Friday, May 25, 2007

The kid in me...

Things lately in my life have changed tremendously. The reason why I came here was to release all the thoughts that keep coming up in my mind every now and then. That explains why it is called random talk fest! The feeling of owning a lil space on the web has always fascinated me, but lack of time prevented the blog thing from happening!

Yea, there is a little kid hidden somewhere in me. I can say that as Ive been told this too many times. Not that I mind it, was just wondering what are the things i like to do that may be closer to being a baby! So here are few points that i found and would like to share...

1. I cannot lie under any case, however tricky the situation might be..
2. I have these radium stars glued to my room ceiling, love to stare hard at them each night before I pass out..
3. I might be into rock and metal now, but I still enjoy the pop songs that i used to listen to as a kid..
4. I simply love teddy bears..any size, color.....the shape always remains the same though :P
5. I love ice-cream..and butter-scotch? any time of the day..any season..just bring it on!!!!
6. I scream even in the middle of the road in case im too exited!
7. I like it when people pamper me..not that im a brat or anything..just feels good!
8. I like to play picnic or twisters with kids...not to forget Battlefield and various other games..whenever i can manage that is.. even something as stupid as catch-catch with a inflated ball...
9. If i have nothing to do...I watch cartoon network. Especially Dexter..and if tom and jerry are can force me into anything else..
10. I talk a lot of sense and non-sense...but usually manage to turn any discussion my way..the only people who have been able to defeat me in any argument have ended up becoming my very good friends..
11. I can go on matter what!!!! case u know me...i would really wanna know what u think about this 1...also add on your own points so that the list can be completed!!


Anonymous said...

hmmm....i dont intend to comment on any one topic in particular...but i think..your blog is worth a read...!

Express said...

thanks...blushess*** :P:P

Atul Awasthi said...

I can relate to that... except the first point. I lie a lot, lol.


Alok said...

I believe being a kid isn't bad at all.

A kid questions everything. A kid looks at things without introducing their own self. Kids do what they want do, no matter what they are told to do. A kid has curiosity, a hunger for knowledge.

Growing up does not mean not retaining these qualities. In fact, growing up requires a lot of unlearning, coming back to the kiddish state. What's the use of growing up when you've lost the zeal for life?

You are a great example, Shatabdi, and you know that too. Don't lose it, no matter what the world says. Learn to grow up without losing these qualities.

Another point: You tend to get excited too easily.
(Well, I guess I'm the same too, what the heck.)

P.S. I love point no. 10.

Express said...

@ atul
Thanks for relating

@ alok
Thanks for the comment so late in time and so relevant. Also, being a kid helps me be away from all the worldly worries, and keeps hope alive in me. So, its all good :-)

i realised the point you mentioned later, but was too bored to edit. i love baby clips is also a resent point!! he he he...

BIG Omi said...

i dunno whats so special in our wavelength.. so damn co-inciding... all that kiddo things and screaming in the middle of road... i do that even in the conference rooms.. that to middle of monthly meets..

anyways .. with very little that I know abt ya.. i can say iz...

1. You are really well endowed with good friends

2. Behaving kid is just outtish behaviour , but when it comes to cognitive behaviour its really damn matured..

3. You are very sensitive to issues .. but won't divulge the sensitivity to others.

4. basss aur jyaada tujhe khush nahi kar saktaaaa........ :D

Take care ..

and cheers at Tom & Jerry

divinediu said...

OF COURSE catch catch is fun with an INFLATED ball!! :D

What a party pooper a deflated one would be?!?!?!

Express said...

@ Divinediu
wht I meants was, not with rubber or tennis or any jazzy crazy ball...with the standard balls u get nah....inflate kiya hua...w/e u call them