Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gum chewing habits.

Yes, I chew the gum,very often. Chewing gum, ching-um, rubbery juicy thing. Anything you call it, I love it. You can say, I need gum to think, to write, to see performances/movies, to travel, to study, during mid-night strolls, while listening to music, while waiting, etc etc. In short, every activity that needs me to talk less. [Ha ha, not that i have not mastered the technique of talking while chewing the gum.]
It helps me de-stress, postpone hunger till real meals, refreshes me, helps me concentrate, makes me feel better...

Barring very few places, I turn up anywhere chewing like a ruminant. Given a chance to chew, I pounce on it. Everyday, while traveling, chewing is a must. You will always find a juicy fruit pack or orbit strip or big bubble or boomer or various new catchy brands like bubbaloo [:-], in my bag, always. I chew 2 strips at a time, if in mood, blow blow, blow all over the place :-P. Currently chewing 'juicy fruit' as I type this. If I am giving a presentation, i need it right before and after it. I even went to dates, chewing :-P [not that I have had too many, still..]

Well, the places you will never find me chewing gum would be,
*~*while eating, for obvious reasons.
*~*in lectures, never. Its like you are insulting the professor.
*~*while sleeping. No, on second thoughts, u might catch me chewing gum, yea, possible.
*~*while on phone. Not that I have not tried, people can't make out what I say.
*~*in debates. You have to speak most and speak fast to make your point, he he..
*~*in front of mum, she hates it, gum.

According to my mother's glorious theory, when we chew, stomach releases gastric juices to digest the food. This helps in good digestion, thus the purpose of chewing every morsel 25 times. Well, in case of chewing gum, we chew so much, but no food reaches the stomach. so?
So, leads to acidity, burrpp!
As a kid, I used to argue, "can't it be stored and used when we eat food later?" Well, now as a biochemistry and food science student, this argument sounds so stupid. No, it cant, pH of gastric juice is 1. store? body cannot tolerate it. Degrades the stomach lining cells. Yea, does...
Moreover, chewing too much spoils dentition, not that mine needs any more spoiling....

Why am I typing all this here? Coz even when I know its wrong, cant give it up! What to do, I love to chew! [rhymes :-P] Yea, yea, call me a cow from the previous life [courtesy mum]. And then, I feel guilty :-(

Do old bad habits never die?
Did you guys give up something you have been doing all your life? Are you still trying?
Or do I have to try really hard?
But do I wanna give it up?

Darn! I am confused.......


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

nice one gal!!!
i kinda lost kind habit ard 10th standard bu tyes i have a stack of cricket cards n tattos owing to my addiction of gums lolzz

nice post gal chew chew like a ruminant and yes old habits die hard
even if we knwo the biologicals facts abt it lolzz


Anonymous said...

Lolz... I have never tried to give it up.... Mere ghar pe bhi folks are opkay.. jab parcel bhejte hai to they always send a few packs of gum along....

Lolz never tried gum while sleeping... dnt do it... I fel asleep chewing gum one night.. and when i woke up... i was stuck to my hair ... peeche.. had a bald patch for a week... m warning u..dnt try... mai ladka takla accha dikhta hu. tum acche nahi dikhogi....

I never knew ki aise kuch bio ka panga hai khane se... but even that i know it.... i cant n wil not leave it. i has become a part of my pesonality now i guess....

chew chew chew chew....

me eating orbit btw now....lolz


Express said...

@ jiggs
Thanks for liking the post. I don't keep tattoo-shattoo, more interested in the gum. Trying to reduce man, dentist uncle ne bhi lecture diya. Now just 2-3 strips a day :-(

@ samby
Lovely comment.
My mum though has a absolutely different reason for not chewing while sleeping. "Gulp in hua toh?? operation karna padega. Its made outta cellulose!!" :-|
But my hair are pyara to me. No, ill not chew while i sleep.

Orbit huh? which flavor?

crasiezt said...

You're totally mirroring my thoughts babe! I can't even imagine life without gum!
And as I type this, I'm chewing on Orbit (spearmint is my fave).
Funny post! Liked it a great deal:-)

Express said...

@ crasiezt
I know! nothing beats spearmint! me chewing it rite now!!! lol

Even about mirroring thoughts! man, even I happened to notice this similarity! high-five! :-)

Thanks for liking the post, it cud've been better, but well...

Anonymous said...


Nilesh Sawant said...

chewing gums are cool.....ters nothing like sticking one under the desk..
...the remains of a nice juicy chewing gum helps pull a nice prank on people....esp. girls with long hair..

Express said...

@ sambY
man, thats the spirit! Wrigley's is the call!!

