Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tag - 7 random things.

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Write about 7 random things that come to your mind
Tag 7 people.

Here I go, 7 random things.

1. I am posting my 1st tag! Dunno much about them, but guess works well for blogger-bonding! Lova ya jiggu! Thanka for tagging :-D

2. My basic genre of preference in music is Rock. I do listen to a LOT of genres, appreciate a variety of music-[majority of sub-types of rock and metal, Hindustani and western classical, Pop, Bolly (barring quite a few artists) etc.]. But I just don't like hip-hop or rap how-much-ever I try.

3. I HATE mia. Not coz shes pretty and uses her assets to attract public, coz of her irksome dumbness! Talking of VJs, I am in love with Anusha dandekar, Sarah-jane-dias, Rannvijay, Cyrus sahukar, Nikhil chinnappa, yea, thats it :-P

4. I perfer CCD to McD or barista or any-other hang-out for that matter. If money has to be saved, I might as well munch on vada-pav.

5. I don't eat chocolates. Yes, give me looks, call me names, I just don't eat them. I don't like them, especially Cadbury's dairy milk. But I like melody and can kill for white chocolate. I guess the dark chocolate flavor doesn't suit my taste, and the sweetness of milk chocolate in small quantities is tolerable to me. So rejoice people, the less I eat them, the more there is to be eaten by y'all. Also, I gift them [dairy milk] to everybody! Makes them so happy, moreover I don't have any feeling of attachment towards them, so I can easily let-go :-P

6. I am listening to Metallica's King Nothing right now. I just love the music made by these guys. Favorites are so many, a section of a post ain't enough. More on it later.

7. I am soon going to go away to pune for 2 and a half months! The very thought of being away from home, home-made food, mumbai crowd, local trains, my regular life-style, all my best friends, blogging is so scary! I just hope to cope up well so that I can accomplish the target this is a part of.

Phew, but this was fun, hope it is fun to read too.

Oh yea, I tag, errmm 7 people? tough job man, sabko jiggy ne utha liya! I ll take badla!! grrrrr....
Still, here I go....
Nilesh, Amruta [Am], Poorva [hakunamatata], Jay [Mephistophelian Sage], Shabarni, Sushmita, and Ishaan [metal-militant].

Also, I grant permission to anyone among these people, who don't wanna do it, to not care about it. At least my job is done, he he..


Aanchal Gupta said...
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Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

nicely answered gal:)

for starters nothin else matters the best song even written' okay fine one of the best' love it to the core.

well i love chocolates n hate melody and while bar chocolates lolzzz

i hate mia too
she suxx
one of the dumbest gals on tv really!!!

as 4 pune accomplish ur goals n everythin else would be worth the sacrifice :)

have fun gal n study hard !!!


Express said...

Nothing else matters video is fatte. But its too common a song, there are better songs man. I just can't pick up a favorite.

MIA SUCKS! only thing i hate on MTV! period.

Yea, pune-calling...I ll miss uuuuuu!! sob sob.

Thanks for the comment and thanks for tagging in the 1st place..

Sushmita said...

Hello there! Nice Job..
Even I hate hip-hop..ya n bolly too except some gems here and there..

Oh my I love the Vjs you mentioned..but yaar how can you forget Lola Kutty? :D

I love wada pav..its better than a lot of flashy foods..economical as well..
I JUST LOVE METALLICA..they are different..but its sad that they are not at their best now..
But I love chocolates..I love any chocolates..except the white ones :D
Nice Blog once again

Express said...

@ Sushmita
I used to like lola kutty, but she has just lost all her charm by appearing in western outfits. I forgot to mention Gaurav And Purab. :-)

There is some basic difference in taste. You eat your dark, I ll have my white chocolate. :-D

d SINNER!!! said...

nicely done....

:) bestes to you for the trip...enjoy!

rOhit said...

I see ALOT is relative!

Nicely done. :)

metal-militant said...

1.Thank you for the advertising of my blog.You are now sales & marketing executive.

2.Metallica are the greatest.People say they sold out because Metallica did not choose to rust with the SAME style all the time like Slayer did.My favourite song:One.

3.I hate MTV/channel V/other music killers.Period

I have spoken...

Express said...

@ d sinner
Thanko! well, I can't guarantee whether I ll enjoy the trip or not, but sure will try ;-)

@ Rohit
Thanks for the comment.

Express said...

@ ishaan
Mail me the salary proposal and I shall look into it, sir.

Lets save the 'tallica discussion for later?

I hate television. Music channels are the best tp though. Best amongst other crappy shit. Opinion.

crasiezt said...

Your first tag eh? Nicely done!Hope you get to do many more!
Was fun reading through the post:-)

And yes, Mia is a blonde in disguise. Three cheers to vada pav:D

Alok said...

Well, I hate tags! They're the Blog equivalent of Forwarded mails.
Btw, nicely done, except pt.4 was picked up from me! X( :D

I have absolutely no idea about VJs and stuff, and I hate Television (except cartoons!). And I love chocolates, white ones, dark ones, I love 'em all!

And finally, happy stay in Pune from my side! Work hard, and everything you want will be yours. :)

Express said...

@ crasiezt
You have a lovely blog man! Thanks for the comment.

@ alok
I din "copy" the point. Tht ws the thing tht ws up on mind, he he.
Thanks for the good wishes. I hope to make the best out of the trip.

Am said...

hey, ur blog template rocks!!!!
ROCKS bigtime, man, who did it?!!!!!!!
n thanks for tagging me!!!

Express said...

@ Am
no sweat. Jiggs takes complete credit for the template though. I toh think u shud start charging jiggy, many intrested to pay up!!

n i love my new template so much that i cant stop goggling at it! Whats worst? I am scared it will be gone, LOL. I got up in the middle of the night just to check that its still thr, he he, foolish me..

Love ya jiggy queen, i shall be thou slave in the blog-land.

Anonymous said...

If money has to be saved, I might as well munch on vada-pav.

sahi hai yaar.... n yes me not liking chocolates too...

best of luck for ur pune trip ...

n now I gonna sound dumb ..but who's mia???

Express said...

@ Samby
Shes the new VJ on MTV. Kinda hot, doesn't wear too many clothes. Not that I mind, but she is positively not even close to showing any mental activity. She thinks thats "cute", but trust me, its irritating!!

You are lucky you don know her man. Doesn't even the name sound dumb? mia?