Monday, July 21, 2008

That Balancing Act...

A lot of us complain of being in the middle. Having to multitask and having too many options to choose from, too much work and the desire to do none of it. The act of maintaining the equilibrium is a part of the human nature, and that how it should be. Observation leads to realization, which in turn evokes understanding. Thus, to understand your-own-self, one needs to observe their traits and how knowingly or un-knowingly they perform that balancing act.

Too much of everything is not good. Yes, it is a generalization, but if we extrapolate it to everything we do, it sure is relevant. Reminding myself of this line constantly helps me restrict my preferences.
Similarly, Too little of anything is never enough. Both these statements sound like they are poles apart, but in the deeper sense, they mean the very same; we just need to know when to stop, how to strike that balance. The key to frictionless survival is, yes, that balancing act.

Activities that usually tend to lose that balance.

Having too many friends might work for certain people, but somewhere don’t we tend to side-line the people who are really important to us? We are expected to trust so many more people, confide to all of them, update them with regular happenings of our life; just coz they do!!! It sure is complicated, and a little assistance never hurts, why you think the social networking sites are such a boom! Then having too little friends leaves us with practically no options and not too many people to share our opinions with. The only way out of this is,
Strike that balance.

Especially, when we meet some-one new; when we have no idea how to behave to neither be unfriendly, nor over-friendly. We meet endless “doods” who are way too annoying, call you “sweetheart” in the very first talk or crack such pathetic PJs that a tight slap would be the ideal reply. Then there is the other extreme, guys who are more interested in their toe-nails than in the conversation you are trying to make. Why blame only boys? Even girls face this usually. Either they over-do the whole thing by hugging all possible people around, or end up sipping the epicenter of all their attention, their coffee! We either have to deal with it or
Strike that balance.

Too much, :- ; too little :-
Then the balance between the constituents of the diet is another concept altogether. “Balanced diet”, is a cliché, and very correctly too! Yes, here a lot of us need to know before we try and
Strike that balance.

Faith (on god)
I am not saying that atheism or hard-core bhakti is wrong. Suit your own faith, but questioning the existence of god to the believer or expecting the almighty to be on our guard 24x7 is not done. Everyone has their own beliefs, sometimes depending on the way they are brought up. I belong to the class of people who believe in god and secretly want him to solve all problems. God helps me be carefree, gives me hope. It helps me because I think somewhere I manage to
Strike that balance.

Be free, but not on anybody else’s cost. Express to be heard, not hurt. I strongly believe that freedom of thoughts is more crucial than freedom of speech, but then what is the use of having free thoughts if they are not expressed? A lot of thought has to be given to this before execution, thought that would probably help us to
Strike that balance

Blind Trust
Trust the trustworthy, but to what extent? We do need to analyze every situation and act accordingly, we need to
Strike that balance.

Too little gets us bottled, to much makes us talk non-sense. To voice opinions and also let others around you remain sane,
Strike that balance.

I have nothing against them, smokers. But this one goes out to all human chimneys, please try and keep things in moderation, for your own good. Please
Strike that balance.

If it is healthy, all is good. But playing dirty games, trying to push the competitors down are matters that we dealt with in standard 4! And when it is not deserved, what good is that victory for? The call of the day is to
Strike that balance.

Need I say anything? Oh yea,
Strike that balance.

Yes, for me. Third year just started, and I am already lagging behind the class in percent efficiency! Its high time I began taking things seriously, I absolutely have to,
Strike that balance.

P.S. Nature has its own ways of balancing things, of getting even with man. But this is not what this post is about. General bachche, ka general gyan showing off hai people! :-P


Alok said...

"Observation leads to realization, which in turn evokes understanding"

I felt as if you had peeked into my brain and pulled that thought out of it. If that is the theme of the post, I love it.

However, the rest of the post somehow irks me. You see, you have entitled it as "The Balancing Act". And here is where I dislike it. If the balance does not come naturally to me and is a result of an "act" I'm doing for others, it's a limitation to myself.

