Thursday, June 7, 2007

The most difficult thing to do...

I was just wondering the other day...what is it that i face maximum difficulty while doing?

The first thing that came to my mind was losing wt!..yea..thats helluva difficult!! But on second thoughts there were so many things to be considered that this wasn't funny anymore.
I thought managing ones life was difficult. Keeping everyones goodwill in mind, making everyone see the point in any discussion and making them agree..well..that is quite some job! But then sticking to the right and being determined not to give also equally difficult!

Loving someone with all your heart and giving up the world for the one u love is difficult...but then letting someone know that you love/like them is also difficult indeed! Not to lose temper when you see injustice is tough. Following your heart no-matter-what is difficult but putting up with everyones expectations and trying to fulfill them....arghh!!!

Maybe in case at all times u r positive, nothing is difficult! But how difficult is being positive????

Now to end this post is becoming difficult! I guess posting your comments shouldn't be all that difficult though..... :D


Jiggs said...

well well well
difficulty just adds spice to life, if everything in life would be easy then life would get really boring .so just enjoy the difficulties and learn lessons out of them

keep posting

Express said...

hmm...learning lessons shudnt b difficult then! :P

On a serious note..i do agree with u..if things werent difficult..if life din ve challenges...maybe it would be too dry to live errmm....lets just live with them..n enjoy life while crossing difficulties...rite?

Apurv said...

life as such is a maze of problems,one should not try to comprehend its complexities,it is not the age to be so should learn to take it in ones stride.try and see the world from all perspectives,dont only see the problems,take time to admire the beauty and simplicity of urself,problems?no problem

Jiggs said...

hey gal
waiting 4 ur next post
keep posting

Alok said...

After a lot of contemplation and soul searching, I feel that the most difficult thing to do for me is to do the things I don't want to do. Sounds fairly simple, but it isn't.

This goes on into a bigger difficulty: removing yourself from your thinking. When you think about something, when you experience something, removing your own self from it and thinking only about the experience is indeed one of the most toughest of all things. And those who conquer this (I haven't yet, but have begun my journey) are the ones who really contribute to this world.

But when you know about what you're doing, when you know the truth, the self must come back because you have to defend it against the self obsessed world, who will not accept something new that isn't the trend. And this fight is again one of the most difficult things.

As Dumbledore says, "Love is the best magic", and though a skeptic of this initially, I think he is right. Love, not only for a person, but for anything is what matters. If you feel what I feel, this point and the above are basically the same. Love is a kind of selfishness.

The most difficult thing to do? It depends on person to person, there cannot be generalisations. Maybe there is something that all of us find really difficult, but to know that requires extensive thought and hard work.

Lots of love! :P

P.S. This comment was extremely difficult to write. This was the reason behind me not writing a comment earlier.