Saturday, August 23, 2008

A lil bitta fascination doesn't hurt :-P

Recently, one of these days, I was bored. Not just bored, in a horrible horrible mood.

One of the most prominent reasons for the same was that, I had just finished reading one of the poorest ever written books. "The 3 mistakes of my life" was definitely one of my mistakes. But then I don't usually give up things mid-way; so somehow finished reading it. Result, the previously mentioned awful mood.

Additionally, I had nothing to look forward to that day, apart from endless hours of journal writing. My assignments had fared badly, and I wasn't exactly happy with my presentation either. I had an argument with my mum first thing in the morning and first time ever, dad didn't support me!!!!!!

To add to it all, I was broke. The pune trip just sucked all money outta my wallet and left behind some moments of fun and the tickets n bills :- Top it up, biggest disaster, I had no balance in my phone, so couldn't wish one good friend on her birthday. Month ka quota finish, and no money, so no refill. All the bad times came rushing back to me. My mood was low. No, it was loowwww......

Nothing seemed to calm me down. Talking, floyd, painting, looking at old pictures, singing, cleaning, reading, writing, eating; nothing, absolutely nothing!

In short, it was a lousy, slow-moving, never-ending day!

And then,
He commented on my blog.

And my day was made!

Lousy day became day filled with surprises. Life was bliss.
Do I sound smitten? I guess I am.. :-P
Has this ever happened to you?


Alok said...

Oooh, a Blogger crush, eh! <3

Who is this guy? ;)

Me too have had a few infatuations while roaming through Blogdom, but well, it gets down within a week or two.

This too, shall pass.

metal-militant said...

hmm is this 'he'?

Rajesh said...

Blog crush ah???? who's that LUCKY guy ?????? wanna tell

Sach! said...

*ahem* *ahem*
wats up gurl???
waise don't know why par apne saath sab kuch ek saath hota hai na :-)

Arv said...

wow... another one on the blogger... kewl...

I can relate to that mood very well... if Floyd cant help, then it should be bad :)

well, am glad someone was there to bring ya back to your usual self...

take it easy... cheers...

Think Tank said...

24 hrs of pure misery ..take a break dude , and in future don't read chetan bhagat ..

blogrollin u :)

Sutta said...

Arey but 'I' never commented on your posts since long. :-/

And this means one needs to comment on your blog to...?
Hmmm.. :-?

Anonymous said...

AAHA.. who's he ?? :-)... anyway...alls well that ends well right ?

Anonymous said...

i thought the week ended when he commented.. i thought ur heart skipped a beat !

gunj said...

smitten fo sure!! kaun hai wo??

Anurag said...

Wow....Dat was something to cheer u up....A particular guy comments on your blog and that makes your day...I thought this was a sad post and Voila....Gee's Good for you.....

btw one always has mtnl @ home to wish friends....Don't ya ??

Bhai with Chai said...

:) :)

//And then,
He commented on my blog.

Almost made me think of 'God' from One night @ cc by Bhagat! "He"!

Stuff like this happens.. :) enjoy it while it lasts! :D

@ anurag
I was going to ask her the same MTNL sawaal!

Urv said...

Oooh la la.. :) Crush vrush..

I too have committed the mistake of reading the 3 mistakes.. Shucks..

Rajesh said...

I'm jus wondering what makes EXPRESS not replay to our comments :)

Waiting 4 ur replies :) :)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

ohh goood friend number 5


Anindita said...

Arre wah! Always happens! Good for you!! ;)

Though; I am happy when my guy says he has read my blog! If he commented, I probably will die from the shock! :D

Trinaa said...

lucky you ;)))))

Anonymous said...

kaha hai?

Express said...

ghar pe :-P

aree keeping busy, kabhi mil gtalk pe, vistar mein bataungi...:-D

ruk, sabko reply karne de.

Express said...

@ alok
yea, <3 :-P

Your toh I know, har 2 mahene mein new. I actually used 2 think all this "blogger crush" n all is bullshit till I fell 4 it :-D

And thanks for that words! But me enjoying it while it stays, hehe....

as far as "who he" is concerned,
kyu faltu logoko embarrass karna yaar...batana hota, wahi nahi bata deti?


