Monday, June 29, 2009

It feels good =)

Life feels good.
The freshness of the winds, the chill of the rain,
feels new.
The dance of the leaves; no sorrow, no grieves,
feels calm.
The twitter of the birds, music to my ears,
feels free.
Buds opening, rain pouring, green spreading..
Bliss in the very air,
Monsoons are here
and that feels good :)

Finally all the running around halts. No, it didn't halt, I put a halt to it. I say so because technically I have another exam on the 8th but I'm too fed up to actually bother about it. 4th, 6th, 15th are the days of orientation of courses I'm selected into. So before my birthday, DEFINITELY majority of the drama would end. *ecstatic grin* *happy dance*

Now Baroda. A lot of you have been asking about it and I feel so great about all the concern :) So here's it.
I cleared for the interview. [Results awaited in a couplea weeks.] Which was a big shock after the sucky written test. But then everyone had a sucky paper so prolly mine sucked less :P Which means I was in top 22 among about 300+ candidates outside Gujrat. Which is good.
But the interview wasn't all that good.

Most of which wasn't my fault coz I was taught wrong stuff. [See? THIS is why I don't wanna do pure biochemistry in Mumbai!]
But the fact that I met those big-shot scientist guys, faced them interview me, slept on the hostel beds, roamed all around Baroda with good friends, planned the trip, traveled, accommodation hunting, everything by me a high. :)

Then I had one last exam which incidentally was my third option and went pretty well.. so, I'm happy any-which-way :)

I had thought I'd give scene by scene analysis of my life in Baroda, but well.. not relevant. But, I had a guest home last morning..

Birdie came home through the terrace. Mommy reckons Birdie must have lost direction coz of the monsoon winds. I tried to shoo Birdie away, but Birdie wouldn't go. So, I fed Birdie instead! :D and then by the night Birdie flew away happily! :)

Yes, good days are back again :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My blog world

In my blogger world....

There are 8 8 posts in my archive;

Ranter Shrav SHALL survive :D

Arv is now my most favorite reader

I and Samby graduated together!!!

Aditi uses her blog, now for assignments;

Gunj’s talligiri is beyond confinements :D

Anindita’s new template is dull

Alok’s updates are equal to null

Bhai’s blog-break doesn’t end :(

Misanthropist is a good friend =)

Disguise bid blogging goodbye (?) :(

Laya selected NIFT Chennai!

Ishaan's blog is great; but needs some readers

Deluded needs a bunch of real hot cheer-leaders :D

Riversoul is still the best poet of the lot

Crasiezt is still the most hot :D

Urv got through for an MBA!

Trinaa, without meeting went away :(

Rajesh is busy writing his book

Anurag’s blog is pretty good to look

Ki’s confessions is one of my favorite

Pixie’s Gryphon-muesli is busy to waver it

Bharat’s musings need to be read since an age

I’m waiting for Diu’s writers block to disengage

Swayam and my tastes have kinda match

The private blogs are awesome! A must catch

Mistiquespeak is a recent addition on blog-roll

Crystal’s writings move our heart n soul

Soham is having his life’s last vacation

I and Sachi are the world’s best combination!


Yes, I'm back to my pointless poetry :P :P
excess padhai does this to people :(

I leave for Baroda in a day. This weekend could make it or break it. See you soon people, I love you all! Thanks for hanging in there :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Walking away

Something I wrote off the hook..
Post dedicated to all the wonderful memories of the last 3 years of my life

Graduation days are the best I ever had
Graduating just makes me so sad
For I shall have to depart
Away from the place that is so close to my heart
Ruia, Miss me

My pals from all around the city
Of Various courses offered by Mumbai University
Moving on to make careers bright
Facing the world without doubt or fright
People, Miss me

Friends who were lot more than ‘classmates’
With virtues that make the greatest of greats
3 years together brought close and free
Love simply deepened for Biochemistry
TYs, Miss me

The professors, nah, more like friends
Who shall continue in there, for them no ends
They shall have a brand new ‘TY’ to worry about
To teach them all the concepts, to clear their doubts

Vora Ma’am faced it all with that brave grin
I’m glad; we are all as good as her kin
Mona Ma’am, her smile made all worry fade away
One conversation with Shohini Ma’am, made our day

Sneha Ma’am’s persistent backing-up with scolding
Prashant sir, always OHP transparency holding
Dhvani Ma’am, the reason why our FY bliss-ed
Padma Ma’am will always be max missed :-(

However bad or good students we were,
I hope you are content by the state of affair
But, you will agree that our was that batch
With traits that no other can ever match ;-)

We, the nine nautankies
The best from the rest, we the junkies
I am so close to you rest eight,
Our meet-ups are a definite bait..

