Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The fire within!

Each one of us has this something they are passionate about. Sometimes it is a talent, or maybe a hobby, even occupation. Sometimes it is "craze for sports", other times it is as tiny as "talking on the phone". Our passions determine us, mark our personality. Not that it means anything, but people who have passion for the same things, have a similar wavelength. And well, that is how I have made most of my friends, coz we share, in common, some or the other thing that we are passionate about.

Among many other things here and there, I always thought I was passionate about bio-sciences.


*As a kid, I first wanted to be Paleontologist! [If you think of Ross Geller ;-) , I don't blame you] Then, I began to hate history. So, plan cancelled.

*Gradually, as every kid at some point or another wants to, even I wanted to become a Doctor. MBBS with surgery - specialization, then join the Army. [Yea 'Samby' and his friends, you can smile :-P]
But then, 7 years of MBBS was declared, and it was such a turn off! I mean, who wants to stay stuck in graduation when the whole world has done masters and already is working. Plus, just MBBS has no value what-so-ever and post-graduation competition is horrible with reservation every-where. No, no... Mission aborted!

*Then my interest diverted towards plants. Yes, Horticulture was the call.
So, when I joined Science in junior college, I had this dream. To do BSc Botany, MSc horticulture and go through forests all over the world, find some rare plant species and name it after my name :-P [Centuria shatabdi-expressa? :-D]

But locha!
Fell accidentally in love with Chemistry!
So, now I am graduating in Biochemistry... ;-) and I am loving it!

Yes, I am an academically attached kid, who loves her college and wants to pursue Research and Development. And I sure am still passionate about it, science. I mean, I sit in lectures with a temme-something-I-dunno attitude. And when teachers do tell me something I didn't know, I am happy, my day is made. There is no desire to learn answers by-heart, who likes to do that? What I like to do is find answers to my questions; know more, a little more, till I am satisfied. My teachers actually have to tell me, "You are doing graduation and that in just one subject. Leave something for post-graduation, will you?"
I smile in front of them and come home to read something from the net or refer random books of my preference. If I don't get the answer, I ask more people. I get so restless, I don't get sleep. Yes, I know its weird :-D

Curiosity, enthusiasm, interest in wholistic knowledge. Not working too hard, but sincerity towards our work.
Is this what we call scientific aptitude?


Bhai with Chai said...

I actually am smiling when I don't really want to!
I mean.. you DO NOT sound like someone I'd like, had I met ya in college! LOL..
I mean.. Though I took up science and am doing my engineering.. somehow.. college has taken away a part of me that wanted to like science and tech..

I am so anti-tech now!.. Maybe it's for the good.. coz the stuff I am passionate about , people tell me I'm good at it! :)
So yea, whatever works! :)
Btw.. I always liked chem.. bonding etc.. heaven!
(Physics was yukkkk)

Having a passion is really important and I'm glad you've identified yours!.. Provides the right drive in life ya..
All the best!

PS : Sun, do we give each other toffees for being the first ones to comment on our pages??

Express said...

@ bhai with chai!

LOL, toffees? sure...I have come o realise k hamara online aane ka time same hai, thats why that happens :-)

Well, the post sounds so nerdy! but well, i like knowing the updates 4m my science. thr is so much new happening and its so good 2 knw on wht lines ppl r thinking abt a particular problem.

and had I done engg, I would have a very similar outlook as u do. I just knw wht i like. I dunno if i wud do it in the future, but well, would try to..

I always was anti-tech :-D and physics does suck!
ahem, din say on the post coz I wrote it with biosciences as central idea.

P.S. I want melody ;-)
and had I met u in collg, i sure wud ve liked u, muha!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


yes i am one d ppl who is crazy abt sports
well at a point of time i too wanted to become a scientist but u know the story of prof p :X :X

but even know thought i am not that much inclined towards biology but i am still the chati-phirti dictionary of the cell :P i so love cytology :D

but i guess my fixation for sports has taken th better of me :P
but i keep my curiosity up by doing projects
doing 6 this time :P
sach mei :P

Express said...

