Monday, June 30, 2008

Yes, we know.

Typed it for a website called campusjunkie, not launched yet, will let you guys know once it is. Be prepared for this one, its lonngg...

Human Society has always been a dynamic system at the exterior. Times change, the way we live our lives change, philosophy becomes common sense, autocracy becomes democracy, spears become missiles, and Rebels become Prophets. What is it that keeps this ball rolling? You got that right. It is we, the Youth.

The youth of a society form the vanguard of its progress, of the dynamic nature of human existence. But amidst all this change, the spirit, the restlessness of youth is never lost. We humans never change.

Youth is the phase in our lives that we long for as kids, enjoy as young and recall as grownups. No-one ever stops being a part of youth, if the spirit lives in you, you live young-forever. And it is this spirit that keeps the world alive.

Let us make the world aware of what they are about to face! Here’s to the spirit.


1) A new life everyday!

2) Coffee.

3) Food, any type! Any quantity!

4) Equality, every kind.

5) Beds in Classrooms ;-)

6) Night College!

7) Unlimited pick-up lines :-P

8) Unlimited talk-time.

9) Unlimited Xerox!

10) Heavy mode downloading, all day long!

11) Crossword sale! :-D

12) More Smileys! :-)

13) A Hollywood in India.

14) Angelina Jolie.

15) Privacy for couples ;-)

16) ATM cards!

17) S*x

18) Pantaloons discounted rates, all round the year!

19) Independence.

20) Trust.

21) Respect for hard work.

22) Respect for women.

23) Value for fellow species.

24) Special local trains.

25) Better Infrastructure.

26) Limited notes. :-D

27) Easy exam question papers.

28) Even easier answer papers :-P

29) Printed Journals!

30) Good stationary :-

31) Memory, like a readily accessible database.

32) Energy!

33) Gossip!

34) Art.

35) Comfort.

36) Colours.

37) Awareness.

38) Knowledge, without any restrictions

39) Sex Education.

40) Better Quality of Life for everyone.

41) Quality Education and Educational institutes.

42) Respect for Cleanliness

43) Less hype, more substance.

44) Freedom of Expression.

45) Happier Farmers.

46) Sophisticated Technology.

47) AR Rehman concerts.

48) Theme Parks!

49) Better Health care.

50) COLLEGE! For the rest of our lives!


1) Dirty Politics.

2) Opinion-less leaders who provoke.

3) Religious Intolerance.

4) Riots.

5) Racism.

6) Being taken for granted.

7) Brain drain.

8) People who talk shit about our mother-land.

9) Confidentiality, which misleads us.

10) Reservations.

11) Saas-bahu serials.

12) Reality TV, "sting" operations.

13) Breaking news!!!!!!!!!

14) Stereotypes.

15) Entertainment, just for the sake of it.

16) Underestimating Mother Nature.

17) Hypocrisy.

18) Superstitions.

19) Male Dominance.

20) Body Odour

21) The way Sports is handled.

22) Global warming.

23) Adulteration, of any kind.

24) Over-Smartness.

25) "Opinion" Polls.

26) Fascism.

27) Child Labour.

28) Sexual Abuse.

29) Waking up early hours.

30) Lawsuits for PDA (Public Display of Affection).

31) Abuse of Public property.

32) Intolerance for Homosexuality.

33) Student Suicides.

34) Pessimism.

35) Female Infanticide.

36) Child Abuse.

37) Blaming everything on the system.

38) Pimples!

39) Hair Fall!

40) Misunderstandings.

41) Heartbreaks :-(

42) Inflation.

43) Being forced to work for what is "in".

44) Loneliness.

45) Conformism.

46) Ignorance.

47) Interference with our work.

48) Deadlines.

49) Fear.

50) Terrorism.

Because we are grown-ups now, and it's our turn to decide what that means!

P.S. The points mentioned above are strictly my opinions, but I represent a face amongst the youth, and there might be more who think alike, though not all. This does not represent public opinion.

P.P.S. Thanks a ton to alok for helping me figure certain ideas out and solve the complication of the introduction. This one dedicated to him :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Ultimate Supremo..

