Monday, November 17, 2008

Poona Puna Poone Poonay Poohne PUNE!

The city

where 75% population is under 30,
and accomodation is available plenty;
non-marathi speakers fall in trouble,
love stories shatter like a bubble;
Where education is ‘popular’,
Mango mastani simply spectacular!
And common-wealth games is called ‘Yuva krida mahotsav’....

Traffic rules do not exist,
People are absolutely not sexist;
Strange messages put up on puneri patya,
The yummiest varan-bhat, taak, bhakar-wadi and surdichya wadya;
Public transport is most low-geared,
If you don’t wear a scarf, you are considered weird;
Walk-in Plaza, KP, Camp, SB road, Law and FC,
People come to visit the university....

A little clean,
a little crowded,
a little pleasant,
a little comfortable,
sometimes very un-managable;
abundance and lack of sense
but a worthy experience.

Welcome to the city where dreams dwell

Welcome to Pune!

Yes, I am back. And apart from the food and hectic schedule, I loved this visit.
For people who did not understand; ask specific doubts :-D I will LOVE to explain :-P


Sach! said...

:-) Welcome back babes! If someday I need to go to Pune, I'll take you along. *pakka se*
('coz isme bahut kuch hai that I cudn't get into my head!)

Express said...

@ Sachi
aree, toh specific puch nah...

I was adding a description for non-maharashtra dwellers.....but then it ws spoiling


Arv said...

welcome back and am glad that you had a great time...

I have to visit this place sometime :)

take care... cheers...

Bhai with Chai said...

//love stories shatter like a bubble;

yeah? I wanna know :P

//If you don’t wear a scarf, you are considered weird;

and why is that?!

Mango mastani ?
puneri patya ?

PS : welcome back :)

Anurag said...

non-marathi speakers fall in trouble....
So how did you fall in trouble :P ??

And btw what's the real pronounciation of the city ...Pune or Poona ???

CяŷştąŁ said...

Oye hoye!
What a return..:D
Never been thre..but aamchi Mumbai,and hast heard a lot abt it =P

If you don’t wear a scarf, you are considered weird;

Aisa kya?
Acchi thi poem yaaar..Weeelcommeee back!
*happy dance*

Express said...

@ Arv

and pune is gr8 place u knw; its just like u want it 2 b :-)

@ Bhai
now thats some comment!

aree see, majority crowd is student; so new love stories r made n re-made very often! :-D as i am told, people dont consider 'love' 2 b a priority much..its live-in, one night strands more often....

mastani is like the most kickass drink thr is...and the mango flavour, just kills! its like mango juice with cut mango peices with mango cream and topped with mango ice-cream....i mean, as sexy as ur imagination goes!

and puneri patya is an awesome funny concept..
gharo k upar board lagate hai pune-wale. In marathi they sound supra-funny; but ill try n translate a few..

"agar aapne yaha pata pucha, toh goomne k liye tayyar ho jaayiye"

"yaha gaadi na park kare, agar kiya toh 5 min mein hawa nikal di jeyagi"

and the likes, absolutely hillarious!

puneri matlab pune-ki
patya matlab slates
:-D :-D :-D

Express said...

@ Anurag
who told u tht I 'don't' speak marathi?

its pune [bada na] in marathi..


@ Crystal
Yea, scarf, in summer as protection against the ruthless sun and in winder 2 protect ur face 4m going morning, in night at hot afternoon! ull fin d pune-karis IN SCARF!

In summers even I used to...coz if u dont, u end up with sun burns horrible!
but in winters, I thought it ws stupidity..
but then i din i dunno..


Trinaa said...

and my baby is back!!! MUAAAAAAAAAAHH! :)

Anindita said...

Yayyy!!! You are THE back!! Missed ya!!!!!

bhaw said...

Oh yeah I have been to Pune.
Where its Pohey and not Poha
The food was so not right for a northie.
and the pollution
and the expensive discos
Nice reading your poem

divinediu said...

You're back!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome!!! :D

Missed da Shatabdi loads!! :)

SUPER poem!! :D

I have eaten bhakarwadi.........but I just read your description of mango mastani, I think Im gonna weep!!!! :P


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