Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm not happy, I'm contented.

My Third year of graduation was the one in which my world literally turned upside down. I did many things and many other things happened in this one year. I had 4 proper vacations, worked, blogged, scaled the entire city every weekend, spoke on the phone for an average of 4-5 hours a day, supposedly 'fell in love', ailed my heart for 7 months, attended my cousin sister's wedding 1 week before the pre-boards and lost her 2 days before my main theory..

What I did not write here was that I messed up 2 major papers.

messed up big-time. Didn't-study-a-thing-and-walk-into-the-exam-hall-to-look-@-other-people-fiercely-writing mess up. And I didn't care. I just wanted a face-saving 1st class and decent marks in practical and I got that.

I got the highest marks of my graduation years, a 1st class and a bonus distinction :) At the age of 19 :) :) There are gonna be no celebrations yet, the main motto of all this jazz, to get a MSc admission, has not been achieved; so anxiety gets postponed for another month.

For some reason I've gotten very numb. Maybe because of the exam marathon session since the last week of January... Things don't affect me anymore. My very good friend topped the college, probably univ even. I'm happy for both of us but like my parents I'm not sitting and comparing our marks, i don't even give a damn if anyone gets in their favorite course.

All I see is the next 2 weeks. The decisive weeks of my career. I have all other options planned and I know what i will do if nothing happens, but I don't wanna mess this one up; and I'm not going to.

I seriously wanna thank all of you for being by my side in all ups and downs. :)

P.S. Anindita, I was so much in chaos y'day! The result anxiety, exam tension and so many things on my head; and you, magical mistress, in one hour you made my day! :) Thanks for putting up with me through all of it Lady Santa, I love you :)


Anurag said...

All I can say is ....All the best for the future :)

Shrutilaya said...

All the best = )

And and I BOTH need it.

Cяystal said...

All the bestest,baby!

Express said...

@ Anurag
hey! ur msg y'day.. that ws amazing! a very warm change from the usual forwards..hence..

thanks a ton, hmm :)

@ Laya
YES! and v both r gonna make it :) together :)


Express said...

@ Crystal
thanks a million ton babeh! I'm so glad that u ppl bother 2 read all random crap n then stand by in all the shit!

I love u man :)

Misanthropist said...

You know what your spirit is so contagious!
I'm sure you are gonna land up in the place of your choice!

Express said...

@ Misanthropist
haha!! thank uu!!

and v WILL meet! soon, very :) :)

Arv said...

Wish you the very best :)

take care da... cheers..

Anonymous said...

You'll do FABULOUSLY meri jaan! Bas faith rakho! :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

and wow! without studying you get such cool marks !

Express said...

@ Arv

Thanks.. u take good care too :)

@ Ki
thank u hai ji
and i really hope that happens.. sachchi, dil se *sigh*


Express said...

@ I'll try to be..
Heyi! haha, tea, inbuilt :D

thanks for the visit yea.. hmm

Anindita said...

Hey.. Its normally just two minutes that one needs.. I was glad to be able to give you an hour.. We should definitely do it more often! And you better slog and top more entrances.

PS: A party for the 72% is still pending! :P


Supriya said...

Shatabdi, why are you graduating at 19 and not 21 like the rest of us mortals?
Wait, oh God, you are one of those people you read about in the papers, arent you?! Those- start school at 2- graduate from school and college before time-get their doctorate at 21- geniuses!?

Express said...

@ Dita
:) It's coz of people like you that my days shine bright, you know?

And I owe this to blogger. I do!

Party, yea.. cash crunch current. But you get. I decide the menu! You'd prolly eat out the whole restaurant! :D



Express said...

@ Supriya
haha! I started early yea, graduated early, yea.. but just a year younger re... no big deal :P

I topped junior KG in the age of 3 :P Do I hear claps? *appreciation acknowledged* :D :D :P :P

Thanks for the visit, hmm :)