Monday, August 18, 2008


How do we become whatever we are? We learn. From situations we tackle, from other people. But sometimes we have this one person amongst our relatives, who is our favorite teacher! No doubt my parents top my list, but another person who also does is my nani :-)

She has this wonderful habit of co-relating every situation/decision to those good old bengali sayings, the one which make no sense to you when you are young, but when you grow up, reminding yourself of them helps you regain faith in yourself. Heres a sample of the same,

"korite paarina kaaj,
sauda bhoy sauda laaj,

shongshoy sonkolpo sauda taule,
paache lokera kichu baule."

General Translation.
Unable to work,
always feared, always reluctant [shy],
we always procrastinate, (because)
people talk shit behind our back......

Literal meaning.
Don't give a fuck about what people say, they always have something discouraging to puke. Work, don't fear, don't shy away; just because of what-people-will-think. If you have made up your mind, go for it. Don't restrict yourself for the people-factor, coz that will never be in your favor.

Isn't it amazing how certain things which are tagged of being a part of the broad minded current society now, have always been there, and we conveniently ignore that. But grandparents are always there, to bring us back to the ground, and by that in-turn help us grow.
This is one of the teachings that my grandkids are surely getting from me :-P


Anonymous said...

will ur grandkids have a blog about thier dadi/nani as well?

Rajesh said...

that was really really good...i is my first teacher... nice read...short n sweet

P.S: My blog updated

Express said...

@ paratrooper
haha! well, it would absolutely be their choice. Time will tell, you will know :-)

@ Rajesh
I love my nani!! mom too, but nani has a veryyy special place in my heart!
Thanks, glad you liked it.

Arv said...

Hiya... Its a blessing to have someone like that in the family. They try to make sure that you dont steer out of course :)

And as you say, certain things dawn on us pretty late but its better late than never :)

Have a nice day mate... take care... cheers...

Express said...

@ Arv
Having my nani helps in sooo many ways man!! she makes the best food, has the best collections of plants [gardening is one of my hobbies], talks best, teaches best, aahh..the list never ends!

Loved the way u said it. You take good care too!
Cheers to you too!

Adding you on blog-roll.

Express said...

P.S. Sorry for the delay rajesh, my firefox ws giving me a lotta trouble lately. Finally it is fixed,

finally adding you on blog-roll :-)


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

i dont care
i really dont

u kno me

n oflate tou

i really dont


Sach! said...

mine too :))
I mean my grandkids will/shall too have this teaching from you..
But before you too teach them, I am sure they must have learnt the same since it's all in my genes...
May God bless your Naani Maa :)

//Btw sorry was pretty messed uo with my health so no blogging :|

Express said...

@ Jiggs
yes, I know.
And I know that you know that I do, only for those people who care when I do.

complex? i know!!!!

@ sachi
oye bimari, get well soon!
ab kya ho gaya!

and yea, hang on, keep reading my blog and say 40 yrz down the line vll b living this hypothesis baby :-P

my nani rocks, no, really!

Crystal.. said... ARE a nani ma :P

Anurag said...

That's so true.....

This particular post is perhaps the answer for my latest post.....

whr did u get the bengali lines frm btw .... :P

Express said...

@ crystal
sachi, then d I become a nani too?? :-0

P.S. v r almost sisters ;-)

@ anurag
errmm, coz I am a bengali and my nani told these lines to me :-|

anyway, welcome to my page.
and yea, it does kinda answer the matters u raised on ur post.
Thanks for the visit and comment :-)


Sach! said...

40 yreas...umm good shud hai...
I am just wondering what all posts would be there on my blog by then :)
2 saal me to itne mood swings dekh wonder 40 years would be great to write a book someday :))
aur yeh bimaari mat bol..nostalgia ho jaata hai :) bachpan yaad aata hai...

Express said...

@ sachi
hehe, sorry no offense meant.

I call my bro as - Mr. mareez :-P

ah! memories....

P.S. actually not 40, 50 yrz. just bron babies don't get english.
Gosh! I already am sounding like a nani ma :-D

Scribblers Inc said...

thats the first glimpse of bong poetry on blogger that I have come across...great made me real happy!!:)

Scribblers Inc.

Express said...

@ scribbler
so? wht d i get in return? :-P

well, authetic bong poetry, not attempted still date.
Dida ek baar bole chilo, aikhon register hoye geche :-D

But considering my current fixation wid my mother-tongue, don't b surprzed if i come up wid something by myself soon.
Now toh I can even write poems :-P


Rakesh said...

we always procrastinate, (because)
people talk shit behind our back......
I really think one of the reason we do that is we start to trust other more than self

Express said...

@ rakesh
hey, welcome 2 my blog.
Well, yea.

Bottomline, have confidence on ur capabilities and lissen 2 nani! :-P

Thanks for the visit.

Sach! said...

you're tagged! Don't kill me for doing this :|

Bhai with Chai said...

arei awesome ya!:)

Maalum I so wish that I could be like this each day, but somehow, at some places, I tend to give in to the what-will-the-others-think factor.. but am working on it! (rather, working on getting rid of it)

Love my nanaji.. and I have the awesomest time with him.. Last diwali, I made him tell bhoot-stories to all of us.. it was so much fun!!.. they sound REAL.. will tell you about them kabhi..!

Grandparents have such character yaar.. ofcourse parents as well, but then the amount of time and life grandparents have seen and been through.. it's wow!

And we're dreaming of grandchildren at the blog as well! Cooooool!
:) my all time fav topic! :D :P

Hope you've been good! :)

Urv said...

Hmm.. Very meaningful isn't it..

Express said...

@ Bhai with Chai
Yayy! u r bacckk!

anyway, yea grandparents rock and I hope our grandkids say the say thing :-P [or any other word that is fashionable in their generation :-P]

and not only u gal, all of us somewhere care abt "people". living i a society does this 2 u.

For me, I care abt those ppl who wud care abt me at similar instances. :-)

@ Urv
Yes. Very.
so meaningful that I actually did a post on it. :-)

BIG Omi said...

khooob bhalo... shotti...

gunj said...

wow!! abhi se grandkids ka bhi soch lia!!:)

Express said...

@ Big Omi
Now thats one unexpected bong comment! thanks...

appreciation-ta aikhon dida k gei di-te haube :-P

Thanks for the visit...

@ Gunj
haha, forward hai hum! ;-)

Anindita said...


Express said...

@ Anindita
The only thing I was thinking about while publishing the nxt post was not, "log kya sochenge".

It was,
"I shud've waited 4 anindita's comment on this 1".

Guess whos smiling now?


Anindita said...

Ohhh!! WOW!! Do you have any clue how big a smile I have on my face right now?????!!!! I was totally mindfucked before this but girl you made my day. Totally!! Mwah. :)

Express said...

@ Anindita
aww, anytime ladki!

kon college-e podish?