Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ma aisheche!

Today is Maha-shashti, marks the instigation of this year's Durga Puja :-) This is the Ma I will be praying to this year and like every-year, shes the prettiest Ma I have ever seen!

Ma comes back to her baabul ka aangan from shiv-ji's house alongwith her children but, doesn't enter the house as the tale goes. Now, what-how-where, I have no idea; But, durga puja as such holds a lot of importance to us bengalies coz well, it is our *main* festival.

That watching mahalaya before the puja commences,

That endless shopping of authentic clothes

The hunt for mum's matching blouse :-P

The food

The colours

The feel

The togetherness

The pushpanjali on the 7th, 8th n 9th day

The phul-bel-pata diye montro confusion

The staying hungry till you get the phal-prasad after pushpanjali

The race for shanti-jal

The line for bhog


The aunties and their gossips

The uncles and their chada

The kids and their drawing competition

The roaming all over mumbai to see all thakur protimas

The balika gauri

The aparajitar phul-o-gach

The sindur utsav

mithaiyo ka mela

The visarjan!

Ah! God please, make me have birth as a bengali each life! I love being a bong!!! majorly coz of durga puja, plus, the food rocks :-D
Oh! I can already hear the dhak, kongsha, shonkho n ullu!
*nostalgia* :-)

Happy Durgotsav! Bolo Durga mai ki jai!


Soham Chakraborty said...

Happy durga puja !!!

deluded said...

Ah! God please, make me have birth as a bengali each life! I love being a bong!!!

completely agreed

I dont know what I would do without the cool image of being a bengali in college

if youre in college, and a bengali, youre automatically assumed to drink, smoke and party all night


Arv said...

Have fun da... take care... cheers...

HP said...

JAI !!!

Shrutilaya said...


This is SO sweeett!

Tara said...

Happy Durga Puja! Oh God please make me a bong in my next birth so I can enjoy all this too! :)

Anurag said...

Durga mai ki jai !!!

Quote:The pushpanjali on the 7th, 8th n 9th day

u give 3 pushpanjalis ??O_o

And also don't you think that the whole thing has now become commercialized ??

btw whr did u take the pic from ??

metal-militant said...

Well I went and had a chicken tikka roll and 1 piece of tandoori chicken all for Rs 100 at the Melaground stall in CR Park,New yeah,I love Durga Puja.

Express said...

@ Soham
:-) to you too :-)
best time of the year, no?

@ deluded

haha, then I am like the most low key bong there is... :-P

and, i think speaking in bengali gets u the 'cool' image..

don't even get me started on generalizations.

Express said...

@ arv
yea, having fun!
lovin it!

Thanks :-)
u v fun in dussehra too!

@ hp
welcome to my blog.

Durga ma has that kind of impact on people, :-) happy durgotsav!
and thanks for the visit..

Express said...

@ shrutilaya
or else it is very difficult to relate 2 most of it i guess..

anyway, thanks! *blushes*

@ tara
hey, welcome 2 my blog!
and such a cute comment indeed! thanks!

and well, each culture has its own pros n cons baby, I find mine so beautiful, but i know ppl who hate being a bong..
so, live while u ve it..mite not like wht u desire :-P

Thanks 4 the visit.

Express said...

@ Anurag
haha, ppl who attend vashi station puja shud not comment abt it being commercialized. Why else do you think so many cropped up in vashi itself?

every puja offers different things. ours is far from being commercialized. there is no commerce to commercialise boy :-P :-P

this protima is sanpada's this year's :-) beautiful no?

pushpanjali, all 5 if i can manage. this year, ill give last 3 :-)

@ Ishaan
w/e it may mean 2 u, celebrate the puja and make the best of the time with friends and family..

akele hi khaya hoga, bhukkad...
anyway, happy puja :-)

Akshay said...

I love to go to the Pandaal here.... I love the food there .... Jai Durga Maa

Express said...

@ Akshay
yes :-)
Durga puja signifies so much for us :-)
durga ma means so much to us.
we do a puja,
association, dad's secretary.

metal-militant said...

No Express,there were TONS of people (mostly Bengali) flogging that Ghalib Kebab Corner stall.

Express said...

@ Ishaan
mujhe offer kiya? nahi nah?
as good as akele khaya!


Sach! said...

yea sweets, it's certainly the best time of the year!
(mujhe to 1 week hols bhi milti hai :P)

Sach! said...

hey smthng just happened which makes me say, "my world's a small world" again..
will msg ya the details :)


crasiezt said...

I didn't know you were a Bong babe! Durga Puja's almost done did it go? Happy Dussehra:-)

I love the pandaals and stuff..colorful!!

Express said...

@ Sachi
life mein pehli baar, pehli baar having holidays during puja!
and loving it!

and gossip....ooooooohhh!!! can't wait
will call on 10th :-)
tabhi tak dead busy :-)

hugs back!
love ya! muha!

@ Craziest
in the bucket list, din u ask me 2 invite u in my bangali marraige?
bhul gayi :-( :-(

P.S. yes, very colourful. i forgot 2 mention tht in the post? maybe i did...arrghh....chuck..

Alok said...

Happy durga pooja to you!

So, ummmmm, where's the Kheer you were talking of? :P

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

shubho bijoya dashomi.

asche bochor abar hobe. :)

Rajesh said...

I know I've dropped in very late...


Its better late than never :)

Anyways Belated durga pooja wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Durga Puja! :D
I went to the CR park mela ground and soaked in some of the mela atmosphere! Ah, the pros of having bong friends! :P

Express said...

@ alok
u don get it! :-|
because u don believe in god, u r mean, poor,ugly, stupid and

u dont see the puja mandap just next 2 ur campus.


@ preetilata
yea baby! hobei hobe! :-)
welcome 2 my page n keep dropping by.

Shubo bijoyar shubetcha aar priti :-)

Express said...

@ rajesh
hehe, yes.
to you too, happy dussehra, belated :-)

@ ki
*raises one eyebrow*


Urv said...

Hey.. Remembered you tagged me once upon a time :D The tag's done :)

Emaan said...

happy durga puja to you!
isnt this just a lovely time! im enjoying it fully so many festivals so much excitement and good cheer!
my nana-nani also came to visit me
im having so much fun!!!

Emaan said...

festivities.. lights.. sweets.. new clothes.. what fun !!!!
happy durga puja to you too sweety :-)

Express said...

@ urv
haan kya? :-P

good good...

@ Emaan
hey! hiieeee!!!!!!!
yea, I had awesome fun during the puja days! mama-mami-didi-bhaiya...grrr88888 time!!

Welcome buaacckk!! so good 2 hear tht u r doin good! :-) :-) :-)

Nilesh Sawant said...

so a belated happy durga puja to you..
i have one bong friend..and yes bengalis are pretty friendly..
this bengali friend of mine...he once told me.. even if you yell at some one in bengali..he wouldnt get mad at you.. i mean its that sweet a language..

Disguise said...

You're beeennngaalliiiiiii !

So am I :)

Express said...

@ nilesh
yes, the language is sweeter than rosogolla, but if u yell to some1 who understands, he will definately get back, n if u abuse some1 who understands, then.....

but the concept of yelling doesnt usually go with the term "bengali", even-though v dont usually stick 2 it :-P

@ disguise
yea, i knw :-)

shubho bijoya :-)