Friday, November 21, 2008

X-chromosomes, Sex-chromosomes..




All these and there are many more shades of Us that are even beyond your frame of imagination.
And now these shades shall be let loose. For Ourselves.

No need to explain to any-one what we might be upto,
No 'moral policing'
No fake masks worn to
hide the scars that life makes onto our faces..

No use of asterisks to hide our cuss words,
No theme, its random!
No signs for you to map, the way our brain works..
No rhythm, no tandem.

We are the Satanic-bitches
On our genes we believe.
No fate, no god, no asumption-presumption buisiness
We carve the path we ought to lead.

Nuff said, there is nothing else you need to know,
Watch-out for us,
you shall sure miss something.

The place where all the action shall happen is contributed by,
Trinaa : The love of my life! :-P
Anindita : My Siamese Twin :-D
Aayushi : The Golden girl :-)

Ladies n [gentle] men,
Presenting to you, Our baby;


CяŷştąŁ said...

Sex chromosomes !
Chee Shatab!
Hate you for this pervertedness.

Saale sex-less people..tch tch!

***No use of astericks to hide our cuss words

I was waiting for someone to read this..:D..
SOMEONE..*wink wink at Tinni*

SEX CHROMOSOMES..chee mahn! :D :D
Me golden girl? Matlab mujhe kisi ne gold-shold se paint kia hai?..grrr..add a decent name pleej :(

Express said...

@ crystal
aree, u scientifically backward insaan..

there 2 types of choromosomes in humans,
one that determine characters, jo 44 hote hai..
and 2 jo gender determine karte hai.
females me woh XX hote hai
n unko X chromosomes bolte hai,
jo-ki sex-chromosomes ho-te hai :-|


CяŷştąŁ said...

Ashleel biology apni pyaar ko sikhao :O

I'll stick to my beloved plantsss..:D

Express said...

@ Crystal

so sex maane-k gender wala :-P


how does it matter?

our blog is up n running! yayyy!!!!


CяŷştąŁ said...

our baby..matlab we introduced a new thing in the sciencee world..
4 people give birth to one child..without a man..WOW!


Trinaa said...

"Ashleel biology apni pyaar ko sikhao"...oye aayu..jal mat!! :P

hahaha..that was one amazing poem express baby..ekdum rapchik..n wtf aayu..kahe ko wink kar reli ho? haan? *wink wink* :P

n lol at that birth without a man comment!! aayu..artificial bhi hota hai!! muhahahahahaha..we'll be banned for promoting obscenity on blogger....but m LOVIN IT! pa ra pa pa pa..! :D

Phoenix said...

oo girl blog.........sounds great!!

Phoenix said...

wishing all you girls a rocking blog and may it be a great experience..

good luck!

Jimmy said...

nice blog yaar keep it up ji

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Anurag said...

Talk About over-promoting a blog :P

btw not many bloggers that I know of are visually Disabled....This Word Verification thingy is too Annoying....

Express said...

@ Crystal
Yes, very new, atleast scientifically..

tere liye thoda jaldi ni ho gaya :-P

@ Trinaa
Banned? we?
promoting obscenity? we?
In love? yes we!

loved the pa ra pa pa pa! class! :-P

Express said...

@ Phoenix
Yes, girl non-girly blog.
doesn't just sound,
IS gr8!

Welcome 2 my page
n thanks for the visit!

@ Jimmy

Express said...

@ Anurag
Word verification rocks!
and it IS for "not visually blind people"
I enjoy doing it so much!
when facebook asks 2 do it repeatedly, u don't get bored, do u? do u?

u do?
It shall b removed.

and as far as talkin abt promotion.
Its mine n I shall do w/e i please.
and YOU watch-out!

CяŷştąŁ said...

@ Shatab,
Word verification rocks because we don't have to do it. LOL! ;)