Thursday, August 14, 2008


Every-one of us relates to this word in different ways.
But there is a common chord.
Having free thoughts.

Dedicated to the fighters who enabled us to do whatever we wanted to do, to be whatever we wanted to be, to 60 years of this freedom.

Hamein aaj azaadi hai...
Mann ke bandhan todne ki,
kalpanao ki udaan bharne ki,
naye pragati ke marg sujhane ki,
aur unse sabke sapno ko saakar karne ki.

Rashtra-bhasha nirbhayta se bolne ki,
chamak-dhamak ke kaale chashme ko kholne ki,
kaam mein mann lagane ki,
sach or sahas ko mul-mantra banane ki.

Andhvishwas se mukt hone ki,
vicharo ko shabdo mein dhaalne ki,
shabdo ko prakashit karne ki,
kal se bada ban-ne ki.

zyada chahne ki, zyada paane ki,
aur paane ke baad, us-e baattne ki,
chehro pe muskaan laane ki,
sabko aaj aazadi hai.

Par kya hum is azaadi ka sahi istemaal kar rahe hai?

सभी देश-वासियो को स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक सुभ-कामनाये
Jai Hind!


Express said...

For sachi,
Yes, first genuine attempt to serious poetry-writing. :-)

For others,
Celebrate the day, the fighters who made it available to us deserve it. :-)

Urv said...

:) Happy Independence Day

Express said...

@ urv
Yes :-)
to you too.

metal-militant said...

Happy Independence Day.May the Force be with India.And nice poem.

Express said...

@ Ishaan
Hey, nice 2 see u back alive on blogger-world :-P

anyway, thanks an d wish u the same.


Sach! said...

Awww! I was about to say this only that you have brilliantly succeeded to write a poem..a poem that holds no comparisons...

Besides that w'ful feeling of being Indian, I would always be happy that Independence Day motivated you enough to write so well :)

Long live Independence!

Express said...

@ sachi
bas, iss poem ka purpose served!

love ya sis!

Anonymous said...

Happy independence day!!!

Express said...

@ paratrooper
:-) Happy independence day to you too!

SwAThi.... said...

Hey happy independence day !!

Anindita said...

Jai Hind!

Express said...

@ swathi
Yay!! Finally you around for a non-science post! :-P

Happy independence!

@ Anindita
Glad 2 c u around :-)
wish u the same!

Anonymous said...

a love thoughtful poem on the occasion of Independence Day...bahut badiya!

Express said...

@ flyingstars
Welcome 2 my page
and thanks for the appreciation.


Sach! said...

arre ladki rakhsha bandhasn b mubarak ;)

Express said...

@ sachi
Its the worst day of my life!
Bro lives in US,
fav cousin bro in dubai!

talk of raksha bandhan
n i go

Sach! said...

me too hate the day but now i accept it as another day....

Alok Meshram said...

That is one beautiful poem.


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


mujhe tere hindi samj mei nahi aaee
well i guess we havnt fought for freedom ourselves thats y we dont respect it.
but i guess everydy we fight for freedom , freedom from parents,teachers,peeps etc thats freedom too n i guess we do respect it once we do it on our own.
as per me i-day celebrtions are just wste of money
cz ard 50% on Indians still sleep hungry every night thr r tons who work at low wages, it todays senario economic n social freedom is wanted.
oky fien 61 yrrs back our ancestors shed thr blood is gettin us freedom but today we need freedom from the evils of society, communal ism, religionlsm , castism
we sd stop glorifyin the past n foucs on the presnt situations

Express said...

@ alok
Thanks mitra!

@ Jiggs
Yes. Everybody does have different meanings for the word.
But when I say "celebrate", I don't mean waste money. I mean, atleast not treat it like another passing holiday, have lil respect 4 people who gave US our present.

Yes, problems need 2 b solved, but attending a flag-hoisting ceremony, seeing prime minister's 10 minute speech, standing up when the anthem is played, say "jai hind!", these are only a start towards being passionate for one's nation.

if money has 2 b saved, thr r lot better ways. Like not paying good-for-nothing politicians, solving ghotalas; than cutting down independence day celebrations.

P.S. Teri hindi kharab thi ye hamesha se pata tha. ab dekh bhi liya :-P

kaunquest said...

nice poem!

Express said...

@ kaunquest
Hey thanks!
welcome 2 my page :-)