Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Walking away

Something I wrote off the hook..
Post dedicated to all the wonderful memories of the last 3 years of my life

Graduation days are the best I ever had
Graduating just makes me so sad
For I shall have to depart
Away from the place that is so close to my heart
Ruia, Miss me

My pals from all around the city
Of Various courses offered by Mumbai University
Moving on to make careers bright
Facing the world without doubt or fright
People, Miss me

Friends who were lot more than ‘classmates’
With virtues that make the greatest of greats
3 years together brought close and free
Love simply deepened for Biochemistry
TYs, Miss me

The professors, nah, more like friends
Who shall continue in there, for them no ends
They shall have a brand new ‘TY’ to worry about
To teach them all the concepts, to clear their doubts

Vora Ma’am faced it all with that brave grin
I’m glad; we are all as good as her kin
Mona Ma’am, her smile made all worry fade away
One conversation with Shohini Ma’am, made our day

Sneha Ma’am’s persistent backing-up with scolding
Prashant sir, always OHP transparency holding
Dhvani Ma’am, the reason why our FY bliss-ed
Padma Ma’am will always be max missed :-(

However bad or good students we were,
I hope you are content by the state of affair
But, you will agree that our was that batch
With traits that no other can ever match ;-)

We, the nine nautankies
The best from the rest, we the junkies
I am so close to you rest eight,
Our meet-ups are a definite bait..

Surabhi, the tallest of us all
Mau Manik’s late night missed call
Rohit’s jokes no better than a fart
Navjyot’s dancing = true work of art

Malamaal Prerna! Our Reserve Bank
Shweet Sayali, always so blank
Tejas Dada’s bayako [wife], his guitar
Late comer Bhate lives oh so far!

Life without you all, feels so empty
I shall miss N-219, memories plenty
DP’s corner table for six
All kinds of food in a random mix

The pictures clicked on the triangle
Career discussions from the canteen angle
Birthday celebrations and pending treats
Planning and canceling full group meets

It makes me look into the future’s eyes
Big hope that this friendship never dies
Big wish that we reach out might
But I sure shall miss all the petty fights

Miss me my dear friends, and please keep in touch
A random mail, one message is not asking for much
A missed call, even a passing thought
Would let me know that my feelings are not alone to rot…

Here, I shall call it just the road’s bend
Because this definitely is not the end
Hoping that you guys are doing just fine
Closing curtains with the clichéd Remembrants’ line,
I’ll be there for you..
Coz you’re there for me too :-)


Arv said...


all the best for the future :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

wish you the best
and nice dedications , may all of you find your dreams

Anonymous said...

Aww :)

Anurag said...

lol..Cute dedication ...You know to rhyme Shatabdi..I thought you couldn't :P

Shrutilaya said...


Express said...

@ Arv
thank you bud :)
I'm so glad tht u ppl bother to read my madness :P :P


@ Truthy gal
yea, big dreams :)
time will tell, but thanks a lot :)
dil se man, means soo much :)

Express said...

@ Ki
haha, Qi is soo cuttee!! :) :)

@ Anurag

kabhi toh sensible comment likho yaar.. and ye koi 1st attempt nahi hai.. kinni saari rhymes likhi hai maine.. so pakaoing!

Express said...

@ Laya
:* :* :*******

*fingers crossed*

*100 kisses*


Anonymous said...

awwww.....thts ws cho cute shatab...thank u ssooooooooo much n i ll miss u guys so much....
btw tht poetry ws jus sooooo good n perfect to describe our three years of graduation....have lots of memories....the sweet n the sour i ll cherish em all...
love u so much....

lots f kisses n hugs...

Shrav said...

shatab, that was so very cute!! Liked every detail in it!!

All the best in whatever you do :)

Misanthropist said...

You know what i'm amazed at the sentiments. so true so heartfelt.
I'll never have such strong emotions after I graduate.

Rajesh said...

Really nice!! U made me travel back 2 my 4 yrs of Engg life.. Nostalgic!!

Nice read...

Mystique said...

oh this is so sweet.....

here i sit, 2 weeks away from 1st day of a new city....longing to have my own stories.

Express said...

@ Sayali
Sayali! You are one of the reasons why I’d miss ruia so much :(
I love u so much that it hurts :(


@ Shrav
:) Thanks survivor! Btw, where dead was u?
Make note, I missed..

And thanks, I’ll let u guys know as soon as “I” know :D

Express said...

@ Misanthropist
But u’ll have emotions! Depending on ur relations with friends and teachers, you will.. How much ever u love it or hate it now, we are attached to our graduation collg forever :)
I’ve realized this,
Even u will :)

@ Rajesh
Thanks Rajesh :)
This is similar in all college no? But well, it’s the bunch of friends that wud prolly make all the difference! Mine were the best! All were so distinctly different from each other that life just got better with them :)

I love my life! Coz I love them :)

Express said...

@ Mystique
:) Let collg begin, u’ll have a new story everyday :)
Luck gal..

Supriya said...

Very sweet :) All the best for whatever comes up next!

Express said...

@ Supriya
:) thank-u :)

and u saying that means so much you know?
same to you sweetie,
wish you luck too :)

hakunamatata said...
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hakunamatata said...

dat was a good one..but nw graduation seems lot tougher..