Monday, July 14, 2008

The Quirky Tag

Tag courtesy Akshay. Again, thank-you, :-)
Now, a rule is that rules have to be mentioned :-D so, I ll better stick to the rules :-P

1. Link the person who tagged you.

2. Mention the rules on your blog. [Yayy! I did]

3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been tagged.

Here I go,

1. I love colours! In everything. All my notes have to be colour-coded [I re-write everything till I achieve the best notes], the clips that hold sheets together are according to specific colours for subjects, everything I own is of the perfect colour [according to me].

2. I need music while traveling every-day. While crossing the over-bridge at kurla station, if music doesn't flow into my ears, abuses flow outta my mouth. That can be kinda dangerous :-P

3. I am obsessed with my hair! I HAVE to change the way it is every 10 minutes. And now that I have cut them short, I have all the rights to keep touching them all the time!

4. I have to use smileys for each and everything when I chat. And when I have no comments, all I do is ":-|"

5. When I sit to study, My table has to be set in a particular way, considering my position to be center south; The book I am reading at the center, reference books to the north-west, scribbling pad to the south-east, water bottle/chewing gum reserves at the north-east, phone, just beside, south-west :-P
Needless to add, my entire room HAS to be set my me.

6. My laundry has to be done by me, just me! And, I have to use all the cool chemicals there are for laundry. Detergents [2 types], Vanish shakti O2 max, Ujala fabric whitener, Ujala stiff and shine, some stain remover; in that order!!!!!

Tagging 6 people,
Bhai with chai


Prolly some people must have done this before, well, my job is done..


Urv said...

:) #1 and #5 apply to me too to some extents

Bhai with Chai said...

hehehehehe! lovely oyei!!
I mean.. tune kiya tab tak mast hai.. dunno what me is gonna do! :S
2 n 4 kinda matching! :)
ps : hair cut kaunsa??

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

ill do the tag
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooon :P

btw my ipod is not working :( :(
no wonder i abuse so much these days :P

i am a completely random person so none of my things r in order :P :P
but yes i love to flag topics with diff colors :D

Akshay said...

I am under so much more pressure now to complete ur tag.... kidding.... have a good one...

gunj said...

u sure are one of a kind girl!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I liked your last 2 quirks the most.Mazaa aa gaya.. Yaar I am getting bored of the music offered by Bollywood.Somehow oldies are far more appealing to my ears.What is your choice ?

Anonymous said...

As for the hairs, well I used to do all that when I had quite some on the top of my head.But, damn my luck, I am loosing them fast- following the footmarks of the greats you know...Gandhi n all...:)

TJ said...

ummm...plz tell me how u got that background for ur blogqy.....

Express said...

@ urv
Welcome to my page.
Good 2 knw tht atleast in some-way we strike a common chord :-)

Thanks for the visit and comment.

@ Bhai with Chai
Haha, :-)
Smileys do rock, isn't it? and music? 1st love.

And my haircut story is complex :-P
Pehle I had elbow length step cut, for summers in pune I asked my stylist to cut them real short! but she ws like "step hi acha lagega". So I told her, do whatever you want.

So my current haircut has no name as such, it just looks good :-P
its short step in a way, shoulder length, hehe


Express said...

@ Jiggs
Jab time mi-le kar dena, itni jaldi kya hai be :-P

Even-though music saves me, does that stop us from abusing? :-P

I know about that, I liked ur florescent tags for chem a lott!!

@ Akshay
Thats why I did that tag u knw :-P
to make u feel guilty and I get atleast some1 who has done teh bucket list, apart from me LOL

nah re, its all good, take ur time, but do it, its a good tag....
and last time, thanks for tagging me, i liked it :-)

Express said...

@ Gunj
haha, aren't all of us?

but then, I do explore my weird side pretty often :-P

@ Mishraji
haha! losing hair is an issue. major issue. You can follow GandhiJI, ill follow shabana azmi :-P

Recent Bollywood music? woh kya hota hai :-P
I listen to a gr8 variety of genres. Rabindra sangeet to instrumental classical to older-golden music to sufi to alternative rock to soft romantic music/even sad songs sometimes to classic rock to pop to blues to metal. :-)
Shayaad kuch chhut gaya :-P

Thanks for the comment.

Express said...

@ TJ
even u call it blogey! same pinch :-P haha...

ok, Due credits to jiggs for teaching me the method. I will try n type the method here, hope it helps. :-)

1. Choose the picture of ur choice and upload it on ur flickr account.
2. view it on flickr and select the largest size
3. copy the url of ur picture's largest size n paste it in your blog's layout. In edit layout, edit template HTML, search for background image url and paste the link in the brackets :-) :-)

the url is usually a massive link with jpg at the end. sahi bola nah jiggs? :-P

Hope it helps...

Akshay said...

Sure thing!! I have infact done some of it and it's kindda saved under my drafts.... will finish it pretty soon...Thanks for tagging me...

Express said...

@ akshay

Its all good...

Sutta said...

Study and Laundry part IS weird.

Wah! :P

Anonymous said...

Well, since you seem to be a lot more sensible as the definition of music in concerned, you might as well like to check out SITAR Funk- a troupe that combines the classical arts of music ( thanks to some greats ) as well as modern instruments.Its rocking.Check it out on web and if you can not find it,feel free to ask me..Its worth listening...Had seen it perform in my college and it was mast !!!

Express said...

@ sutta
yea, i knw...

@ mishra
have not even heard of them. Shall try and hear them out, yes.

Scribblers Inc said...

the last part looked straight out of a cleaning collective!!:)

scribblers Inc.

Express said...

@ scribbler's inc
haha! sure!

Welcome to my page
and thanks for the comment :-)

Sach said...

heylo! Am done with the tag :)

Express said...

@ sach
lovely! checked, its very well done...


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

yapppyyy yapppyyyy bday
time for a treat :P
mujhe black forest chaee :P

Anindita said...

Do you have a very special day in the week which you set aside for yourself and your laundry???? ;)

Express said...

@ Aditi
tujhe teri black forest mil gayi, mujhe mera gift!


@ Anindita
how I wish! :-P