@ Jiggs
Cytology rocks! I mean, have u seen a more efficient machine? and these engineers think they r smart, ha!

SIX!!?!?!??!! one horti, baki??

I have bhari bharkam 1, bas!

I would like 2 do research on u though. ;-)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

ohh yes i forgot wn u get the nobel prize giem at least a treat black forest yaa dairy milk :P

i know cell cell cell cell cell
:P kyaa cheeseee hai :P

horti,biotech ke 2,evs, genetic engg,dev bio


u wana do research on me kar kar
dekh mere mei aisa kya hai ho mei itni abnormal hu :P

Express said...

@ Jiggs
Oye, biotech with LS dept?
ENVIRONMENT? wht u doin thr?
geneic engg? wht sachchi? isloation n incorporation of gene? fatte!
DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY? ladki, kaise karegi sab?

btw, doing projects is a nice way 2 learn.

and tere-mein kuch galat nahi hai,
packaging galat ho gayi lagta hai,
dekhte hai ;-)

how much will u pay me btw?

Sachi said...

so happy to meet you. Biochem is good 'n you know that. :)
Btw I too had this army doc thing par I can't see human suffering so dropped my idea of being a doc.
aur yeh bata iska kya matlab hai, "and these engineers think they r smart, ha!"
We are! :x

Sachi said...

btw..I wanted to say that though I have not known you n bhai much but still, I find myself quiet similar to you two. Tujhe bhi yahi lagta hai kya???

Express said...

@ sachi
That engineers line ws a lil bitta mockery for bhai! haha, and u took offense! but I still stick to what I said, Cell is efficient.

*~*What the cell has been doing ever since it came into exsistence, they teach in MBA skools 2day,
*~*The most efficient buffer = cell,
the most cool storage n utilization process = cell,
*~*uses, re-uses, re-re-uses every possible thing = cell,

and I can go on n on n on....

Biochem does rock!

Express said...

@ sachi
as far as u, me n bhai are concerned, I love u both!
Actually even Anindita :-)

I can absolutely relate to bhai! Even you, but I can't write poem half as good as you. Trying, maybe when I reach 21, I ll develop it :-)

I sometimes wonder, is it actually the cancerian bonding?
or r v three long lost sisters of some complicated origin in some different parts of the country? :-D

I might be numerically 19, but I am a pre-admission, so most of my friends r already 20, even 21, maybe thats why I relate to you guys :-)

Blogging is fun coz u guys are around, and the thing that surprizes me most is the short span of time!

I can't help but be glad.
and thank blogger ofcourse.

Arv said...


Nice to meet you...

Good to see that you have the fire inside you for academics :)

and am glad that you have the field that you really like than to join the choice of the masses.

Stand out and that makes you an individual :)

All the best to the famous bio-scientist in the making :)

have a nice day.. Cheers...

Bhai with Chai said...

Melody done! why?? coz it's chocolatey! :D :D Nonsense, I know! ;))

//and had I met u in collg, i sure wud ve liked u

Awwwwwwwww! >:D<
Thank you thank you! ;)

//That engineers line ws a lil bitta mockery for bhai! haha, and u took offense

haha! bhai ki pahunch bahuuuut duur duur tak hai! LOL! :D

I replied to Sachi on my blog and I come and read your reply and you are also wondering if it's the cancerian connection or what?.. hehe.. badhiya hai! :)

You're right about the short span thing and I'm glad I acted on my impulse and made a public blog , else earlier whatever I'd been writing was a lil private and open to just a few close pals etc!

Anyway, I'm glad we guys stumbled on each others' pages :)

Oh fact-o-file , we all met in the Cancerian month!

:D :D


Express said...

@ Arv
Welcome to my page :-)
and thanks a ton for the sweet things you said.