Everyone is a product of the circumstances they've been through and the choices they've made when they've been through them. It is here that they Observe and Experience, which leads to Realisation of what their own balance is ,and which makes them what they are. They do not need to act.

This "balance" is a very internal thing, and different for different people. Had Einstein struck a "balance" and learnt what his teachers wanted him to learn (things like History), just to be able to earn better livings, he would have ended up being a product of his environment instead of his own genius. He chose to be a clerk (to provide for his living) and work on his papers simultaneously (to provide for his inner self). This was the Balance that came internally to him.

So you see, this balance isn't a very defined thing. That's what makes each person unique, they have their own balances. And it is the result of "acting" to balance that makes people lose their individuality, something so rampant in today's world, leading to unhappiness, less productivity, even anger and harm.

If this was precisely what you wanted to say, please ignore the above. I might have gathered the wrong meaning from your post.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


balance haa
i kinda realized the same a few days back, so just tryin to moderate stuff,leme tell u its a tough job
u gota do it :)

Urv said...

Nicely balanced post. Not too long, not too short :) And a very thought provoking post..

gunj said...

the whole list of things u mentioned quite much covered it all n i agree on each one thr!! balance is a must else u loose it!

Bhai with Chai said...

relevant.. makes sense.. but it's always easier said than done, nay?

//Suit your own faith, but questioning the existence of god to the believer is not done

Though I've thought of it, never could express it this way! takes express to express :P

I like I like :)

ps : maine toh ye post pehle bhi thodi si padhi thi ji :P

Scribblers Inc said...

you have taken mother natures work on your shoulders...kudos!!:)

Scribblers Inc.

Express said...

@ alok
well no. I did not mean that.
Maybe the post is most concerned with the social aspect of the whole thing. But I am not too sure of what you are asking.

If the title is the issue than I will clarify. Here me not saying that people should pretend anything. Sometimes this balance id struck naturally by many of us, but the people who are unable to strike it, are not desirable, but the usual collg crowd. u get the campusjunky chord? The word "act" isnt to be taken literally, its in terms of action, as in something we do, not something we pretend to be doing.

Your entire comment is based on the take off lines and the title. Are they not in sync with the post? do the points not exlain anything? I am asking from the angle u look at the post.

as less words as possible again.

@ Jiggs
Hehe, yes, indeed!
But atleast nw u knw wht 2 do, can work accordingly :-P

Express said...

@ urv
Hey, thanks! If it provokes thoughts, well n good :-D
Basically directing towards provoking actions :-P

@ gunj
Well said, balance need to be struck or u loose it, mesa likes that!

Express said...

@ bhai with chai
Yes, but most of the things I mentioned are the ones I practice, so no preaching.
Just that I noticed that similarity in all these not as such related topics and posted them :-D

I lost pehle-wala, mistake se galti ho gayi :-P but this has everything I wanted it to have :-) like the end?

@ scribbler's inc
Haha! yes, thank-you.


Sachi said...

As of now, I totally agree but for smoking smoking! strictly...And shouldn't it be trust?b'coz excessive trust is what you call blind trust...
And in case you are an engg. student, study hard..You know am all *low* today 'coz of not having the highest marks...AAAAAAA

chal catch u l8r..not in my best abhi...

Alok said...

Lemme put what I feel in lesser no. of words:

Strive to find what is good for You, what you Love, and balance yourself according to that. Not according to what people think is good for you, or what society accepts as "balanced".

Somehow, I felt as if your post pointed in the latter direction. If it is not, whoops, my bad.

It is my view that this "balancing act" is what makes people so unbalanced. Trying to strike a balance with everything else, they forget themselves.

Anonymous said...

I like your examples.Multidimensional they are.

One thing that I want to say about those social networking sites.I believe its more sex driven rather than any wish to make genuine friends.I will blame both the species for that as none leaves any stone unturned to confirm what I just said.