@ nilesh
Sticking one under the desk, ha ha! Well, I always keep paper along.

And me gonna be ultra-careful of you. But then, I don't have long hair, so...

Thanks for the comment.

Alisha said...

hehehe..yeh toh mera bhi addiction hua re!!u must;ve never seen me without gum naa!!lolol....

cant do without it...

n u know wat...i have this policy of never spittin my gum out sumwhere..it HAS to be wrapped in paper...n if i have no paper...then i beg borrow steal paper..n if no one has paper...m at a loss as to what to do...hehe..until sumdays back wehn i realli wanted to eat falgunin tiffin n no paper around..i askd her wat to do n she said.."swallow re"...now i had no experience..asked her if she did..it was a yes...din think much...just did it,,,orbit tha wo....have done it twice since...ehehehe..better than spitting for me i sayy!lolol

please tell me the side effects of swallowing the thing foodscience ke bachho!!

hakunamatata said...

hey der....
well u wrote abt ur addiction....
but i seriusly dint lyk it much...addictions...r difficult to let go off....
but neways...keep chewing..
gums rock![even if they keep on sticking to my braces..)

Sushmita said...

I had read somewhere that chewing gum actually increases your intelligence :D
Happy Chewing

crasiezt said...

Nothing is perfect...all things can be better than they are, but who wants perfection!! I liked the way you wrote the post, so don't go around saying "it could have been better" :-)

Alok said...

This post sounds fun, but there is an issue here.

Habits. If I ever own an Ipod, God save me, I'm such a stuck-up to music. Quite like your chinggum thing. Sometimes it helps me to concentrate (it really does) and sometimes it doesn't. But I still have to do it. Then there was this habit of playing with my hair and tying knots in it (sheesh! it was bad).

I guess you must think about this properly and see how much this habit affects your life, your personality, and your brain. Once this assessment is done, choose priorities. If you think it is affecting you adversely, you will be on your way to leaving it already!

If you think it doesn't, why feel guilty about it? Enjoy it, in fact! :)

Shruti said...

Chewing is coool.Don't change.
Even i love n have strip of Orbit..Fusion gum in mounth and my hand bag always :)
The last incidence embarrased me while i was in an appraisal meeting n my manager told me
"Can yu put tht gum aside for sometime"? That will help to concentrate :))

bt still its OK :)
happy chewing

metal-militant said...

"She keep chewing gum,and her teeth always DIRTY,YELLOW"

Mephistophelian Sage said...

Hehe!I am sure you dont chew bubblegums while talking to me on the phone..or do you??..i have never heard the chewing sound over the phone while speaking to you..or maybe u cud be using some innovative chewing technique to avoid the "chhheeewwk cheeeewwk" sound from entering the phone!Next time I answer ur call,dont be surprised or disgusted when u r being greeted with the "cheeeewwk cheeewwk" sound before Hello!!

Btw chk out my blogspot,its my new post..do leave ur comments!!!

Express said...

@ alisha
I know, u chew, chew n chew and blow, blow n blowww! :-P

Pagal, tu swallow kiya? actually? kuch effects nahi hua?

Well, food science has better things to teach than "chinggum swallow kiya toh kya hota hai"

but chk this link out, its kinda cool

And you bhukkad, falungi ka tiffin chhoda nahi gaya tujhse! Gum swallow karke baithi hai.....kuch ho jata toh??

Express said...

@ hakunamata
Well, if u didn't like the post, as I already told you, its more like personal choice. I did the best I could with the topic..

Its a post written with a different taste. I tried to cover points from all aspects of my experiences with the gum, well..

You just don't like the gum coz it sticks to your braces! And uska ghussa you removing on my dearesht post! X-(!

he he, gum rocks, yea bahbay!

@ Sushmita
Now I know why I am so smarrt!!!
He he, On a serious node, there are so many facts and myths regarding popular activities. You never know which ones to believe!
Thanks for the comment.
Sure, chew chew chew chew....

Express said...

@ crasiezt
Man, so much encouragement! Thanko! Thanko! Well, yea, I have kinda covered the points I wanted to, so jobs done..

Boy! I didn't go "around" saying anything! :-P

@ alok
Lovely comment, just the types I expected from you :-P

Well, firstly, I feel guilty coz my dentition is going down the drain. My gums bleed often and my dentist owes this to my "regular" chewing habits. Well, seriously trying to stop, cant help. So, really reduced, has helped..

So, I actually have started on the suggestion you gave. But, I don't think I ever will be able to give it up. Its a part of my personality now and well, It has been of use to me. Now, I chew, only when I cant help it :-)

May you get an iPod and also the ability to keep hours with it on check. Cheers!