Humans are at the top-most of evolutionary ladder. Most evolved coz Brain is evolved yes, also the Immune system i.e. the defense mechanisms operating in the body are extremely sophisticated. And then there are other species, enormous variety that conveys to us the unbelievable diversity that exists in our eco-system. Then there is competition between them all. Inter-species, Intra-species, inside the organism with pathogens, outside the organism with the environment. The race towards survival.

We humans act smart here. We formulate methods for keeping other species under-control. We categorize them, give them bharry scientific names, randomly harm their parts, destroy them, blah blah. And while all the pandemonium is up, a non-living particle enters the cell, smartly forces the cell to do the reproduction for it, destroys the cell to go attack some more cells. Yes, I talk of viruses; Precisely what this post is all about.

The viral particle is like the most compact traveling kit! Either DNA or RNA with some associated basic proteins. It doesn't even have reproducing machinery, it uses the host's! We keep wondering here whether to club them in living or non-living things and meanwhile, it has already made several copies of its own and is all sett to kill the host cell. Our supreme friend doesn't even care about not being in the evolutionary ladder as it fails to fit in the definition of evolution. Ha ha, it fails to fit in the definition of living things.
Our high-class pharmacological research has yet not been able 2 find a remedy to any viral infection, and I am no bluff. All we do by medicines is subside symptoms and help body activate its own immune response to take care of them, the viral particles. And Immune cells are smart, just that virus is smarter.
Well, cells recognize that thr is some jhol up with the body. They go identify the problem. Do all the mehnat, take 14 days and produce antibodies against them and when the antibodies come back to the site, they can't find the virus. Why? coz its changed! Its structure, conformation everything! Now antibodies are specific, so all the work is down the drain. And this happens too many number of times, depending on the genome of the virus of course. For HIV [Human Immuno-deficiency Virus], an HIV infected person can have as much has 100 types of viruses circulating in the body. But then, AIDS is all together a new story.

Not too long ago, in 1983, the first case of AIDS was reported. AIDS = Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome. The world got into tight spot and efforts of over-coming the virus began. But the virus spread, so far-wide that now its 25 years since its discovery and every part of the world has the same story. But, no-one dies of AIDS. Then why make so much noise? coz AIDS affects the very cells of the immune system. The defense mechanism of the whole body collapses, and body is susceptible to any attack. People can die of common cold in AIDS, coz body can't cure it, coz the cells who do the curing themselves are down with HIV. And this is the most-naive description :-|

Then efforts were concentrated on prevention. Now, all of us know that AIDS spread through 3 means. What we don't know is,
*~* The max amount of transmission of the virus in the world is via Homo-sexuality.
*~* Least cases of AIDS are seen in countries where prostitution is legal.
*~* Condoms are not a full-proof method to stop HIV transmission.
*~* Mother can transmit the virus into her child even after birth.
*~* Kissing can cause transmission of the virus.
*~* AIDS can be a cause of Cancer.
*~* Patients can live healthy life upto 7-8 years after detection. Under good medical guidance. But detection can take 5-10 years too, depending on strength of immune system.
*~* AIDS generated in Africa, went to Great Britain and US, which led to the scattering to the whole world.
*~* Blood once tested HIV negative, need not be so always. Prefer person-to-person transfusion.
*~* Use of needles, for tattooing, drug-abuse, even blood testing, has caused various cases of AIDS world-wide.

Shocked? Its better to be aware, don't you think?

P.S. This is an awareness post. For other detailed information, please refer to the comments. I am so glad that the comments have touched various aspects of the disease and some are more exhaustive than the post :-P
Yes, I am passionate about science. :-)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Bucket list.

Long, long time ago there was a tag. Not well known on blogger-land, not known rather, coz no-one did it :-| But I was tagged, by the person who invented it. And even she didn't do it :-0
So here I am doing this tag just because it is worth it!

was tagged by alisha
Check the post related to the tag here


*~* Get married! Not a big wedding with 1000+ people, but, a ceremony with family; Plus it has to be the Bengali way :-P I might not be the ideal Bong chic, but traditions do not die easy.

*~* Go trekking. Yes, again. And if possible, over and over and over again. The rush you feel when you are on the top; *nostalgia*

*~* Bungee jumping! Scuba diving! River rafting! Para gliding! Skydiving! All kinds of adventure sports. At least try them all once.

*~* I wanna learn how to play the sitar. But this one can wait till I'm all old and wrinkly; Since it is the toughest instrument to play, it would REALLY push me to my musical limits.