Good work Miss.Keep up the spirits.Infact I will save a copy of this post of yours for an article that I am writing of late.Hope you do not mind

Krazy Krimson said...


I wish I could REALLY just 'strike that balance'

I wish it were as easy as waving a wand and saying- strike that balance!

Sigh! more often than not, I am leaning more towards either side and have no clue how I landed there, when all along I had intended on blancing it all out!!

Express said...

@ Sachi
Well their parents are there to tell them not to smoke. I am allergic to smoke, so not exactly in support of people who smoke in public. But well, moderation can atleast help dilute the whole process towards death :-P

A friend came down from 40 cigs a day to 10, and I take this to be my achievement. :-)

Trust, yes, I thought about this one. Its just that excessively trusting someone like the one you love, you parents, siblings, best friends; doesn't seem "not balancing" to me.

Not engg, and happily so :-P
But do need to work hard. Final year hai yaar, biochem mein band baja rahe hai.

I know highest marks are addictive, I ve gotten free of that in graduation though :-P

Tc n good luck,

@ alok,
Finally I get you, and I secretly agree.
But I still maintain, that for any of the points I mentioned thr, striking that balance is necessary. OK, it comes naturally to some people, doesn't to others. But atleast if we are aware, we can work towards it, Again strike a balance to neither lose individuality nor wht is expected of you.


Express said...

@ Mishra
Thanks for relating to the post. Glad great deal that u liked it.

Well, regarding wht u said abt networking sites, well a very generalized statement u ve made. Than refering to it as "sex" driven, I would say, it is "popularity" driven. And then thr is faking and obscenity involved. But still, don't all of us carry membership with atleast one such site?

And I am sorry, but I do mind you keeping a copy. Actually its not just a post, its an article I wrote for a website, exclusing last point though; so even they have part copyrights. Well, if its for a blog post, go on. For any other commercial purpose, I don't wanna take risks, u knw..
Hope u understand, apologies.

@ Krazy krimson
Welcome to my page.
Well, doesn't it happen with all of us? thus the significance of the opening lines :-P

If we know that we are towards either side, we can do somethinga bt it. This observe to realise to understand :-P

Haha, and yes, magic wand indeed!
Thanks for the visit and comment,

Sutta said...

Sahi show off kiya hai beda tune gyan! ;)

Express said...

@ sutta
abhi hai toh flaunt karenge hi nah sirji :-P
aap jaise maha-rathiyo se seekh rahe hai show-off karna. Ab kya kare, itne influencial jo hai aap :-D


Raghav said...

hey thats an interesting thought, and u carried it thru really well.
nice play of logic

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That is fair.It was not for a blogpost.I rarely write here on blog now.I am writing for an NGO that works for orphans- on a non-payment basis ofcourse.Still, I will endorse your request of not making a reference to your post.

As for the networking sites:- digging a little deeper almost always yields different answers that are otherwise unavailable at the surface.

Express said...

@ Raghav
Hey, thanks.

@ mishra
Errmm...thinking of it, u can make a reference, don't publish any parts of the post.
That is all I meant. You seem 2 ve misunderstood.


Anindita said...

I believe in all the things in that list! You need to be very efficient at balancing to maintain that! :)

Express said...

@ anindita
Glad u cud relate! :-)
Adding u on blogey roll!


Anindita said...

Gracias! :)

BIG Omi said...

Bravado Co-ed !!

Just when I needed it the most.

U have missed out two very crucial aspect which needs to be balanced as well -

1. Time- There should be some way to balance the 24 hours. I m very bad at it. Need to go for a six sigma training this season (:P) and learn to
- Strike that balance.

2. Work Life - too much of work will lead you to fatigue and too less of it will lead you to oink letter from your organisation . so better do

- Strike that balance.

Recently i have turned out to be a damn workaholic dud with all the obsession about getting the perfection in it and beating the deadlines.. Your post has really helped me realise this BIG time.

Thanks & Regards,