Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Telephonic conversations

When boredom is difficult to cope
when one gives up all his hope;
The telephone rings with the dear one's call
Leaving you behind in telepathy's enthrall.

When he gives you that first sparkling ring
You are just assured that this is no fling thing...
Dial that number, let all buddies know
That You-Him-and the Ring, make the perfect combo!

However busy we all might be...
We can never thank Graham Bell enough for his discovery
That little device in your pocket mister
Is the result of some-one's sweat's glister

Happy? Sad? Dying? Flying? or.. Broken?
Bugged of carrying along life's burden?
Fikar not, we are all down the same lane
and just to remain sane,
Keep it ringing!


Post dedicated to all the heart-to-heart conversations with Sachi, Deluded, Anindita, Aditi, Samby, Ridhiman, Trinaa, Diu, Soham, Ki and Laya :) :)

Gyan Share: Love is not something that happens to you. It is a conscious decision that you take. So, take it wisely than just being blind. - Misanthropist


Misanthropist said...

The poem is so cool! and so true at the same time.
But your GS is something people might disagree with. It was just my personal opinion :(

Jinxed Pixie said...

Now that's so true!


Arv said...

nice one... take care mate...


Anurag said...

Ha! Brilliant rhyming thr ...must say ...
Loved this line the most

"Dial that number, let all buddies know
That You-Him-and the Ring, make the perfect combo!" :D

You had all the links in thr but ONE ! ..Anyways ...*Sigh* :D

Anonymous said...


Btw, loved 'fikar not' :P

Phone hai hi itni awesome chee, kya karein? :)

Cяystal said...

I want to suddenly be turned 18, and get a cell,(or before it) and call you all wunderful peepalz =(
And it is totally truue..without phones..life seems impossible! :o

Bhai with Chai said...

gyan share couldn't have been more true.. I have always always always told my people.. that it should be the mind and not the heart.. atleast not JUST the heart..!

Anonymous said...

The poem is absolutely cool... So carefree and light to read types...

Aur I am not gonna debate on the gyaan with you again...

deluded said...

you didnt water the plants did you?


deluded said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Express said...

@ Misanthropist
:) :)
like that?
u knw what,
even I do :D

aree chill re, nothing that v r imposing on ppl no, just sharing that lil bitta extra gyan v think have n other ppl ought 2 have :D :D

Love ya!

@ Pixie
Aw! Thank-you for relating!
and man, I am coz I talk on the phone :P

Express said...

@ Arv
Thanks Arv..
feeble poetry, but works well enough :P :P :P

You take good care too!

@ Anurag
Thanks AC :)
and that line was dedicated to Ki :)

well well, I considered that but then It wouldn't exactly be fair to all the people I have linked no? coz I n U haven't actually had what we call heart-to-heart conversations.. Its just me blabbering and you trying to figure out what crap I say :D :D

nxt time maybe :)

Express said...

@ Ki
luxury nahi, necessity bann chuki hai abhi!

and thank YOU for all the being around man, seriously makes me feel wanted :) and that IS a nice feeling! :P :P

<3 :)

@ Crystal
aw, aawwww!! I will call! Just gimme a number to do so! :D

and anyway, wonderful is YOU aayu, cool and cute and super-sweet too! and that's why, I love you! :)

Express said...

@ Bhai
:) :) :)
achi wali sur-pee-rise! :P

I agree with you and misanthropist.. ishk kabhi nahi hua, but yaar,, kabhi kabhi dil aa jaata hai :(

nxt time se kaabu mein rakhungi.. ok?

Love you bhai! :*

@ Samby
Thanks samba!

Debate kar le re, tere saath debates ka extra fun hai, tu @least 5 times 'beta' bolta hai nah :D :D

and I told u! I don't believe in love. The day when some1 makes me believe in it, that day I'll fall in love with that guy, hmm.

:) :)

Express said...

@ Deluded
No, they are dying; and I don't care.

Will you water them for me?

and @ the 2nd comment

Shrutilaya said...

I agree. = )

Our lives without phones will be crap, right?

I love yoouu! <3

Anonymous said...

Ha bahi..wo ladka aane de fir debate karenge.. :) tab to baat bhi nahi karegi... aur bol kya chal raha hai..hope ur exams are goin well..

Express said...

@ Laya

@ Samby
Baat nahi karungi? kuch bhi..
but I will always believe that love makes u lame :D
even though it feels awesome or w/e

exam=ok. go on till 28th.