest darkest..
We speak everyday till "I" hang-up..
You read me songs from your entire music collection just because I need something new..
You stay up all night to calm me down..
You talk to me when I am lonely..
You are perpetually around,
to catch me when I am just about to fall..
to make me laugh when I am on the verge of tears..
to make me realise that I deserve the best..
to genuinely take care of someone as unpredictable as me..

I really hope
that I deserve all this.
and I don't ever do anything stupid to lose it.
and that you realise what you mean to me.

Happy Birthday Mr. Banerjee :-)
May you get all that you deserve ;-)
and may I be able to feel the same way for you, another 20 yrz down the line.

Bitch ;-)

Did we get too senti?
Ah! Here are the things I was upto all the while I was away....

*~* Had a trip to Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani-Pratapgad; and by far, It was definately one of the most fun trips I have ever had! Love all u guys who made it possible! Teja, Manik, Bhate, Navvy; We five are the best! Fun, super-fun to the maxx!!!!!!

*~* Met Anindita! on the dussehra day! Awesome fun!! India's answer to Raven :-D; love ya baby!

*~* And the biggest news :-) underneath, 1st salary pay-cheque :-)
Oh, by the way, the place I write for is campusjunkie; check my college's home-page here
First salary and a visiting card at 19 is something, isn't it? :-) :-) :-)

Thanks to all you people who made it possible, who commented end-lessly on my work and helped me improve. This money goes to my dad, coz well, I have my own reasons :-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tag ' I '

Picked this one from Jiggs.

I am : talkative :-P

I think : thinking is hard work :-P

I know : that knowing evokes understanding :-D

I want : cleaner air to breath in.

I have : 10 entrance exams lined up :-(

I wish : all my wishes get fulfilled :-P

I hate : the word 'hate'.

I miss : my brother :-( [lives in US]

I fear : snakes

I hear : my gtalk pinging :-P

I smell : nothing much, caught cold :-(

I crave : for variety.

I search : on google :-P

I wonder : If alice's wonderland actually exsists :-D

I regret : not keeping in touch with people I used to know..

I love : my blog and every-one on my blog-list :-)

I ache : when I see street puppies being beaten up for fun :-(

I was not : busy gossiping when god was distributing brains :-P

I am not : lazy.

I cry : alone, in the shower.

I believe : in god.

I dance : when I listen to pop music.

I sing : all the time, for myself :-)

I read : iGenetics by Peter Russel :-P

I don't always : argue

I fight : for no reason :-D

I write : to release pent up thoughts.

I win : hearts :-)

I lose : money easily :-(

I never : say never, coz you never know :-P

I always : talk in the night. [on phone, online, to myself :-P]

I confuse : with physics formulae :-(

I listen : to almost all genres of music.

I can usually be found : dreaming..

I am scared : of heights.

I need : a vacation!

I am happy : when people who matter are happy :-)

I imagine : The world to be a better place to live in.

I tag : Arv, Sachi, Ki, Anurag, Trinaa and Urv.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ma aisheche!

Today is Maha-shashti, marks the instigation of this year's Durga Puja :-) This is the Ma I will be praying to this year and like every-year, shes the prettiest Ma I have ever seen!

Ma comes back to her baabul ka aangan from shiv-ji's house alongwith her children but, doesn't enter the house as the tale goes. Now, what-how-where, I have no idea; But, durga puja as such holds a lot of importance to us bengalies coz well, it is our *main* festival.

That watching mahalaya before the puja commences,

That endless shopping of authentic clothes

The hunt for mum's matching blouse :-P

The food

The colours

The feel

The togetherness

The pushpanjali on the 7th, 8th n 9th day

The phul-bel-pata diye montro confusion

The staying hungry till you get the phal-prasad after pushpanjali

The race for shanti-jal

The line for bhog


The aunties and their gossips

The uncles and their chada

The kids and their drawing competition

The roaming all over mumbai to see all thakur protimas

The balika gauri

The aparajitar phul-o-gach

The sindur utsav

mithaiyo ka mela

The visarjan!

Ah! God please, make me have birth as a bengali each life! I love being a bong!!! majorly coz of durga puja, plus, the food rocks :-D
Oh! I can already hear the dhak, kongsha, shonkho n ullu!
*nostalgia* :-)

Happy Durgotsav! Bolo Durga mai ki jai!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Smile please

A very insignificant, yet strangely cute incident happened with me yesterday in the train.

I was coming back home pretty early at noon and the trains at that time were empty. At Chembur, every-one else in my coach apart from me chose to depart and for one moment, I got uncertain whether or not to change my compartment. Well, this girl boarded the train the very next station, so I had company :-)

Yesterday was first day of navratra and for people who don't know, all the days of navratra are colour coded :-P As in, there is this pre-decieded colour of clothing, Amba-ma is made to wear a saree of that colour and all females are expected to wear that colour. I found it initially very amusing, but mum absolutely insisted that I wear "RED" and no other colour yesterday.

And [not so surprizingly], the girl who boarded my coach was wearing blood red too.

Vashi bridge came next and I, who needs to be as close to the sea as possible, chose to stand at the doors. And well, I had my music with me and the sea near me, bliss. Just then, I noticed that the girl was staring at me out of intrest. I gave her a stern look and she,
returned me the most wide-genuine smile ever!
Her entire face brightened, eyes twinkled; It was one, complete-friendly smile!

I couldn't help but smile back!
Just to strike a conversation, I went towards her and said,
"Do I know you through anything?"
She: [bemused] You do?
Me: I don't know. You look familiar.
She: [Takes a while, thinks, makes some faces, does some countings and finally with a confused look] Maybe through the train-travel..
Me: Huh? Oh...OK. Thats my station, Bye.
She: [another killer smile] Bye.

Thoughts started racing,
I guess I know her from classes, she was reading some bio book! Maybe through junior college! Market, boutique, friend's friend, or maybe she smiled because we wore Amba-ma's colour. How did it matter, maybe it was train!

And after I got off from the train, realization struck me!

Why has smiling become a formality?
Why can we literally count the number of times we smile each day?
And if some-one is being sweet enough to smile,
Why do we get appalled for a moment?

What is humanity heading towards?