Surabhi, the tallest of us all
Mau Manik’s late night missed call
Rohit’s jokes no better than a fart
Navjyot’s dancing = true work of art

Malamaal Prerna! Our Reserve Bank
Shweet Sayali, always so blank
Tejas Dada’s bayako [wife], his guitar
Late comer Bhate lives oh so far!

Life without you all, feels so empty
I shall miss N-219, memories plenty
DP’s corner table for six
All kinds of food in a random mix

The pictures clicked on the triangle
Career discussions from the canteen angle
Birthday celebrations and pending treats
Planning and canceling full group meets

It makes me look into the future’s eyes
Big hope that this friendship never dies
Big wish that we reach out might
But I sure shall miss all the petty fights

Miss me my dear friends, and please keep in touch
A random mail, one message is not asking for much
A missed call, even a passing thought
Would let me know that my feelings are not alone to rot…

Here, I shall call it just the road’s bend
Because this definitely is not the end
Hoping that you guys are doing just fine
Closing curtains with the clichéd Remembrants’ line,
I’ll be there for you..
Coz you’re there for me too :-)

Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm not happy, I'm contented.

My Third year of graduation was the one in which my world literally turned upside down. I did many things and many other things happened in this one year. I had 4 proper vacations, worked, blogged, scaled the entire city every weekend, spoke on the phone for an average of 4-5 hours a day, supposedly 'fell in love', ailed my heart for 7 months, attended my cousin sister's wedding 1 week before the pre-boards and lost her 2 days before my main theory..

What I did not write here was that I messed up 2 major papers.

messed up big-time. Didn't-study-a-thing-and-walk-into-the-exam-hall-to-look-@-other-people-fiercely-writing mess up. And I didn't care. I just wanted a face-saving 1st class and decent marks in practical and I got that.

I got the highest marks of my graduation years, a 1st class and a bonus distinction :) At the age of 19 :) :) There are gonna be no celebrations yet, the main motto of all this jazz, to get a MSc admission, has not been achieved; so anxiety gets postponed for another month.

For some reason I've gotten very numb. Maybe because of the exam marathon session since the last week of January... Things don't affect me anymore. My very good friend topped the college, probably univ even. I'm happy for both of us but like my parents I'm not sitting and comparing our marks, i don't even give a damn if anyone gets in their favorite course.

All I see is the next 2 weeks. The decisive weeks of my career. I have all other options planned and I know what i will do if nothing happens, but I don't wanna mess this one up; and I'm not going to.

I seriously wanna thank all of you for being by my side in all ups and downs. :)

P.S. Anindita, I was so much in chaos y'day! The result anxiety, exam tension and so many things on my head; and you, magical mistress, in one hour you made my day! :) Thanks for putting up with me through all of it Lady Santa, I love you :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I don't want to lose the dream that I chased for over a year

I don't want to be the girl who screeches if her hair touches the dusty leaves of the tree standing in the middle of the road

I don't want to regret the being their for near ones,
the lending of shoulder for my mother to cry, when she missed her favorite kid.

I don't want to end up with a guy who doesn't know how to behave

I don't want to understand someone who cannot appreciate me for who I am

I don't want to have fake living friends,
just coz we have spent ages together.

I don't want to not be able to tell my best friend how much I love him

I don't want to see the shot pigeon die a worm's death

I don't want to celebrate World Environment Day
and not do anything about the dying planet and its life-forms.

I don't want to forcefully take something
because all other options were shut.

I want to live
my life
the way I WANT!

P.S. Another Blog break :-) 28th June is the last day when it all ends. Meanwhile I shall visit my dream university. Wish me luck :-)

Gyan Share: Being nice to people isn't expensive. It just costs a little bit of compassion and understanding for a big award of happiness. :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Telephonic conversations

When boredom is difficult to cope
when one gives up all his hope;
The telephone rings with the dear one's call
Leaving you behind in telepathy's enthrall.

When he gives you that first sparkling ring
You are just assured that this is no fling thing...
Dial that number, let all buddies know
That You-Him-and the Ring, make the perfect combo!

However busy we all might be...
We can never thank Graham Bell enough for his discovery
That little device in your pocket mister
Is the result of some-one's sweat's glister

Happy? Sad? Dying? Flying? or.. Broken?
Bugged of carrying along life's burden?
Fikar not, we are all down the same lane
and just to remain sane,
Keep it ringing!


Post dedicated to all the heart-to-heart conversations with Sachi, Deluded, Anindita, Aditi, Samby, Ridhiman, Trinaa, Diu, Soham, Ki and Laya :) :)

Gyan Share: Love is not something that happens to you. It is a conscious decision that you take. So, take it wisely than just being blind. - Misanthropist