@ Ishaan

drop it nah, just a stupid infatuation.

Express said...

@ Rajesh
ur wait ends :-D

And why is 'he' lucky? :-P

Acha, don temme u ve never had such a thing on blogger. If u ve, lets strike a deal ;-)

U temme who she is, and I tell u who he is :-D

@ Sachi
Now toh v r certified sisters :-P

chalo, kisine toh confess kiya..indirectly hi sahi ;-)

Express said...

@ Arv
we do have some common tastes in music, high-five!

and thanks for the sweet things u said,
Cheers 2 u too!

@ think tank
welcome to my blog.
and thanks for adding me on.

You know what? I will read him, coz,
*~* He is so funny!! read the way bitto mama is killed in 3 mistakes, LOL!!!
*~* Atleast i will b able 2 openly criticize him in gossip circuits ;-)
*~* mood ki toh koi worry hi nahi hai nah, thr r always ppl around 2 make my day! ;-)

Thanks for the visit.

Express said...

@ Sutta
Oh it just might be you, coz of the reasons I already told u :-D :-D :-D

and yes, one needs to give me some attention, for me to...

@ paratrooper
why u ending it before it even began :-(

hehe, alls good. And as far as 'Mr. he' is concerned,
mujhe sharam aati hai...
*hides face*


Express said...

@ Gunj
Ha ha, chuck, over him already


@ Anurag
MTNL sucks! Gave up once, then never had it. Had walky, and then we had more number of phones than people, so dropped that too :-D

finally used orkut scraps and Y! offliner. And then dad k ghar aane tak wait nahi karna pada, pehle-hi kisne dinn bana diya tha! :-P

And don't tell me tht this has never happened wid u!

sach bol jhutte!

Express said...

@ Bhai with Chai
welcome back hai ji.
Yea, this post was fun, but this was prolly one of the shortest lasting crushes I have ever had :-D

I still have one on my 1st crush, dravid! *blushes*
tera kon tha? :-P [might just b the same guy, v r oh-so similar!]

and LOL at the god thing, laughed so hard, my cheeks hurt! Bhagat sucks though.

replied 2 anurag. padh le.

@ Urv
Haan-ji, abhi ho gaya, kya kare :-P

3 mistakes is beyond bad. But its funny though.
When I tell ppl that the protagonists have sex under an aquarium, or that ali kills bitto mama by aiming a ball towards his head by a bat; their expression is worth a capture. see, does serve some function, chetan bhagat does; ha ha!

Try it, its bharry fun!

Express said...

@ Jiggs
Itni buri hai maths mein?
Number 4!

actually number 2 :-P
and charo mein se aadhe toh are taken :-(

koi nahi, tu hai nah.


@ Anindita
Ha ha! welcome back ladki!

missed u sooooo much!
*runs and Hugs*

Express said...

@ trinaa
Hey! welcome 2 my blog.

P.S. koi bole hai woh lucky hai, koi bole hai main lucky locha kya hai? :-P

P.P.S. Just kidding, thanks for the visit. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be very good.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘Disoriented Neurons.’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

BTW I help out some ex-IIMA guys who with another batch mate run where you can post links to your most loved blog-posts. Rambhai was the chaiwala at IIMA and it is a site where users can themselves share links to blog posts etc and other can find and vote on them. The best make it to the homepage!

This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


Rajesh said...

Well...I said he's lucky jus to make u FEEL-GOOD...well do have a crush on a fellow blogger and she is Enchanted Illusions...

I'm frank u temme who HE is???

Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

ha abhi sharmana band hua thoda ki abhi bhi blushing ?

and please stay away from sutta.....he is my property...i thought everyone knew me and him were gay!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah well..


actually the reverse happened..

twas months ago..

I was in a jolly mood, real excited...

So I wrote down a stupid First Person Perspective story in my blog.
She finally visited my blog...and actually thought I was writing abt her.
And then we met in IM...and that day was the worst in my life...well...till such..

And above all that, she didn't comment on my blog. :((

Anonymous said...

