Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Bucket list.

Long, long time ago there was a tag. Not well known on blogger-land, not known rather, coz no-one did it :-| But I was tagged, by the person who invented it. And even she didn't do it :-0
So here I am doing this tag just because it is worth it!

was tagged by alisha
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*~* Get married! Not a big wedding with 1000+ people, but, a ceremony with family; Plus it has to be the Bengali way :-P I might not be the ideal Bong chic, but traditions do not die easy.

*~* Go trekking. Yes, again. And if possible, over and over and over again. The rush you feel when you are on the top; *nostalgia*

*~* Bungee jumping! Scuba diving! River rafting! Para gliding! Skydiving! All kinds of adventure sports. At least try them all once.

*~* I wanna learn how to play the sitar. But this one can wait till I'm all old and wrinkly; Since it is the toughest instrument to play, it would REALLY push me to my musical limits.

*~* Get drunk and freak out at a public place. get thrown out of a restaurant even; I am too well-behaved to do something that crazy when in normal senses :-P

*~* Get bald, at least once.

*~* Take the submarine trip to the Titanic.

*~* I wanna climb the great pyramid of Egypt. Actually see all the seven wonders. No, all 25 things in the run to be the seven wonders, haha, the list is never-ending.

*~* Kiss Rahul Bose!!! without making big news of course :-P Man, I love that guy!!!

*~* Plant a mango tree, keep it alive and then, eat the fruits :-)

*~* Fall in love with someone, crazy helpless unconditional love. Where no-one has to pretend to be someone they are not and just being with them is the best thing that could ever happen! I need to feel that pure, beautiful, real love that everyone keeps talking of.
(Also, future-love-of-my-life, I will be too shy to tell you, but I want to make love on the forest floor, the way nomads did it! :-P)

*~* Produce a new life :-)

*~* Tell all the people who are important to me, how much my life is dependent on them and how much I love them. Make all of them realize that I am what I am only coz of them and I love my life the way it is only coz I have all of them.

I tag a LOT of people, only coz I wanna see how well I did it :-D and it was so much fun doing it, so spread it around!

P.S. Jiggs and SambY were originally tagged, take this as an alarm people! :-D


Alok said...

Thank you for tagging me, but as you know I don't like doing tags on my Blog.

I'll do the tag here, if you don't mind:

Things I want to do before I hit the bucket:

1) Survive. And remain the fittest. My definition of fittest.

2) Produce offspring; make sure that they learn to survive and remain the fittest as well.

3) Do justice to what I Love (and that includes a lot: Nature, My Parents, Music, Creative Writing, Programming...)

(Well, this is redundant, it follows directly from 1, but oh well)

That sums it up.

Express said...

@ alok
I like the feel u gave 2 ur tag, impressive.....

Thanks for living upto the tag spirit :-)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

ohhh yaah i need to do this tag

btw me too gettin bald :P :P
n hmmm
gettin kissed by justin timberlake :P

hmm learn to play guitar, write a song
well i guess ill write my bucket list soonnnnn

Express said...

@ jiggs
ye achi baat nahi hai!!! :X

karle, kuch toh post kar :-P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

call me at ur wedding u kwno i like everythign bengali n i really wana see a bengali wedding

n yes i too wana see all the sever wonders
have seen the taj mahal twice, still cant get enf of it :D

n adventure sports too :D

enjy micro :P : P
sorri cdnt help it :P

Express said...

@ jiggs
weren't u the one organising my marriage party :-P mujhe bulana mat bhulio, hehe

and yea, 7 wonders, saath mein chalenge, marriage k baad! :-P

sab points chura le, but proof, I posted 1st! hehe...

I love micro, koi shak? :-D

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

p.s - i am straight :P : P

Express said...

@ jiggs


so am i!!!

but u knw wht, hamara kuch hone wala nahi hai, single single saath-mein world tour chalenge. haha


Nilesh Sawant said...

i liked the point u made about adventure sports
always wanted to bungee jump...

Express said...

@ nilesh
Yea, y d u think its 1st in the list of adventure sports! :-P

good 2 c u btw..


crasiezt said...

Finally I get to see your page!!

And what a makeover babe! Splash of colours..lovely!

Invite me to your Bangali shaadi for sure:-)

Adventure sports..awesome!

LOL for the getting drunk and doing crazy stuff...anytime you wanna do it lemme know..I'll join in:D

By the way to kiss Rahul Bose, you'll have to fight me first:P

Thanks for the tag..but thoda time lagega..I need to finish off a few before I get started on this one:-(

SwAThi.... said...

My i just loved the template...


" *~* Get bald, at least once. "

LOl.. Anyway after it happens once there's no turning back.. :)

Express said...

@ craziest
Take ur time gal, Its an amazing tag yea.

Rahul bose? we are on war baby! ggrrr :-P

Glad 2 knw u liked my template, u knw wht? I like it too :-D


@ swathi.
Welcome to my page.

by that I meant, when the hair grows back, u ve an option of going bald again, haha.. well, no looking back indeed, but wigs work, don't they?

Thanks for the comment.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

kabhi kabhi tu bhi apna phone utta lia kar
then u teme that i dont :P : P

gunj said...

hey nicely dne tag...u surely wanna hav a wild wild life!!
thanks fo tagging me as well!!

Express said...

@ gunj
Its all good gal. Its a fun tag. Glad you could relate.


Vikrant said...

nice list there. i wish i was kissed by.. ummm.. alright, i wish i was tht guy in d 'slice' ad with katrina kaif! or rahul bose in pyaar ke side effects!!! :p

Express said...

@ vikrant!
Gurls wanna have him, boys wanna BE him, whats with rahul bose and our b4 death desires!?!?!!?? :-P

Good, I would prefer to have that slice mangola bottle while u n katrina are busy shooting for the scene! ;-)

Thanks for the visit and comment boy.

Vikrant said...

no no no.. i dont wana be him, im happy the way i am :). i wana be SID of pyaar ke side effects.hehe. n yea.. d slice thing.i wouldnt mind :D. n thank u . u keep posting too!

Bhai with Chai said...

oye hoye! definite crazy ones there!
the best was : grow a mango tree and eat the fruits! :)
and (wo)man, is Rahul B HOT or is he HOT? *droolin*
ps : though I like the guy and all that,i like the way he acts and how natural he is, so the kiss is all yours! ;)

Express said...

@ vikrant
haha! :-)

@ chai with bhai
Welcome to my page.
If you relate to any of his bengali movies, you can't stop falling in love wid him!! His acting skills, his genuine interviews, sane decisions, natural way of life, all good. But man, the point HAD 2 be there on the list!

And yea, about the tree, not only mango, any fruit! But growing a mango tree looks like an easy job :-D

Thanks for the visit!

Vikrant said...