Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My blog world

In my blogger world....

There are 8 8 posts in my archive;

Ranter Shrav SHALL survive :D

Arv is now my most favorite reader

I and Samby graduated together!!!

Aditi uses her blog, now for assignments;

Gunj’s talligiri is beyond confinements :D

Anindita’s new template is dull

Alok’s updates are equal to null

Bhai’s blog-break doesn’t end :(

Misanthropist is a good friend =)

Disguise bid blogging goodbye (?) :(

Laya selected NIFT Chennai!

Ishaan's blog is great; but needs some readers

Deluded needs a bunch of real hot cheer-leaders :D

Riversoul is still the best poet of the lot

Crasiezt is still the most hot :D

Urv got through for an MBA!

Trinaa, without meeting went away :(

Rajesh is busy writing his book

Anurag’s blog is pretty good to look

Ki’s confessions is one of my favorite

Pixie’s Gryphon-muesli is busy to waver it

Bharat’s musings need to be read since an age

I’m waiting for Diu’s writers block to disengage

Swayam and my tastes have kinda match

The private blogs are awesome! A must catch

Mistiquespeak is a recent addition on blog-roll

Crystal’s writings move our heart n soul

Soham is having his life’s last vacation

I and Sachi are the world’s best combination!


Yes, I'm back to my pointless poetry :P :P
excess padhai does this to people :(

I leave for Baroda in a day. This weekend could make it or break it. See you soon people, I love you all! Thanks for hanging in there :)


Sach! said...

U know I love u a LOT!!!! :-)

Arv said...



kewl da :)

@trinni... you should have met her na??

Agree with your other views on our mutual friends :)

take care da... cheers...

Trinaa said...

muhahahahahahahah! silly woman..loved ur 'pointless' poetry. tho pointless it wasnt..vaat laga rahi hai public mein?? :P

@arv..i was in mumbai for 3 days. The first day was spent in locating the interview centre n searching for hostels, the next day was AGAIN spent in searching for a hostel for a pg student..which btw i didnt manage to find. N on the last day i had my interview.

Anonymous said...

A-ha! Sahi tha beta!!! :D

Anurag said...

lol! You are the first one to say ki my blog is good to look at....

Good to know that I am not alone as far as joblessness goes :P

Mystique said...

hahah. so sweet!

metal-militant said...

Thanks a lot for the publicity man.I seriously need readers on my blog.And I don't even limit myself to articles on metal anymore!!

Express said...

@ Sachi
and I love u TOO :)
no three, more!
126589647382! :D


@ Arv :)
yes, coz of the consistency! when i write i'm so sure that @least YOU wud read :D even if i write 4 myself and it doesn't really matter if i have no comments, coz there is nothing intellectual abt my posts.. but having one permanent reader feels good :D

Express said...

@ Tri
:D :D
tere mere beech mein public kab se aa gayi :P

but 1 call toh kar deti yaar! :( koi ni, nxt time :) :*

@ Ki
haha, thank u hai ji :)
bored.. zz...

Express said...

@ Anurag
yea, coz i din knw wht else to write :-| and no, not jobless, just bored.. it took me 52 mins to write and tag.. and thats ok :)

@ Mistique
so are you gal; so are you :)

Express said...

@ metal-militant
I KNOW! and you write good :(

you know what, start reading other blogs and commenting on them outta no-whr.. apne aap readership will soar :D

Jinxed Pixie said...

pixie's gryphon-muesli is busy to waver it?

and baroda?
ooh ohh. nice...

Shrutilaya said...

Hi, I love you. = )

Okay, tata

Raghav said...

the most interesting piece of nonsense i have read in a while!

thats a compliment :)

divinediu said...

This weekend, you'll make it!!


Misanthropist said...

Honoured to be qualified as your good friend.
I love the way you love. Honestly :)

Express said...

@ Pixie
Haha! Yea, mujhe abhi tak uska matlab samjha nahi hai :o

and yea, I updated in the new post :)

and yea, I love u! :)

@ Laya
Awwww!!! No tata! Only luurrvvee :D :P :P


Express said...

@ Raghav
Haha! Yea, you saying it means GOOD :D

That’s the most cool comment I got in a while :D

@ Diu
:) I did. And then I had 2 exams, so technically If I clear any, I wud make it :D

I love the way u said it diu. I love you too much :)

Express said...

@ Misanthropist
:) this made me smile the hardest woman. NOW, we’ve gotta meet! Soon, sooner, soonest possible! Now, :(

Cяystal said...

I saw this now.
I was sleeping probably! :|