Sunday, June 15, 2008

To Daddy, with love.

I was born in Visakhapatnam, where my father was posted via the Indian Navy. Yea, my father is an ex-service personnel. But then at the age of 3, we came to mumbai and ever-since, I have been here. I don't have too many memories of Vizag. One of my oldest memories is, early in the morning, prolly 5, going uphill with papa to get buffalo milk :-) . The path was muddy, among trees and bushes, and the journey, calm. The impact so steady that it has made a permanent mark on my mind.

And so is the bonding between me and papa.

We don't need a reason to like our fathers, do we? Everyone usually has one, depends on him, grows up wanting to be him, at some point or another is scared of him, sometimes confides in him. In my case, My father is the epicenter of the world for me. I have always tagged myself of being "Daddy's girl!" When I was about to leave for pune, I knew I would miss mom, but just didn't have a clue about life without daddy :-(
Needless to mention, I spoke with him every morning and he made sure he made a call every evening. Even if it was for a quick "hi" or "beta, kuch problem nahi ho rahi hai nah, kuch bhijwau" :-P
Two weeks before my stay was about to get over, my brother had come down to India, so the remainder of my family drove all the way to pay me a visit. My father was sitting beside the driver's seat, as soon as I climbed into the car, he turned back and said, "Chal yaar, bags pack kar aur ghar chal. Bore ho raha hai." :-P

My father is special. Coz he is MY father! Yea sure I share him with a sibling, but I never felt like I was sharing him, he is like 100% mine, and so he is for my brother. He makes sure he picks us up from either railway station or bus stop to home in the evenings. Not coz he wants us to depend on him, coz the mini chats we have then, make our day!

So multi-faceted my papa is, he surprises us all the time! He is Electrician cum software engineer cum experimental barber [lol] cum tailor cum plumber cum Party planner cum Teacher [physics!] cum Counselor cum part-time doctor [ahem] cum Secretary of the local Bengali association cum Chef [Dal expert and all fish dishes!] Event-manager cum Masseur cum Interior decorator cum Make-up artist! Phew! And obviously a brilliant dad and a very loving husband :-)

I guess Indian navy has helped incorporate these attributes in him. Not that he needs any of these to complete him as a person. Now that he has so many talents in him, I tend to expect so much more from boys I consider :-P But then, I secretly know that no-one can be like him. I rely on him for too many things and everything I do is aimed towards fulfilling his expectations out of me. In the grooming sessions with the psychologist in Pune, when she asked us to close our eyes and think of the biggest achievement of our life up till now, Papa's smiling face floated in the air and I couldn't even hear what she asked us to do next!!

There are numerous incidents that I would like to narrate, I have lived with him all my live you see. Just would to take this opportunity to say out loud,

Papa, I love you.


Anonymous said...

ahha... gr8 post on fathers day!!!... daddy's gal eh.... and yeah about uncle's qualities....i am sure navy has a part to play..but then...its sumthing about him too..not all officers i know can boast of those qualities..:-)

cheerz..and hope ur bond stays like this ever!

Express said...

@ SambY
Hey, thanks :-)

Dad jokes all the time, kafi logo k paet pe latt maar raha hau, hehe. I guess I have inherited the enthusiasm from him, baki toh my daddy is the bestest!


Akshay said...

Well I am just Jealous.... damn me!!

Emaan said...

hey thr swthrt ! That's a very sweet n wel written post indeed. Well, i was in mumbai in Sept while i was stil in my mom's tummy :-) wud hav met u only if i knew.. Keep writing.

Raghav said...
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Express said...

@ akshay
Don't be, you have so many things I am jealous of! :-D

@ Emraan
Oh! :-(
I missed the opportunity to meet prince emu! But never mind, shall attend some of ur rock gigs when u tour mumbai.

Glad u liked the post, thanks for the comment!

@ Raghav
Thanks for the visit and the comment, even though doesn't exist anymore :-D

gunj said...

dat was sucha sweet thing to do
did ya show it to him?

Express said...

@ gunj
errmm no. Daddy doesn'y know of my blog, and well he might have objection on some of the things I do here :-P

Maybe, 10 yrz down the line, i will :D

long time btw, how u doin?

d SINNER!!! said...

makes me smile...

makes me sad too...

Express said...

@ d Sinner
oh boy, y sad?

Emaan said...

uve been tagged

Express said...

@ Emaan
Thank-u 4 tagging, shall do it soon :)

Sameeta Kambli said...

History has proved girls are more to dad, so am I....I really really love my dad.

Sameeta here, your junior.
you write awesome!!!
all these days i did not comment thinking my comments wouldn't be fulfilling for such awesome posts.

Do check my blog.
Bbye :)

Express said...

@ Sameeta
omg, plz don say tht....u r free 2 comment whenever u feel like. And trust me, I am no good :-P

Thanks for the visit.