Friday, March 6, 2009

Break :-P

So I have been on the run for a while :-P

I have been everywhere but on blogger. Now writing much, not commenting much, just reading a little.

I have done two guest post recently and both for absolutely brilliant blogs and both, stories.

Here they are,

The Journey of a woman for Ki's blog


Toothy Tales for Shrutilaya's.

And because I have quit campusjunkie and my Disoriented Neurons has been sadly dead, I shall upload my old articles on weekends.

Here's wishing love and luck to all students appearing for exams :-)

and thanking any-one else who bothers to read.

Signing off,
Shatabdi aka express.


Arv said...

Finally... a post here :)

will read them when I get home... take care and have a nice weekend... cheers...

Bhai with Chai said...

ab tu guest posts bhi padhvayegi! ye ni jaa ke padhai kare chupchaap..!
ladkiiiiiii! best of luck!
muah muah muah!

Anurag said...

Yes finally a post and that too telling all that U'll be taking a break ..... All the best anyways ....

Jinxed Pixie said...

sigh..when will someone write me a guest post???
*looks at YOU expectantly*

mera exam toh kab ka khatam ho gaya...
but anyway, i am sure it was because of you that i got straight A's....

Urv said...

Arre thenku-shenkoo kahe ka..

Jaldi vaapas aaiyo :)