The book = pretty bad! I agree!
As for the crush, I hope it works out the way you want :) All the best :)

Sach! said...

Hey! I changed my url:

and have something for you to read...

Express said...

@ Rajesh
ah, thats some candid reply..
ok ok, now u know. happy?

apne pav kulhadi maarne ki purani adat hai.

@ Paratrooper
Yea, but like u have a parallel back up, why not let him make his choice too?

what say sutta?
Don't u need someone with whom you can bitch about him? :-P

Express said...

@ n i t i n
Welcome 2 my blog.

Pretty complicated, yea.
Well, hope u cleared things out with her :-)

Thanks for the visit and keep dropping by..


@ ki
hey, welcome welcome. :-)

Now when I look back at it, 3 mistake is prolly one of the most hilarious books i've ever read! I have already reviewed him, shall put it up nxt mnth I guess.

As far as the "crush" is concerned, I just wanted 2 knw wht ppl think abt it and that is done. now just extending it a bit 2 have some fun till I get can make some time for a new post :-D

Thanks anyway, might help with my current infatuation. LOL!

Thanks for the visit and comment.
Hope u r fine nw,

Express said...

@ sachi
Yea checked, loved.


Anindita said...

It feels good to be back! Know what? We should meet up some time! Considering we probably stay like 15 minutes apart! :P Lemme know how that works for ya! ;) Then you'll probabaylt be the first blogger buddy I meet. I still haven't met Sutta! :D

Express said...

@ Anindita
Yea, if nothing else works out, then maybe at the durga puja mandal..which one d u support?

and btw, sutta ws ur 1st blogger bud?

I dont usually meet ppl....but u r different! adding u on orkut :-)

BIG Omi said...

The Paratrooper, Rajesh, Arv, Anurag, Scribbler, Rakesh, Bhai with chai, Urv .

Has to be one of them .. inne? wot say.. ?

Express said...

@ Big Omi
Bhai with chai is a gal :-|

U din chk the prev post, sutta is very much in the running :-P

but he just might be him...among all the names u mentioned, not count paratrooper n Urv...coz if it were they, I wud 've just put up their names :-P

and u did some through research man..haha!

wht? u jealous?

Express said...

no no...the post called happiness or contentment...yea..

sutta commented on tht 1!

oh fohget it!

does any1 even care?

and I am over tht guy already!

Arv said...


Hows you doing? have a nice weekend.. take care... cheers...

p.s. thats an interesting conversation you got going with Big Omi :)

Express said...

@ Arv
Ha ha!!! u intrested? join in!


BIG Omi said...

(Just for the sake of fun)
actually .. u know.. m not jealous... research will start now.. just remember the theory of probability and assuming there is no deviation of emotion to the folowing consideration:

Scene I
I suggested following names

Paratrooper, Rajesh, Arv, Anurag, Scribbler, Rakesh, Bhai with chai, Urv

I betted on Rakesh probability was - 12.5 %

Scene 2

After ur elimination:

Rajesh, Arv, Anurag, Scribbler, Rakesh are left

so Rakesh's probability now is

12.5 % + 20%

= 32.5%

and finally according to my gut eliminating its

Rakesh , Scribbler so now Rakesh's probability of being ur crush is around
32.5% + 50%

= 82.5%

Thats quite would have solved the equation had u not commented the second one...

anyways just wanted to added some fun after meetingfulla day..

he he..

Good Night and take care


Express said...

@ Big Omi
pretty interesting!!! LOL! very cool analysis and how very off-target!

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


But, 3 things [only 2 continue the ultimate madness]
1. How dare u not consider sutta!! :x :x :x!
2. Leave the people who keep coming and going, but, 4m the initial stages itself, why didn't you count Ishaan n alok? unhone kya gunah kiya? :-o
3. Did Rakesh pay u? :-D

acha ok ok, final word by me on ur super-cool analysis.

Sutta, Rajesh, Arv, Anurag, Scribbler's Inc. and each one's probability of being 'him' is 0.2 ;-)

So, keep guessing and I shall not comment on this here-after!


BIG Omi said...

i have already guessed it long back

just don't want to divulge it..

infact that comment was superbly awwwsum..