And I can't thank my parents enough for supporting me into any decision I took, actually need to thank them for letting me take my decisions in the first place :-P

Thanks for the comment

@ bhai with chai
actually we should all sit down and thank gunj, ask why, arre puch nah...

coz i got 2 ur blogey via her blog-roll :-) and I think sac hi got 2 urz via mine, not too sure though..

neway, mujhe melody k alawa aur koi chocolate nahi chalti :-P yes, both u n sachi r allowed 2 hit me. But the less I eat, the more thr is 2 b eaten by y'all ;-)

chancerians rock!
Love u!

Express said...

@ Bhai with Chai

actually public blog n pvt have their own pros n cons..but having atleast one public blog helps in many ways.

You can read many people's views n express urz without having to worry abt the identity.

and then u ve ur blog-mates..

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be wow.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘Disoriented Neurons.’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

BTW I help out some ex-IIMA guys who with another batch mate run where you can post links to your most loved blog-posts. Rambhai was the chaiwala at IIMA and it is a site where users can themselves share links to blog posts etc and other can find and vote on them. The best make it to the homepage!

This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


Alok said...


Good to see this on your blog.

I have always believed that we are at our best not when we are forced to work, but when we work for what we Love.

Most obvious fact of life?
Yes it is. But that is what makes it the least followed.

P.S. About Engineers and Physicists:

It took 2 physicists, Crick and Franklin, along with a molecular biologist, Watson, to determine the structure of DNA, that is one of the fundamental concepts in biochemistry.

So, yes, Phbbbbt. P:

SwAThi.... said...

I loved aloks comment...but hey we engineers are no less... ;)

I can forsee a huge tiff on this topic :D ...

Its like all those body organs fighting about whoz more important..But Ulitmately every field has its own place in this big world right? :)

Express said...

@ alok n swathi
Okay, hold it guys! Whr r v going wid it? it ws just a joke, n that too 4 bhai, okay sachi ws involved! Like u always temme "stick 2 the theme" alok :-P

No-one is answering the question I asked,
No-one is appreciating my jokes,
ye achchi baat nahi hai! :-P

Every field is important, thats why it is thr. I respect them, engineers, but I dont wanna be them.

Lets talk abt generally science, hence forth if the engg vs bio fight is evoked, i wud plain delete the comments. And I mean it.

Express said...

@ alok
Yes, the couplea angry letters said enough about that.

and I have no respect for chors like crick! he doesn't deserve it, nobel. I feel sorry 4 rosaline frankline though. Nevermind. Every field in science is inter-related. What is enzyme kinetics without statistics?
So many arguments, me not getting thr.

Science is beautiful.
the cell is inspiring, to me.


@ Swathi
Every field has its place, but it is sorry to see so many ppl blindly entering engineering for the sake of it and then under-estimating biology. We can live without techonology, but can we survive without ourselves. So think b4 u speak -to all engineers!

sorry, but ur fore-sight had 2 b curbed. :-P

Sachi said...

wah wah!!!
I too think about this sis conn :) since the only females I get along well r jo upar se gifted hun :)
I have read the whole convo n I think I shud just say yes I agree to both of u ;;))
n i m glad u added me :))

Alok said...

Abey it was a joke on your joke!

P.S. From what I've heard about Crick, I agree with you. But I really don't want to say anything because it might be the truth, it might be not. Anyway, Franklin was a genius.

P.P.S. As you know, nature inspires me too.

Crystal.. said...

+ Love yr template

SwAThi.... said...

Glad u did curb it...coz there was this one post by Keshi on her fav pple...ther was such a heaty discussion on it...And all she did was just to put her thoughts up ,and in no way meant any offence :)

I agree that biology is equally important..And even the fact that most pple get into engineering without thinking twice...

everything i said in the last comment was in good humour...I meant no offence :)

Express said...

@ Sachi
hehe, didi!!!!!! :-P

@ alok
Indeed joke, but thr ws a possibility of the discussion going haywire.

Took no offense, tujhe chup karana koi bada kaam hai kya?

