Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Festival of...

Diwali is festivals of lights, of life, of togetherness, of celebration, of shopping, of forgiving, of holidays, of meeting friends, of making friends, of victory of the good over the bad, of crackers and what not....

I would say, Diwali = Festival of FOOD! [snacks majorly]
and heres the reason why...

I am eating so much that I am surprized on my own eating capabilities :-D But who the hell looks at all this unlimited sexy food being at home!
I made a rangoli-alpana for my neighbour for my neighbour's entrance door [Photo on Facebook] and she gave me 10 Karanjies!!! I mean, Thank-you aunty, do you have a backdoor? :-P

I have had a brilliant Diwali and even-better Kali puja this season..
How is your's going?

Some more pictures,
Some of my self-made diya collection :-)

So, make the most of it.
And for people who are working, Skip work man, we do it all round the goddamn year!
Wishing you all, heartfelt,


CяŷştąŁ said...

Happy Deewali to you too!
And you duuurty make me drool with the pics of all tht delicious foood :x

*hits her on the head*
I like the lassht pic! :))

Trinaa said...

yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm...uffo..bhookh lag gaya ab!! those awesome gulab jamuns..sluuurp sluuurp!!

Disguise said...

All I've been doing is EAT.

Get the point?

Eesh !
Ami mota hoyegechi :D

Happy Diwali !

Bhai with Chai said...

pagal hai tu?? aisi khaane ki pics laga di.. u want people licking their monitors or what?!
Right said Crystal.. u r a duuurty girl ;-)

and diyas..were so goood! wish i could make time to do it :-S

and eating is all i've been doin as well.. eating when i'm shopping, then when i'm home, then when i'm visiting guests, when i'm about to take a nap.. it's eating all the time! :D

and Dwallleeee I LOVE! esp visiting the markets that time.. what energy levels man!!
awesome! :)

Anurag said...

Damn You had to put up those pics ....
Yummy !!!
Where are the sweets from ...Aco's :P ??

Arv said...

Hiya... thats some feast :)

I missed being home at deepavali...

Thanks for the virtual feast :)

Have a nice evening mate... cheers...

divinediu said...


And WOW.

Happy diwali.

PS:I still cant believe that I was actually mentioned in your 50th.


tinkerbell said...

happy diwali! that looks like my eid equivalent.. happy feastin!

Akshay said...

happy Deepawali to u.....I also want to thank u for writing (all those sweet words) about me on your blog!! I was elated to read about the beaches and bikinis.... That wud honestly be my dream come true... A big Thank you Hug to u.... !!!

You are awesome......

Express said...

@ Crystal
not dirty, take bath everyday :-D

the last pic is churaoed 4m google maharaj :-D lovely no?

Safe diwali :-)

@ Trinaa
haha! Mera bhi woh fav fav pic hai!!! :-D

saath mein khate hai..
slurppp :-P

Express said...

@ Disguise
aree , I dont fit in my clothes any longer :-D

and aami always mota chilaam :-D

and all bongs so is eat no? :-D

kali puujor upos kore chilish?

aami kore chilam :-)

atleast ONE day I din eat :-D

@ Bhai wid Chai! Its like all the colours of the rainbow and all the people of the city come thr! with all the cash they have and all the enthu they can gather!!

markets! uff! shopping ki yaad dila di! :-(

Express said...

@ Anurag
haha, annukut pe nahi gaya nah? main nahi gayi, but the food made its way home :-D
ah! wht payesh..sllurrrppp :-D

sweets, majority home-made or gifted....not acos, mere ghar k baju wala indrayini makes sexy sweet man....super!


@ Arv
ah! boy! U missed all the fun :-(

Happy diwali!

Express said...

@ Divinediu
haha! :-)
chill! all fine :-)

happy diwali :-)

@ tinkerbell
Hey! Welcome 2 my page!

and well eid is FUN! The food is just so so good and sewayya, aha!

feast yea, but then ppl ve 2 temme how 2 over-come the after effects of over-feasting :-D

Happy diwali 2 u too :-)
and keep visiting :-)


Express said...

@ Akshay
that I am....
and we ll try n make ur dream come true :-D


happy diwali :-)

Soham Chakraborty said...

Kan muchudi pithe ... yummy !!!
PS:- if u didnt understand .. it is in the first pic...

Express said...

@ Soham
Jaani na....aamra toh paraki bole daki re..

n maharashtrians call it kanaji, it :-P

khane se zyada matlab hai :-P
and i was given TEN! :-o

Soham Chakraborty said...

Ohh paraki ?!!!? hmmm ... still yummy !! :)
PS:- If u didnt understand kan muchudi pithe then how do u know its called kanaji in maharashtra.. there are lots of sweets in the first pic. :P

Express said...

haha, but only one is typical bengali no?


Urv said...

Hey.. I am not able to comment on the last post. Have u disabled the option ?

Enjoy your stay in Pune :)

Express said...


and thanks.

CяŷştąŁ said...

YOu're back you're back..
Does a happy dance..

Start commenting on blogs soon =P