Friday, February 20, 2009

The urgent call for MOTIVATION

So I’ve always been a smart-ass; or at-least I’ve always been told that I was one. The problem was reciprocating that “smartness” in mark sheets. And I now know what the actual issue with me is.

I am too lazy to write the answers down in the answer book!

We have a lot of 4-6 mark questions and which ever I choose to attempt, I start well into that [1-1 n ½ page essay type] and then get bored halfway. I am all in the mode, I can go with the flow, but no; I want to write my favorite answers first, Even if they belong to different sections!

So I leave that page, promise myself that “this shall be taken care of in the half hour” and move onto the next answer and do the same thing to that! Finally I am left with too many half answers [almost half the paper] for the bloody last half hour, getting into the frame of mind for the new question takes time, hello; AND I am already too bored to write! So what? Scribble some points and leave it that way, draw some rough diagrams, at-least I will get 2 on 4 attitude sets in and soooo many 2s on 4s n 6s leaves me with actually not too many marks…

I presume too many things;

*~*The teacher knows that I know.

*~*The diagram carries max weight-age. So draw color-full diagrams taking whole 10 minutes allotted for that question.

*~*4 points will get me 2 marks.

*~*Difference between, examples not necessary,

*~*Who ‘reads’ our answers?

*~*Why sit for the whole THREE hours?

*~*No-one must’ve studied enough.

*~*Whole knowledge is important, marks are just some numbers.

*~*Attempted 70 on 100 is okayish


After 3 years of slogging and punching myself after each exams, I have come to one consensus.

Graduation study is not about the knowledge. It is about remembering the mountainous portion, studying it and writing the whole shit down in that much time!

I don’t mess up the exams involving objective questions! My gut feel helps me there because *one of the given answers is the RIGHT answer*.

Subjective ones Kill me.

I don’t do enough justification to myself.

And the most important subjective sets of exams for the entire career in science are in 1 month’s time, April 2nd week.

Dates got out a few days ago and they’ve hit me hard because I am done studying like the 15% of the portion, mark you, only my favorite chapters!

All these years it was okay. Doing 3 chapters among 10 was fine. But in the university level they set kinda tough question papers; so we need to be through with at-least the portion and out of portion questions can be left in option. But with me the case is poles apart. I read books and don’t pay attention to teacher’s notes, complete knowledge is important you see; so I usually have a rough idea about the out of portion stuff and go to write that and by which usually mess up major.

I know that I should study, but I some-how don’t.

When there are so many better things to do, who will? Amazing friends on the phone; gmail chat, iPod, camera, paints, cell phone games, facebook applications and the likes; Plus, I am bored, tired, bored, hungry, bored, sleepy; most of the day!



Only I can save/prove myself.

So people, pump in the impetus, get me going towards the final exams. Study tips, wishes, black-mailing [even abusing], tried and tested formulae; Come up with anything that can help me in the long run. Make me realize of my wrong-doings now than sympathizing with my grief later.

P.S. Engineers! And as I see too many of them on my blog-roll; last minute study tips please; 4 weeks 42 chapters; not humanly impossible I know, but I should keep sitting on that study table of mine. Needless-to-say, I should get back right now!


Trinaa said...

baby! v R similar!!!! :o

Express said...

@ Tri
hahhaaa!! I told you, so does Facebook likeness says..

me and you,
bloody NINETY SIX percent similar!!!



You blog with great passion.
So you know passion.
your brain retains it even after you shut down the system.
where does it dissappear when you see your books or in front of the exam paper?.
brain works on its own memory
-a stimuli mechanism.
the "wrong fountains" gets stimulated without the awareness of controlling mechanism of self..
how can this be changed.?.
long term measures are numerous.
but when time is short, make it a game..
because passion is the essense of all games..
it easily keeps tne fountains working..
and sometimes company can work too..
shut all the distractions.
even internet..
all best wishes...
take care
do well in exams...

deluded said...

attempting 70 out of 100 is ok???


you must be very accurate.

if I attempted that, Id fail royally

The Seeker said...

Yeah! all the reasons I told me in the examination hall, perhaps, biochemistry is boring that you cant write them in the exam hall, some concepts in Mol bio, something in rDNA technology, trust me, had been through it enough! u will grow out of it!!!!

Anurag said...

pssst ...I am an engineer and I say u need a doctor!
I don't get the s*it of u not having that enough "MOTIVATION" to write an answer ...I mean c'mon ....Aren't u a student ...Go see a doc....more specifically a Pshychologist ....Yes U need it :|

Aditi Gupta said...

stop writing
start studin
n i didnt read thru it

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

It isnt just with engineers....its with everyone and one more thing we care about in the exam hall...

Who is getting out of the class first.. there is a kind of unsaid competition goin on specially in our exams...Commerce faculty... :P

Arv said...

he hee... I never studied too hard and I just wrote wat I felt was right... but then I was a commerce graduate my illustrations were from practical life situations and world events... he hee...

Ashish Surana said...

Lack of focus ...not just from you but from Comments as well ...

we used to call it GMD..unless it happens no one let be time required > = time left...things would automatically fall into place :D

and in parents' lingo... "ab to padh lo beta" :P

Shrav said...

engineering is easy! Just study the day before your exams and you'll clear! See my results if you want the proof! :)

crasiezt said...

Hmmmm, I'm the last person who should attempt to give you advice on exam-prep. I never did fact I have given many an exam without reading at all, and still scored more than those that slogged through the year! It's not that I listened to everything my teachers said in class..heck I hardly attended any..I ain't even super how did I manage to get through? I used my head. Which is possible for me, coz I picked subjects like that.

Unfortunately for you sweetie, you have something different on your plate. Padhai kar le, without freaking out. If you get tensed you're gonna screw it for yourself. Which doesn't mean that you stop chatting and stuff. Do all of it, but just make sure you maintain that balance:-)

Sorry for the long lecture..but I'm blogging after a long time, so I couldn't stop myself:D

Good luck babe. Muah

Bhai with Chai said...

these similarities are freaky!
trust me!

I'm gonna mail you!
"studyin tips" .. u called for engineers.. here I am ! ;)

Express said...

@ Man In Painting
Welcome to my blog
And that comment wants me 2 go die with my books right now!

@ Deluded
Doctors need to know everything! And waise bhi, biotech tohstupid course hai jo stupid log karte hai. So how does it matter if Im accurate!

Express said...

@ The Seeker
Dude, mol-bio and rdt are genetics alone. Biochem has too many other aspects.
Plus, I wanna do this all my life, so grow out of it? I don’t think so.

@ Anurag
Yea right.
Tujhe toh samajh mein hi nahi aati hai!

Express said...

@ Aditi
Hmm, going

@ Rushabhh
Commerce, kismat!
And please ha, mere class mein toh everyone is begging for one extra minute n all.. so don’t even ask abt who leaves 1st :-|

Express said...

@ Arv
Again commerce :-(
Even I can actually a write a lot from what my point of view is, but writing for 3 hours is the issue no

@ Ashish
I know what GMD stands for! Hhahhahaaa!!!!!!!
Yes, I agree.
Started :-)

Express said...

@ Shrav
Hahhaa, sexy comment!
And don’t worry, I believe if u tell me :-)
That’s wht I wanted engineers to tell what do they do 2 manage it so soon!!!

@ Crasiezt
Oyi! Tereko allowed hai ladki!!
Sach mein started!
And u sound hot on phone :-P

Express said...

@ Bhai with Chai
You are most rocking sister anyone ever had! Mails working baby :-)

Sandra Regina said...

Estou passando para lhe dar um abraço
Tudo muito lindo