Express said...

@ shruti
Welcome to my page. If I were in place with Mr. Manager, I would have revolted back saying "IT helps me concentrate!" He he.

Sure, chewing is cool. When I begin working, trust me, that could happen with me very often. Well, they have to live with it, workmates ;-)

Thanks for the comment.

@ metal-militant
X-( X-( X-( X-( X-(

Tu bahar mil mujhe, teri toh!

@ Mephistophelian Sage
Kitna complicated naam rakha hai man! Back to the reply, I chew, I chew, very often I chew, he he. Talking with you is an issue of an hour, I can't do so long without the gum.

As far as embarrassing noises is concerned, don't you think you make too many already? Starting from mallu accents [that are unbearable] to sound effects for describing events to aaju-baju ka sound..aarggh!!! Aur "cheeeewwk cheeewwk" kiya nah, I will hang up, baad mein don't complain!!

Good to hear about new post, shall comment there :-)

Pune calling and trust me I will bore you if I get too bored! Good luck with all that, :-D

Alisha said...

haan re..pooch mat...yummmy tha re wo food..aise kaise chod deti!...n chingum thook kar apne "usoool" nahi told sakti...hehehe....

so kar daala re...lungi does it all the time..i guess that explains the side effects no...darn i shud stop doing that!!

Friendly nextdoor guy said...

hee hee
good one!!
liked it!

Express said...

@ alisha
Man, i agree. Good food any-day comes above tried n tested techniques :-P

But risk le mat, konse brand mein kya hota hai kya pata....

I have habit of keeping paper along, so aisa kuch kabhi hota hi nahi ;-)

@ friendly next door guy
Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

@ express...

Ever tried keeping chewing gum on ur teachers seat?? if not try it.. :P

Express said...

@ samby
Darn! Our teachers don't sit in class, but the amount we are tormented, I could just try it! And in her personal chamber toh I ll pukka get caught....no hope..

And about skool days, was I the only good kid around?????

Anonymous said...

@ express... You could nahi.. you should try it.. lolz... and if u get caught tell the teacher .. hmm "why are u blaming your gum chewing habits on me " to the teacher...lolz.... try it its fun ..seeing the teacher all fucked up trying to remove it from his pant... my teacher did not use his hand... tried scales and what not.. even tried with the duster and ended up chalking up the whole pant.. try is man,.... u gonna enjoy...

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


update kar yaar :)

Solitaire said...

The day your teeth fall you, you will give it up anyway..

Express said...

@ samby
LOLOLOLOL!!! duster? why?
Scale, crap!!....you giving me visions!!!

Nice nice, kisipe toh try karna hi hai...And I ll write that experience here too..

@ aditi
Tu ghar baithi hai holidays mein! mujhe internship rehta hai! Saale kaam karwa ke lete hai and then attitude bhi dete hai...
And baby, dont get too used to my updates, shall be off 2 pune on 5th! :-(

I ll miss ya my dearest blogey!
And I ll miss ya jiggy!!
And I ll miss ya mommy-made food!

:-( :-( :-(

@ solitaire
Untill that day, I ll make sure I chew so much gum that there are no regrets of losing them, uneven teeth..he he

Btw, dentures?? :-P

Thanks for your visit and comment.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


u leavin on 5th :(:(
will miss ya too gal
pune ke lia best of luck


Sourish Karmakar said...

waise gum chabane se daant n gums kharab ho jate hai :P
waise mere cigarattes sebhi lungs kharab hote hai
kon sa maine chhora hai :P

and abt blog visit
u r welcome anytime shweetheart

and keep droppin by

c yaa

Anonymous said...

lol very nice post.
Do visit my blog too

Express said...

@ sourish
Ciggy fukne se apne toh lungs ki band bajti hi hai, passive smoking is equally harmful. And on a serious node, burn your lungs not others'.

Well, its your choice, always remember, "it can KILL you." :-P

[This line works so well, I have been able to successfully make few people give up smoking. Its not that I am anti-smoking, just that I dont appreciate public-smoking. You see, I am allergic to the smoke.]

And yea, I know I am very sweet at heart. [sarcasm intended]

@ ananya
Thanks for your comment gal! You have a gr8 blog, shall comment eventually. :-)

gunj said...

chewingum causes acidity!! nw dats new!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


uv been tagged again:)


Alisha said...

you gotta update ladki!

Express said...

looks whos talking! ha!

Thak jati hu re, internship ppl suck all life outta you! Still, will try and do it as soon as possible :-)

noelia ~ said...

i like to blow bubbles when i chew gum xD