Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When 'Thanks' doesn't seem enough..

I have had a rough couple of months. Academically, emotionally, and even health-wise. I had just one week to get back to Hyderabad and most of it was going to be dedicated to my TOEFL. I did not get a chance to meet most of my friends here, back home, and worse, GRE got screwed up as expected because you see, I wasn't well.

Just when nothing seemed to work well for me, My 21st birthday arrived and set everything straight :)

Birthdays for me have always been a huge celebration. Well, till the 19th one. 20th birthday saw me stepping out of teenage and also out of home to pursue my Master's in University of Hyderabad. So, it was a mixed box of feelings. 21st one was my official entry to adulthood and I wasn't quite sure how grand I wanted to make it. But, my awesome friends and super-mom made sure they made it the best birthday ever!

I got 4 birthday Cakes; and 2 more are pending in Hyd..
I was gifted lots of stuff and all of it is something I needed.
Read 2 most awesome birthday cards that made me cry :')
Met some new people and visited some pending eat-outs in Mumbai.
Literally, shopped till I dropped.
Slept for only 3 n 1/2 hours of the 24 :)
went 1/2 hour late to my own birthday party coz I was busy on the phone
Met most of my favorite people on the planet.
Spoke to everyone for whom my heart reaches out.

My phone got jammed at 00:00 am on 18th because of the number of messages that were delivered at the same time :P

I was so overwhelmed with all the love being showered that I had a wide smile on my face when I knocked off at the night after all the celebration. I really needed this high and my friends made sure they made the best out of it :)

I just LOVE my birthdays :)


divinediu said...

Belated birthday wishes Shatabdi! :*

Anurag said...

did I wish u on your b'day..aahh well..Happy B'day :)

When did u change your template btw..A dash of red across the page....I like! :)

Express said...

Diu: <3
and who cares if it was a long long time ago :P

Anurag: thanks man :)
and yea, it is one of the standard blogger templates now. I just LOVE the new ones :)