Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Freaking Freaky!

We meet them all the time, freaks!

I mean, Every-one is a freak, I always thought I was a freak, as in weirdo :-D
Weird because I have these little things I am too particular about.
Weird because, when I am expected to get angry, I may not even bother to react; and when I am expected to stay calm, I may get hyper no-end. Yes, I am moody.
Weird because I don't necessarily mean whatever I say.
Weird because I am different!
[Bloody hell I am.]

Very recently, I had this desire to know what exactly the word "freak" means. So, short-cut, googled it. Got to Thesaurus. Thats when I realised how multi-fauceted this word is!

They have 3 senses they define this word in and every synonym given in each of these 3 senses is, errmm, absolutely NOT synonymous to each other! So, when one says the particular word under question, they can mean so many things!

*~*In the first sense, Freak is synonymous to Curiosity.
Meanings used later in this sense are:- rarity, oddity, mutant, aberration, anomaly, one-off, unusual, irregular
Also, an abnormally formed, especially in a person or an animal, regarded as curiosity or monstrosity [evil grin*]

*~*Synonym in second sense: Enthusiastic.
Or else; fanatic, fiend, nut, lover, buff

*~*Need more variety? Third sense synonym here is Chance.
and; surprise, happenstance, accident, fluke, a sudden capricious turn of mind, a whim.

And if this wasn't enough, In a forth sense, [read slang] I came across a whole new bunch of words directly related!
*~*A drug user or addict: a speed freak.
*~*An eccentric or nonconformist person, especially a member of a counterculture.
*~*An enthusiast: rock music freaks.

So, now when I say, I am a freak I might mean, either that I am curious, or rare, or odd, or mutant, or irregular, or enthusiastic, or fanatic, or fanatic, or nut, or lover, or buff; phew!

Yes, I sure am a freak! :-P


Princess Mia said...

Ok i'd say i am one too then....

btw thanks for stopping by at mine ;)

Anonymous said...

i always thought u were a mutant....

Anindita said...

Hail the freak! :D

Apparently, we are one! :D

Hey freak, What's up? How is life treating you?? :D :D :D

Cheers. ^^

Anindita said...

Apparently, we all are one **

Alok Meshram said...

"Weird because I am different!
[Bloody hell I am.] "


Trying to define "Freak" is the same as trying to define "Normal".

Express said...

@ Princess Mia
Haha, yes, good to know you are :-P
Welcome to my page n thanks for the comment.

@ paratrooper
Toh pehle kyu nahi bataye?
would have saved me all the trouble :-P

You show shades of monstrosity :-P


Express said...

@ Anindita
Yes, I used to wonder what is the similarity between us all, now I know, "we are all freaks!"

Yeah fellow-freak, life's good, coz life's freaky!


@ alok

You toh are scarily freaky. I mean imagine some-one being curious, enthusiastic, fanatic, odd, un-usual, mutant, nut, lover, monstrous.....all at once!

P.S. You used your old account mistake-se again. Freak? teehee..

Alok said...


Well, This google accounts creates all the problem. I have my orkut account in my old google account and my gmail and blogger account in my new one. :D

And I love those adjectives and nouns! }:^D

Express said...

@ alok
aree simple, make a new orkut account on the new one, it takes hardly a week to get everything back...I mean thats way better than maintaining 2 accounts, remembering passwords, and then yahoo, rediffmail, hotmail aarrgghhhh!!

u like the adjectives? ruk tera naam-karan karti hu...

Sachi said...

:O Me too a freak!! Hell no but the definitions say yes yes yes :D

nice post...

Bhai with Chai said...

Dunno why, but you should've written this on a friday na..
Freaking freaky friday!

Crap..? I know :D


Express said...

@ Sachi
think abt this nxt time u tag some1 of being a freak :-P

We all r freaks baby, accept it or not ;-)

@ Bhai with chai
Tere baare mein toh pehle-se pata tha :-P Freak, haha..

and I wrote the post on 31st, coz July ka 6 posts karna tha. Freaky? I KNOW!

High five!

Anonymous said...


Express said...

@ paratrooper
LOL, mutate toh hona hi hai. I am not just any mutant man, I am a mutagen! muhahhahaa :-P

Urv said...

Thats one freaking Thesaurus :)

gunj said...

i am one too :D

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

am i a freak ???

Express said...

@ urv
sure it is. dude, I found itn so freaky tht I chose 2 write a whole post on it :-D

Adding you on blogroll :-)

@ gunj
Yayy! now we can have a club!!

Freakoholics anonymous?

BTW, whr were u?

Express said...

@ jiggs
Thats an intresting question...lemme see...

Yes u r,
coz u do drugs and u like metallica!


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

do u consider chocolates as drugs :P

Comfortably Numb said...

I hate thesauras...Bloody has a million meanings and a million synonyms/antonyms for every word. :x

Dont call me wise. Dont call me nerd. Dont call me a prick. Call me a Freak :)


Express said...

@ Comfortably Numb
haha, yes, lovely comment. Welcome 2 my page..

P.S. Floyd is god!

Anonymous said...

hi freak

Express said...

@ Jiggs
Baby, u do marijuana. You were the one who taught me how to smoke weed. Don't tell me you lost your memory again. Oh no...

How many times do I have to tell you that excessive alcoholism causes short term memory loss, amongst other things...

and then u say u r not freaky....ha!

@ paratrooper
freako ka sardar :-P

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

aur bhi bahut gyaan hai
i dont charge for it :P

Express said...

@ Jiggs
aisa na ho k gyan lene k liye mujhe paise lene pa-de :-D