Wednesday, June 4, 2008


a little more learned,
a little more nasty,
a little more independent,
a little more aware,
a little more carefree,
a little more decisive,

and most importantly,
a little 'prepared' for what lies ahead.

Being in pune was a experience of its kind. First time ever, with people having similar age, wavelength and obviously, ambitions. Resultant, FUN!
But there was no scope of 'checking pune out' or the usual 'hanging-out'. The reason being the hectic schedule and the pressure to just live up to what is being expected out of you.

But would miss the life there.
The having food together, the playing dark room with room-mates, Rashmi's b'day card, unlimted hours of chatting, dancing sessions, PG aunty's lectures, Sinhgad trek, Katraj visit, Parvati in PMT bus [local transport in pune sucks], phone incident, late night music sessions, the first rains, the dripping ceiling, the loo booking, the looking at the birds from the balcony for hours together, the group study sessions, the short-circuit scene, the marathi learning attempts, all the video shooting sessions, the matka fights, the plucking raw mangoes from the PG aunty's tree, the personal interview sessions, Jyotisha's b'day planning-execution-party-mirchi kola-treasure hunt-everything!

Even though I have remained more or less the same, have learnt quite a few things. Just a sum-up.

*~* Always know the weather of the place you are going to. Pune needed us to apply a layer of moisturizer, covered by a layer of sun-screen lotion coupled with the head/face scarf to match upto the ruthless sun.

*~* Ketchup or any kind of sauce is only for flavour and is strictly not a side-dish.

*~* Trekking is the best possible physical activity. Going up the mountain tests your stamina, climbing down tests the balance. And when you are up there, nothing else matches the feeling of conquering something. Sinhgad isn't all that difficult a trek, but as a first-timer, it was fun.

*~* Laundry is the best thing to do when you are frustrated! :-P

*~* Ice-cream in Marathi is called "Dugdh sharkara yukta thand' gaar gol ghan-gattu" :-0

*~* Dabba wala's have taught me, dal necessarily need not contain dal. :-|

*~* Burnt soup has an intoxicating aroma! If no-one else realises, can easily be passed as a "new flavour" :-P

*~* Only certain areas in pune are good, if someone labels some place to be "happening", don't keep your hopes too high.

*~* Abusing yields nothing, just a couple of angry faces.

*~* Do not insert plugs to already loaded delicate electrical socket. Short circuits are shot to the brain.

*~* Being moody is good, but people who don't know how to talk should not be entertained.

*~* I love my blog 'Disoriented neurons' way too much. Couldn't stop thinking about you my blogey! Needless to say, friends of blogosphere came next on the list :-)

*~* I am not a television or movie freak, can comfortably live without these forms of entertainment.

*~* My first love, music. Second, chewing gum!! :-P

*~* I entertain myself and others quite efficiently.

*~* Mid-night b'day parties spill too much chocolate. But if scavengers as efficient as Pooja and kuku are around, no speck of anything shall be remained :-D

*~* I have learnt to respect silence.

*~* You can never have things done your way all the time. Just coz you are pampered at home, the world is not jobless enough to cover you with a blanket if out there its too cold.

*~* Some people sleep the night before their b'day :-0

*~* Skool friends do know you very well, never under-estimate their memory just coz its been too long. :-P

*~* Even though I love chicken, I need fish! If you are used to eating something day and night, you don't realize your attachment towards it. :-D

*~* The more the merrier is not always necessary. Too many cooks do spoil the maggi :-D

Missed mumbai, yes. There is nothing like being at home.......


metal-militant said...

I prefer to say Ice Cream.and use my tongue for...other things

Alok said...

1. x( x( x(

2. Your trip to Pune was way more successful than you think it was.

3. Chocolates, Icecreams, ... hmmm this post seems to be missing something.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

had fun haa
nyse nyse
u missed u ur blog n ur blog frnds
whom did u miss the most haa :P

kal mil colg mei

Alok said...

By the Way,
Cute Post! ;) :P

gunj said...

lol those are a lotta things to learn in sucha short duration!!

Sutta said...

Bell-come back!
Mumbai is heaven in rains, na? :D

BIG Omi said...

I loved your template.. thou its making it difficult to read..
i will read it morrow and then comment... running outta ofice..

Anonymous said...

lol..u remind me of my hostel days!

Express said...

@ alok
If u must say so..

@ gunj
Hehe, yea...just that many of these things [that mite b obvious], i never relised alone is enlightening in many ways. These are not even half the list..and I did'nt even plan to include the sensored topics ;-)

Express said...

@ sutta
Thanks! How ve u been?
I said t hos somewhere, "i dont reside in mumbai, mumba resides in my heart!" And yea, rainy..heaven is the best word to use..just that if u live in low-lying areas, mite just b a lil problematic :-D

Pune rains are nothing when compared 2 mumbai...drizzles all day long...che, ye barish bhi koi barish hai :-D

@ big omi
Thanks for the visit. Yea, me loves the template too, but if its that inconvinient, ill get that changed..

colors just define life so well, don't u think?

Express said...

@ SambY
Well, you lived for longer times for a better schedule in a better location..I know that hardly matters and wht matters most is the people u reside with..but then as kids these experiences wud b more fun..never-the-less..atleast i did learn something outta it.. :-D

Bhai with Chai said...

:) the big para had me smiling all throughout!

//the world is not jobless enough to cover you with a blanket if out there its too cold.

sachchi!! :S

and ya, icecream is called what again? :O


Bhai with Chai said...

and.. I kinda agree with big omi,
the splashed colours are awesome, but when it comes to reading, I've been doing that in the comments section! *sheepish smile*

Express said...

@ bhai with chai
Ha kya? I wil try and edit the transparency then...don really wanna compromise wid the template!

Glad u liked the post. Pune has amazing memories, some good, some bad, yet mesmerizing....


Bhai with Chai said...

@ express
Chal don't compromise! :)
I'll read the posts here only! :D

ps : I understand coz I'm pretty adamant about fonts,template, colors and the like when it comes to my blog!

Express said...

@ chai with bhai
I edited the transparency, hope it helps...

Thanks for bringing it 2 my notice man, but actually I never realised, maybe different monitor settings n stuff...

nevemind, cya.