Saturday, April 3, 2010


When you hear the word 'Dream', what is the first thought that comes to your mind?
A recurring nightmare?
Something you always wanted to be?
Someplace you always wanted to visit?
Someone you always wanted to be with?
An absolute feeling of elation or that of downright misery..

What do these visions mean? Do they show you some things about yourself that are hidden so deep down, yet are so strong that they have to surface in some way or the other? Something you are, something you want to be, something you actually CAN be.

If not in sleep, we dream while we are awake. Then try to achieve them. Succeed, fail or fail miserably. Then dream some more. A dreamer will always be a dreamer; how easy or difficult his dreams might be.

Visualization is the key to achieving. Till you don’t see yourself winning, there is no-way you will work for it, and until you do work, nothing can be achieved. Not my words, some-one wise once said these to me.

I meanwhile have been a pessimist all along. Aim low, if you get more, it’s a happy surprise! No expectations = no disappointments; Always worked for me. Ignorant as I was, did not realize that achieving the goals is the whole point of aiming and till you are going to be satisfied with what you have, how are you ever going to get what you deserve?

So then the journey began, of fantasy, of vividness, of ecstasy, of beauty.. :-)

Here I am,
the way I like myself to be;
with the visions in my eyes
dreams for today in my heart..
Rustling past the slow world
Towards the me I want to be.

So, dream on honey
Of the bright days, blue skies,
Of pretty birds and soulful meadows
Of us, tomorrow and today

And if you simply cannot
However hard you try,
Unable to see yourself there, amongst the not real?
I’ll do the dreaming for the two of us.

P.S. This was my 100th published post. Milestone in a beautiful journey. Thanks for being a part of it. :)


jihyun park said...

Hi! pleased to meet you.

Nice story!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Great Transition.

Dreams for me mean things to work for.. burning desires...

Visualisation is indeed important.. Even when being coached for sports.. the first thing they taught us was to "see" yourself winning it.. it really does work.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant maybe if you say so..but really cannot imagine you as a pessimist.

Express said...


Yea, That's how I got started with MSc.. and now I'm doing pretty well yea :)