Sunday, March 9, 2008


I think communication is one of the key tools to understanding. Here I would like to mention that when I say communication, I mean talking, yes, but also communication of a product via package, in the form of typed notes, music, poetry etc.
Talking to yourself is essential as it enables us to understand ourselves and thus, eventually help us make others understand us!

Alok says, "I am what I think." I kind of agree with it. The belief that your personality depends on your thoughts and view-point is very correct. But this phrase is incomplete.
Your thoughts make you, true. But till you express them, your thoughts serve no purpose.

Einstein wouldn't have made the brilliant contributions to science if he didn't believe in his thoughts and work to eventually make all his findings. But also, he wouldn't have been what he is today if he wouldn't know the art to express his work and make others understand the same.

This is what makes teaching a very difficult profession.
This is what makes more communicative doctors more popular.
This is what helps depressed people to come out of their trauma.
This is what enables us to understand any form of music.
This is what makes sure we fall in love.
This is what provides an outlet to all our thoughts.
This is what completes me.

Prolly this is why my blog-name is express. Another more practical reason is, "express" is the first reaction I get when I introduce myself to people :P


Alok said...

"A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes." - Mahatma Gandhi

"But till you express them, your thoughts serve no purpose."
I don't believe this. My thoughts serve many purposes for me, even if I don't express them to anybody. My thoughts are mine, and I will express them whenever I want to. I don't want them to serve any other purpose than my own.

Einstein expressed himself not considering others, but because he wanted Physics to progress. It was his own selfish desire. Others didn't come into the picture, unless you say that wanting physics to progress means wanting humanity to progress.

What you suggest has a bit of truth. A man must know to sell himself or his ideas to survive. But that is an inbuilt function, survival. If I work hard towards what I really want to do, my work will automatically sell. That's the nature of hard work.

Express said...

Are you trying to say that communication is only about selling oneself?
Are you suggesting that when any-one works with science, its their "selfishness?"
Is my deduction correct?

Well my thoughts are my own. Agreement.
But Expression is an essential faucet of a person's personality. Don't you think your thoughts somewhere are influenced by some other factors or things you read or heard or generally experienced. Thus, somewhere, other people's expressions have experienced your thoughts. So, they do serve some purpose, expressions do...

Also, what r v doing here on bloggers? if not expressing ourselves??

Alok said...

I just said that selling oneself is one of the purposes of communication. And that it is one of the most important thing one must do to survive. It happens automatically when we work.

You got the second one right. It is selfishness, and nothing else, that drives someone to achieve something ground breaking in a field. Someone gets an idea. He/She wants to implement it. It is just selfishness, and nothing else that keeps them on the correct track toward achieving that goal. If a person were just concerned with others, she/he wouldn't work towards an idea that no one would appreciate. But that wouldn't be anything groundbreaking.

Alok said...

There is a huge difference between expressing yourself to influence others and expressing yourself for your own sake.

Yes, my own thoughts aren't my sole property. They are a product of inputs. But do I accept anything without questioning it, without applying it in real situations? Nope. My purpose for expressing myself here on blogland is precisely this: to learn, to test my thoughts and apply them over discussions. To refine them, if I am proven wrong, or if I find a situation where I have nothing to base my reaction on.

Expression is a natural desire, an instinct. If I think something, I might express it. However, expression for the sake of influencing others is not only insulting them, but yourself too.

I agree that expression is important, but as I have been saying, it comes naturally. I believe that you don't have to pay attention to it, or worry about your influence. Expression for expression's sake is abominable to me. What is most important is the ability to reason, to deduce, to think. That's what I call work.

Express said...

I am not saying that being an introvert or extrovert is wrong or right. It is solely the person's nature and preference so as to what he/she wants to share what not. I believe that when we express something, it has something that has crossed our mind. Now there are too many types. Deduction, reasoning or thinking are important no doubt, but not related to expression. are they?

Not to preach, not to influence or mislead. Express to make others aware of your self, your thoughts, views, ideas. Thoughts are ours, yes, But they are not property. Moreover, many of them are not ours to start with. Likewise, a same thought can occur to more than one people at a time, again suggesting non-exclusiveness.

Well, I would even like to contradict with gandhiji here. A man does not become what he thinks. A man becomes what he deserves to be. Depending on his caliber, hard-work, guidance, influences and stokes of luck.

Thats my belief, might even say opinion. Prolly, I wont give convincing answers, maybe I wouldn't bother to argue my point out. But its something I agree to.

Alok said...

Okay, I must reiterate what I've been saying. I don't need to pay any special attention to expression. It is a natural instinct. I don't need to specifically "make others aware of my thoughts, my ideas, my views".

The way I act, the way I behave, what I speak, what I believe in, all of these do exactly that. In that sense, they are a part of expression. And yes, my thoughts aren't always mine, true. But I believe what I believe because it satisfies the reasoning that I've done. Hence, my thoughts are mine, because I accept them only after reasoning them out.

"A man becomes what he deserves to be. Depending on his caliber, hard-work, guidance, influences and stokes of luck."

Caliber is determined by what that man thinks he's capable of. Hard work is again all about mental strength, only if you think about working hard all the time, can you work hard. Guidance and influences affect only if the person accepts them, again involving thinking. Lastly, strokes of luck (I like to call it randomness) do not exactly make a man, but it is the way the man deals with them.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

u blogged btw exams
waa waa kya baat hai

nice read !!!!

Anonymous said...

Expression indeed is what the world is based on. How do u expect the world to wrok if everyone keeps mum, does not read write ???

If all the great thinkers just kept thinking n never expressed their ides then what would be the use....


Nilesh Sawant said...

expression does help in getting over traumas or things that screw you up..
ters nothing like abusing some1s arse
or for that matter shouting out slangs at the top of yer voice when u r alone...

but i wont say expression completes me though....
because sometimes ...not expressing whatever it is which goes on in yer head... front of your parents.

Express said...

Yea, ok. There is a basic difference of opinion, of point of view. Both of us think hard work is more important than destiny, I am just saying that expression is an aspect that is dependent on a persons personality and never-the-less is important.

@ jiggs
Bore maar raha tha re. And anyway, you count FC as exam? Tata Nano and Harbajan-symonds controversy were the best answers I wrote :P

@ samby
Finally, the kind of response I was looking for! Thanko thanko.

@ Nilesh
Lovely comment. I can oh so relate to it :-P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

i refered to him as a kid , i added that line

as for lazy break they rock, but not b4 a major exam
as for typos
I do a phd in makin them :)


Express said...

oh, ok

Typos r very amusing sometimes man..
Ill give u PhD in amusement or rather, tag u of being an amusing character ;-)