Tuesday, August 28, 2007

After a long time..

So here i am, back after a very long time..

I was just thinking the other day about the kind of music prevalent among the youth now-a-days..It is definitely rock.. Well..even i listen 2 rock, can relate to it. I enjoy listening 2 English songs, head-banging on metal, jumping up and down on pop and really appreciate the sound of drums..

But shouldn't we first appreciate the form of music that originally belongs to us? I know ppl who don't want to listen to bollywood music just coz its Indian!I mean some the new songs [read himesh] get on my nerves too..but the songs belonging to olden-golden era? and classical music? instrumentals?...when someone insults them, my blood boils....
I am not asking all Indians to put their feet down and stop listening to the kind of music that appeals to you..but v need to even appreciate the form that is actually ours..if u don't understand the beauty of it, it doesn't become less beautiful to me..

But then why am i being sucha _____ and insisting that people not insult Indian music? well..its all part of being Indian...isn't it?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The most difficult thing to do...

I was just wondering the other day...what is it that i face maximum difficulty while doing?

The first thing that came to my mind was losing wt!..yea..thats helluva difficult!! But on second thoughts there were so many things to be considered that this wasn't funny anymore.
I thought managing ones life was difficult. Keeping everyones goodwill in mind, making everyone see the point in any discussion and making them agree..well..that is quite some job! But then sticking to the right and being determined not to give up..is also equally difficult!

Loving someone with all your heart and giving up the world for the one u love is difficult...but then letting someone know that you love/like them is also difficult indeed! Not to lose temper when you see injustice is tough. Following your heart no-matter-what is difficult but putting up with everyones expectations and trying to fulfill them....arghh!!!

Maybe in case at all times u r positive, nothing is difficult! But how difficult is being positive????

Now to end this post is becoming difficult! I guess posting your comments shouldn't be all that difficult though..... :D

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My experience with Reliable labs

Most of my 07 summer was consumed in the internship that i was involved in for my Food sci adv diploma..First 2 weeks at the local dairy [Gokul] and then after a week long break..4 weeks at RAL! Reliable Analytical Laboratories, thane.

At first the package that they were providing me sounded good. A busy month with a 9-6 job sounded hectic, but it was a rare opportunity for an 1st yr student. I was making a Project, my project. Being a research aspirant i knew this opportunity was too good to lose for some hours of traveling and no materialistic gains out of it. So, I took up the opportunity and off my programme went zoooooming from the Monday, 7th of may.

I was "the new intern" for all the employees and my name is such a tongue-twister anyway....

There was so much work pending, and within days I was given a whole dept. to handle. As my project dealt with Pesticides and their extraction from foodstuff and later testing whether they were in safe limits or not, I handled the PR dept. stands for Pesticide residue..

Being at RAL, I learned many things. Obviously about the concepts involved in Pesticide Residue Extraction..but also, general worldly matters that we so conveniently ignore as college-goers.
1. The traumas of a 9-6 job.
2. How to travel in local trains in peak hours.
3. How to run behind a bus and fight for an already occupied seat.
4. How to come late to work and give explanations.
5. How to finish off excess work before time by cutting out essential steps from the procedure.
6. How to taste the samples first and then try testing them.
7. How to cover-up for your group-members and make plots to catch the rival group members..red-handed!!
8. the ABC of Office politics.
9. How to do all mistakes in the world and still stand up and say "wasn't me!"
10. How to tackle RATS!! [It seems the lab was full of them! I got to see a couple..For people who dunno..rats are among my greatest fears!!]
And the most important thing!!...
11. How the bloody hell to recognize the look in the eyes of the boss...

There were times when I felt frustrated for ever walking into that organization. To top it all up, my personal life wasn't exactly on a peak. My friends had problems, and I genuinely wanted to be there for them. But life seemed to run too fast and I wasn't exactly able to cope up with all this mess. But I kept reminding myself of that 1 line that I picked up from one of my all time favorite movies 'My best friend's wedding'. The line says "This too shall pass!"
Alas! it has all passed finally. And as I write this after all that is done and over with, Im just glad that college is about to re-open so that we will soon be back in our laid-back worlds........

Friday, May 25, 2007

The kid in me...

Things lately in my life have changed tremendously. The reason why I came here was to release all the thoughts that keep coming up in my mind every now and then. That explains why it is called random talk fest! The feeling of owning a lil space on the web has always fascinated me, but lack of time prevented the blog thing from happening!

Yea, there is a little kid hidden somewhere in me. I can say that as Ive been told this too many times. Not that I mind it, was just wondering what are the things i like to do that may be closer to being a baby! So here are few points that i found and would like to share...

1. I cannot lie under any case, however tricky the situation might be..
2. I have these radium stars glued to my room ceiling, love to stare hard at them each night before I pass out..
3. I might be into rock and metal now, but I still enjoy the pop songs that i used to listen to as a kid..
4. I simply love teddy bears..any size, color.....the shape always remains the same though :P
5. I love ice-cream..and butter-scotch? any time of the day..any season..just bring it on!!!!
6. I scream even in the middle of the road in case im too exited!
7. I like it when people pamper me..not that im a brat or anything..just feels good!
8. I like to play picnic or twisters with kids...not to forget Battlefield and various other games..whenever i can manage that is.. even something as stupid as catch-catch with a inflated ball...
9. If i have nothing to do...I watch cartoon network. Especially Dexter..and if tom and jerry are around..no-one can force me into anything else..
10. I talk a lot of sense and non-sense...but usually manage to turn any discussion my way..the only people who have been able to defeat me in any argument have ended up becoming my very good friends..
11. I can go on talking..no matter what!!!!

Well....in case u know me...i would really wanna know what u think about this 1...also add on your own points so that the list can be completed!!