Saturday, September 18, 2010

I need to be me tonight

I need a recap tonight
a recap of all mistakes I've done
of all the people I've hurt
and all the disasters, just for fun

I need a car tonight
to run me down memory lane
to make me realise how much time I wasted
all the partial effort, down the drain

I need a new friend tonight
who'd just listen to me go on and on
would neither judge me, nor advice
He'd just leave me on my own

I need to do the right thing tonight
because I've always done what's wrong
never listened, have always imposed
always tried to show, I'm strong

I need to lose myself tonight
so that I can find me again
one day when the sun shall rise
There will be no chance of any rain.


Ranjith said...

nice.. liked it

AG said...


long long time

I almost forgotten to comment :P

it nice to see some one writing on my blog roll :D


avishek said...

nice one :)

Express said...


yes, i am still writing. Make time, it will feel good :)
and yes, this was written right after a break up.

Express said...

where lost have you been?