Monday, June 29, 2009

It feels good =)

Life feels good.
The freshness of the winds, the chill of the rain,
feels new.
The dance of the leaves; no sorrow, no grieves,
feels calm.
The twitter of the birds, music to my ears,
feels free.
Buds opening, rain pouring, green spreading..
Bliss in the very air,
Monsoons are here
and that feels good :)

Finally all the running around halts. No, it didn't halt, I put a halt to it. I say so because technically I have another exam on the 8th but I'm too fed up to actually bother about it. 4th, 6th, 15th are the days of orientation of courses I'm selected into. So before my birthday, DEFINITELY majority of the drama would end. *ecstatic grin* *happy dance*

Now Baroda. A lot of you have been asking about it and I feel so great about all the concern :) So here's it.
I cleared for the interview. [Results awaited in a couplea weeks.] Which was a big shock after the sucky written test. But then everyone had a sucky paper so prolly mine sucked less :P Which means I was in top 22 among about 300+ candidates outside Gujrat. Which is good.
But the interview wasn't all that good.

Most of which wasn't my fault coz I was taught wrong stuff. [See? THIS is why I don't wanna do pure biochemistry in Mumbai!]
But the fact that I met those big-shot scientist guys, faced them interview me, slept on the hostel beds, roamed all around Baroda with good friends, planned the trip, traveled, accommodation hunting, everything by me a high. :)

Then I had one last exam which incidentally was my third option and went pretty well.. so, I'm happy any-which-way :)

I had thought I'd give scene by scene analysis of my life in Baroda, but well.. not relevant. But, I had a guest home last morning..

Birdie came home through the terrace. Mommy reckons Birdie must have lost direction coz of the monsoon winds. I tried to shoo Birdie away, but Birdie wouldn't go. So, I fed Birdie instead! :D and then by the night Birdie flew away happily! :)

Yes, good days are back again :)


Shrutilaya said...

Congratulations, woman. I am so proud of you. And all of us will be no matter where you go and what you do. :)

*hugs tight* All by yourself *Hugs tighter*

and, YAYYY birdie!

You will get into whichever college you choose :) *I* know it

Misanthropist said...

You have been doin a lot of "bird watching" :P :P :P
And you might just get into MSU!

Sach! said...

congo baby!! :-) u ll thru mumbai pakka se...
..and yea! parallel world :P lol!!

Arv said...


this is a happy post :)

take care... cheers mate...

Anurag said...

Birdies don't seem to come this side :O

but a happy waala post...Nice :)

Express said...

@ Laya
You know I cried, right?

@ Misanthropist
Haha! and I love u 4 all the support. Lets see.. :)

Express said...

@ Sachi
yea, happened.
Mumbai happened :) My 2nd pref, choice course happened! My parents r super happy and so is my councilor. so, yayy! :)

@ Arv
:) cheers to you too! :)

Express said...

@ Anurag
Ofcourse they dont. coz they know that u wudnt feed them well or let them go! meanie! :D

thanks da... I AM happy! Happy days r back again! :)