Friday, March 21, 2008

Wild Wet Wacky


Saluting the spirit of holi. The festivals of colors is here. Colorful holi. Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow.....
Memories of this festival are too old. Getting drenched with colorful water as kids and sitting on the building terrace eating garam jalebies. I remember in 7th std, we had planned a "safe holi". Gone one step ahead and bought natural colors. Sadly, the safety of the colors never came back to us. I lost hope, gave up playing holi.

Ever since I have not played holi. Just offer gulal to god in the morning and munch on stuff made by mum on the auspicious festival. Parents continued to be cordial to neighbors and family-friends. This would be my 8th year of not playing holi. No regrets, none. I don't even look at people playing, no fascination. Most of the day is gone in hiding from people and giving explanations. The days prior to holi, I take notice of kids throwing balloons sitting in the comfort of their homes, avoid them; Travel mostly by the car. On the day of holi, just don't leave my room. For visitors, I am either studying, or not well, or just not home.

Honestly I am a more Diwali kind of person. I don't play holi. Not only coz of the safety sake anymore. I don't like powdery-liquidy stuff on my skin, hair, nails. Nor do I like being wet. The water bags were the worst things that happened ever. The festival has lost its authenticity. Grouping of women off-guard, dirty colored oil-paints that take 1 week to fade off, drenching unknown people from building tops etc. this is what has remained of this festival sadly. And then they say "Bura na mano, holi hai."

Prolly there are many aspects that I have failed to recognize. Prolly I need to check the current format of the festival out and participate in it. Prolly it is not correct on my part to not share joys with family friends and be aloof. But, I have shown indifference for long now.

Manao holi, khub manao, par sirf unn logo ke saath jo manana chahte hai.

Have a safe holi with your family and friends. Spread the joy, not perversion.


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


happy holi
u sd try gin out smtime n actually play it
its lotta fun
but i guess un happy in ur own way:)


Express said...

Firstly, The new classy template is courtesy jiggs ppl. Bow to the princess!

Nah, me not even trying. Really happy my clean way. And my colony ppl are such cheapos that holi with them is a scary thought. Might go for the midnight celebrations tonight at bengali association, free food, he he.
You have fun with family and friends.
Happy holi!

skeptic saint said...

yeah...i hate holi too...

i was in my room listening to some stuff when these people came and banged by door and when i didnt open, they just broke it :( , put some shitty liquid on me spilling that all over my room and my laptop too... :( :(

yeah as you said, play bt only with the ones that want to play...

and yeah i didnt mean any offence at the metallica post...i just said a simpl thing and it was taken the wrong way... hope the misunderstandings over now...

Express said...

@ skeptic saint
chill. Hope rooms clean now...

I had a purfect holi! well, purfect according to me, no colors, no powdery liquidy stuff and 14 gulab jamuns!! can u ask for more?

Anonymous said...

lolz.... this was my 5th holi which was spent indoors... for the last five years kuch na kuch bahana ban ja raha hai nahi manane ka....:-)

Anonymous said...

about blogroling my blog... hehe.. i'd be very happy if u did so.. thank ufor the honour...


crasiezt said...

Happy holi to the non-player!
Loved the title of the post...sort of gave me ideas:D
Try playing next year for sure:-)

Express said...

@ samby
5 yrz, hmm...u r 3 yrz behind me :-D
Adding your blogey on!

Cheers to you too!!

@ crasiezt
I thought of this for the title for a fortnight. Glad you bothered to notice.
As far as playing holi is concerned, get me a boyfriend like yours and even I ll play chocolate holi next year ;-)

crasiezt said...

Hahaha. There isn't anyone else like him babe...he's the ONLY one of his kind. Hard luck:P
But am sure you'll find your sugar boy pretty soon too:-)

Express said...

@ craziest
Yea, all we can do is 'hope'.
Nevemind, I find u so cute, me gonna add u on my blogeyroll! Hope u don mind...

crasiezt said...

You find me cute!! That's cute:-)
Yupp you can blogroll me...I did too:-)

Express said...

@ crasiezt
Yayy!! You are now my official blog-buddy!! :-P

Alok said...

God Template, though I don't like the nocturnal colours (personal choice).

Well, great timing, Holi post and colourful template!!
Jiggs, you did an awesome job!

Well, I hate moisture. I love summers.
And hence I hate playing holi.

I guess the festival matters, not whether you play it or not. Holi will remain as colourful, cheerful and sweet as it is!