P.S. Crick is a chor. Even his picture makes me wanna slap him. I hate them, they the exactly what a scientist must not be.

Express said...

@ crystal
Welcome to my page.
Well yea, even I kinda like it :-)
Thanks for the visit!

@ swathi
none taken :-)

acha, somehow u land up only on the scientific discussion topics.
I wonder why.....

or is it just a co-incidence?

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

jus bumped over here from another blog..

nice write up..the way your passions or rather your aims changed was interesting..i think it happens with most of us..!!

bt do we call them passions..i mean passion to be a doctor or passion to be paleontologist..Its something we pursue with fervor, right..? not something we aspire..

SwAThi.... said...

Well i was away for a while...
When i came around everyones blogs this was the current post...And it was silly to wish happy birthday after 20 days so didnt comment on that post :)

So yes a coincidence :D

Any way BBBlated happy birthday :D

Solitaire said...

Yes my dear. You do have an aptitude for chemistry. Keep it up and good luck!!

gunj said...

ur folks must be proud of u!
i wish i was so academically inclined!!

Anonymous said...

one has to be mad about something to achieve sumthing in that field... passion separated from obsession...or sumthing inside that just tells u...this is it... u have to do this...not many people realise what that is..and a fewer go for it fering to be called a nerd or a freak... welcome to the club... we know what we want from life and we sure will get it..amen

Rajesh said...

I'm passionate abt blogging and realizing my B school dreams :).. well written...nice 2 c the fire in u

Express said...

@ vinz aka vinu aka vinayak
Welcome to my page.

I think there has been a perception problem. I am passionate about science. And thus that lead to all my wanna be ambitions to be centred around that. This fire is just about one passion - science.

Never-the-less, alls good.
Thanks for the visit!

@ swathi
Oooooooooo :-P

Yayy!! it was my happy birrday.
I celebrate whole of the mnth of july. So u r late by just errmm 8 days :-P


Express said...

@ solitare
Hey, that ws one cute comment!
Thanks a ton!
and thanks for the visit!

@ gunj
Nah, subjective papers mein I suck, graduation mein no marks. Still, happy wid wht I am doing.

And I have a elder brother they can be so proud of :-P I don't have too much pressure on myself alone u knw :-D

Lets see wht future has in store for me.

Express said...

@ Paratrooper

P.S. I ll make a hard-core scientific blog [like the terms I sent u, rem?] incase I end up in science. Or a dietary advisory online blog :-D hehe

P.P.S. and ur comment is the best on this topic :-) needless-to-say, u r too good!

@ Rajesh
Hey, thanks for the visit man. Passion for blogging, errm, I am addicted to my blog! I can never have enough of disoriented neurons! :-)

Good, Giving CAT this time? many of my buddies are, wht course are you doing anyway?

Rajesh said...

@ Express
Now doing final ye Mech Engg..wanna do an MBA in HR or Operations...lets c...

P.S: Read the latest article in my blog...thats sorta related 2 ur question...hope u find it intereesting

metal-militant said...

I think you got confused between 'paleontology' and 'archeology'.I'm saying this because you mention not wanting to be a paleontologist after you started hating history.Well paleontology is all natural history.Anyway,maybe I jumped to conclusions.

Even I wanted to be a paleontologist for a LONG time.I LOVED (and still love) dinosaurs.But then I kinda lost interest coz I realized I didnt want to dig them up,I wanted to recreate them.So now I'm studying animation ;-)

Express said...

@ Ishaan
No actually u make sense.
But as a kid, I ws under so many illusions u see. And, Now I am positively receptive of anything related to tht, biochem can lead me thr too, lets see...

Also, for studying paleontology, u need to have an aptitude for history, or else it makes no much sense.

Even I love dianosaurs. Not the ones 4m the movies, they scare me. But the fact tht they dissappeared like tht, man, very intresting!

P.S. Good, People will dig them, I will analyze them and then u make them :-P
we sure can hit some common chords if imagination is let loose :-P