*~* Get drunk and freak out at a public place. get thrown out of a restaurant even; I am too well-behaved to do something that crazy when in normal senses :-P

*~* Get bald, at least once.

*~* Take the submarine trip to the Titanic.

*~* I wanna climb the great pyramid of Egypt. Actually see all the seven wonders. No, all 25 things in the run to be the seven wonders, haha, the list is never-ending.

*~* Kiss Rahul Bose!!! without making big news of course :-P Man, I love that guy!!!

*~* Plant a mango tree, keep it alive and then, eat the fruits :-)

*~* Fall in love with someone, crazy helpless unconditional love. Where no-one has to pretend to be someone they are not and just being with them is the best thing that could ever happen! I need to feel that pure, beautiful, real love that everyone keeps talking of.
(Also, future-love-of-my-life, I will be too shy to tell you, but I want to make love on the forest floor, the way nomads did it! :-P)

*~* Produce a new life :-)

*~* Tell all the people who are important to me, how much my life is dependent on them and how much I love them. Make all of them realize that I am what I am only coz of them and I love my life the way it is only coz I have all of them.

I tag a LOT of people, only coz I wanna see how well I did it :-D and it was so much fun doing it, so spread it around!

P.S. Jiggs and SambY were originally tagged, take this as an alarm people! :-D

Sunday, June 15, 2008

To Daddy, with love.

I was born in Visakhapatnam, where my father was posted via the Indian Navy. Yea, my father is an ex-service personnel. But then at the age of 3, we came to mumbai and ever-since, I have been here. I don't have too many memories of Vizag. One of my oldest memories is, early in the morning, prolly 5, going uphill with papa to get buffalo milk :-) . The path was muddy, among trees and bushes, and the journey, calm. The impact so steady that it has made a permanent mark on my mind.

And so is the bonding between me and papa.

We don't need a reason to like our fathers, do we? Everyone usually has one, depends on him, grows up wanting to be him, at some point or another is scared of him, sometimes confides in him. In my case, My father is the epicenter of the world for me. I have always tagged myself of being "Daddy's girl!" When I was about to leave for pune, I knew I would miss mom, but just didn't have a clue about life without daddy :-(
Needless to mention, I spoke with him every morning and he made sure he made a call every evening. Even if it was for a quick "hi" or "beta, kuch problem nahi ho rahi hai nah, kuch bhijwau" :-P
Two weeks before my stay was about to get over, my brother had come down to India, so the remainder of my family drove all the way to pay me a visit. My father was sitting beside the driver's seat, as soon as I climbed into the car, he turned back and said, "Chal yaar, bags pack kar aur ghar chal. Bore ho raha hai." :-P

My father is special. Coz he is MY father! Yea sure I share him with a sibling, but I never felt like I was sharing him, he is like 100% mine, and so he is for my brother. He makes sure he picks us up from either railway station or bus stop to home in the evenings. Not coz he wants us to depend on him, coz the mini chats we have then, make our day!

So multi-faceted my papa is, he surprises us all the time! He is Electrician cum software engineer cum experimental barber [lol] cum tailor cum plumber cum Party planner cum Teacher [physics!] cum Counselor cum part-time doctor [ahem] cum Secretary of the local Bengali association cum Chef [Dal expert and all fish dishes!] Event-manager cum Masseur cum Interior decorator cum Make-up artist! Phew! And obviously a brilliant dad and a very loving husband :-)

I guess Indian navy has helped incorporate these attributes in him. Not that he needs any of these to complete him as a person. Now that he has so many talents in him, I tend to expect so much more from boys I consider :-P But then, I secretly know that no-one can be like him. I rely on him for too many things and everything I do is aimed towards fulfilling his expectations out of me. In the grooming sessions with the psychologist in Pune, when she asked us to close our eyes and think of the biggest achievement of our life up till now, Papa's smiling face floated in the air and I couldn't even hear what she asked us to do next!!

There are numerous incidents that I would like to narrate, I have lived with him all my live you see. Just would to take this opportunity to say out loud,

Papa, I love you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


a little more learned,
a little more nasty,
a little more independent,
a little more aware,
a little more carefree,
a little more decisive,

and most importantly,
a little 'prepared' for what lies ahead.

Being in pune was a experience of its kind. First time ever, with people having similar age, wavelength and obviously, ambitions. Resultant, FUN!
But there was no scope of 'checking pune out' or the usual 'hanging-out'. The reason being the hectic schedule and the pressure to just live up to what is being expected out of you.

But would miss the life there.
The having food together, the playing dark room with room-mates, Rashmi's b'day card, unlimted hours of chatting, dancing sessions, PG aunty's lectures, Sinhgad trek, Katraj visit, Parvati in PMT bus [local transport in pune sucks], phone incident, late night music sessions, the first rains, the dripping ceiling, the loo booking, the looking at the birds from the balcony for hours together, the group study sessions, the short-circuit scene, the marathi learning attempts, all the video shooting sessions, the matka fights, the plucking raw mangoes from the PG aunty's tree, the personal interview sessions, Jyotisha's b'day planning-execution-party-mirchi kola-treasure hunt-everything!

Even though I have remained more or less the same, have learnt quite a few things. Just a sum-up.

*~* Always know the weather of the place you are going to. Pune needed us to apply a layer of moisturizer, covered by a layer of sun-screen lotion coupled with the head/face scarf to match upto the ruthless sun.

*~* Ketchup or any kind of sauce is only for flavour and is strictly not a side-dish.

*~* Trekking is the best possible physical activity. Going up the mountain tests your stamina, climbing down tests the balance. And when you are up there, nothing else matches the feeling of conquering something. Sinhgad isn't all that difficult a trek, but as a first-timer, it was fun.

*~* Laundry is the best thing to do when you are frustrated! :-P

*~* Ice-cream in Marathi is called "Dugdh sharkara yukta thand' gaar gol ghan-gattu" :-0

*~* Dabba wala's have taught me, dal necessarily need not contain dal. :-|

*~* Burnt soup has an intoxicating aroma! If no-one else realises, can easily be passed as a "new flavour" :-P

*~* Only certain areas in pune are good, if someone labels some place to be "happening", don't keep your hopes too high.

*~* Abusing yields nothing, just a couple of angry faces.

*~* Do not insert plugs to already loaded delicate electrical socket. Short circuits are shot to the brain.

*~* Being moody is good, but people who don't know how to talk should not be entertained.

*~* I love my blog 'Disoriented neurons' way too much. Couldn't stop thinking about you my blogey! Needless to say, friends of blogosphere came next on the list :-)

*~* I am not a television or movie freak, can comfortably live without these forms of entertainment.

*~* My first love, music. Second, chewing gum!! :-P

*~* I entertain myself and others quite efficiently.

*~* Mid-night b'day parties spill too much chocolate. But if scavengers as efficient as Pooja and kuku are around, no speck of anything shall be remained :-D

*~* I have learnt to respect silence.

*~* You can never have things done your way all the time. Just coz you are pampered at home, the world is not jobless enough to cover you with a blanket if out there its too cold.

*~* Some people sleep the night before their b'day :-0

*~* Skool friends do know you very well, never under-estimate their memory just coz its been too long. :-P

*~* Even though I love chicken, I need fish! If you are used to eating something day and night, you don't realize your attachment towards it. :-D

*~* The more the merrier is not always necessary. Too many cooks do spoil the maggi :-D

Missed mumbai, yes. There is nothing like being at home.......

Monday, June 2, 2008


When you wanna say so many things,
But no words seem to do justice to ur thoughts/ feelings..

When the sea of everything within is about to explode,
And you know that, no-one but you can help yourself...

When confusion gets the better you,
and you feel like you have lost, in everyway..

When you wanna see it, just it,
and everything seems to be the reason why it is not to be seen..

When tears wanna make their way out,
but you don't know why, why do you wanna cry..

When your favorite activities dont bring joy,
When nothing makes you laugh,
When hope is just a word in english,
When dispair is in the very air,
When people you know, look unfamiliar...

Just go to your mum and sleep with your head on her lap.

Could I miss home anymore than this?

P.S. This post is a product of feeling absolutely low; Of the hectic schedule, of the directionless hibernation. Well, I shall be back home this weekend and soon all updates shall flow. I ll miss pune no doubt, but right now all I wanna do is get back home.
Saturday is 3 days away right? I should be excited....