Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Most important People in My life.

Okay so I am on a blog-break. Unexpected, not of a fixed duration either. So, I have a lot of apologies to ask for and a lot of tales to narrate. But that is not what I am here for.

I am here for another dedication post! This time on valentine’s day :-)
What I used to think of love last year is here. [which was also my claim to fame on blogger-world :-D]. But well, I’ve come a long way.

Dedicated to the 55 most important and influencing people in 19 years of my life

Important because they supported me when I could see no friendly face around;
Important because I can’t imagine my life without them
Important because I care about them, in the same way that they care about me.
Important because I love them and I know I don’t say it enough.

So here they are; the most influential and imperative set of people to me.

Aditi Gupta: The intersection of the web and real worlds for me. Ruia college would be different if you were not around. Keep in touch.

Aishwarya Shevade: One of my pune PG room-mates and one friend I wanna treasure for life. You made the schedule in Pune easy, Thank-you.

Akshay Pai: One of the sweetest guys I know. You are a gr8 friend, please stay the same way.

Alisha Iyer: :-) I don’t have enough words, but yea, you do come in this list :-) Thanks for being there when I needed you.

Alok Meshram: One of my very good friends and definitely one person I am proud of. I am sorry if I have ever hurt you. You mean a lot to me, always remember that.

Alpana Mallick: I miss you when I see pairs of girls on the roads of sec-17. You will always remain my favorite company for mini-sea-shore. Always.

Amruta Bhate: The beginning of our friendship was an edventure by itself and well, it has been an absolute delight knowing you :-). [Yea, you are not the only one who can lie well :-P]

Anindita Debnath: You are the best, you know that. I just regret one thing; not hugging you when we met.

Annsu Joseph: Please forgive me for not keeping in touch. Losing a friend like you would break my heart. Thinking of you will always bring a smile to my face.

Anurag Chatterjee: Yea, you. Take good care and the next time you annoy me, I ll take your case, again :-P

Apurva Shinde: JC would have been hell without people like you around. Be a good doc man and yea, don’t let Priyanka take the same specialization as you; we need variety in the family :-P

Ashish Mehta: You rock! And we as a pair rock! We killed in antakshari finally! Thanks gal, for giving me that joy and a wonderful final year college festival.

Bhagyashree Kaduskar: Thanks to you I had a great time in Pakhnikar’s. You stuck to me as your bench partner despite my weirdness and I value that.

Bhai with Chai: I remember how our posts used to collide and how we used to be the first people to comment. Kyu gayab ho jati ho? Kyu? :-(

Bhaiya: :-) I hated you, loved you, missed you, idolized you, learnt so much from you. The blood bond did work for us, no? I am glad that I am a sister of a guy like you.

Buru Didi: Oh, you got married :-( But still you are my elder sister whom I look up to :-) Your Mumbai trip was such an amazing experience that I want you to come back with Jiju, again :-)

Dhvani Desai: Ma’am, I miss you. You are so far away but the amino acids always remind us of you. We always talk of you and how FY was so much fun with you. Please take care ma’am.

Divya Rao: Diu: I think of you and my heart sinks. Diu, baby, you are so sweet that I couldn’t help but learn so many things from you. You are the only person whom I said the love words in the first meet and well, I still mean it.

Ishaan Kumar: My guide through metal music and someone who continues to remind me that I have a long way to go in your kinda music :-P Me still the female version? Eh?

Jay Unni: You are mentally retarded. But you give good advice at midnight.

Jyotsna Nambiar: Joey: You are a gr8 friend gal. I fondly remember all the fun times I had with you. I hope you feel the same way about me, tc!

Ketki Deshpande: Yea, Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart! If not in school, after school you are one of the people I fondly remember of childhood days.

Kirti Aparajita Kumar: I ve prolly not said too many time, but yes, you matter to me. We have not spent ages together, thanks to the final year, but I value our friendship.

Komal Pawar: I hope you read this and thus I hope you know that I consider you as a friend that I value. May you reach all heights and may our friendship blossom.

Krutika Phalnikar: Kuku: You are one of the friendliest people I have come across till date. I love your spirit gal. Plus you taught me so much about animals and birds that I can’t stop myself from trying to recognize them and check it on the net next :-P

Ma: I am the worst daughter there is. But I am proud of the way you are. I love you ma, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Madhura Rane: All the advices and all the chatting; I miss you as one of the first friends I made in Ruia. You are cute, and I like you just the way you are. No matter what, stay the same.

Maity Kaku: The person who makes me realize that we are sent to the world to appreciate others, not hurt. Your survival instinct makes me fight back, always.

Manik: The cutest cranky kid ever. I am glad we made friends and you messages and missed calls mean so much to me, that words don’t do enough justice to describe the bond we share. Don’t be surprised if I cry on the farewell [with you].

Manjari Madanan: :-) We meet at the most unexpected places and ‘that’ is the special bond. Manj, you are a true rockstar. I have learnt so much from you that the testimonial I wrote is just not enough.

Mansi Gandhi: You are one person I wanna hold onto all my life for pep-talks. You always manage to show me sense in a directionless path and that makes you special. I have never felt of you as a senior, will never.

Munu: Rohini Chatterjee: My kid sis! My baby sista! I love you soo much! Don’t follow my footsteps, carve your own path and then, I shall be proud of you :-)

Navjyot Bandiwadekar: Navvy: You matter, you know. One of the people who chooses to be with me when others are invisible. You comfort me, reassure me that this is no end and my dear, if what I call, ‘a true friend’.

Papa: You are my favorite person in the world; nuff said. I love you!

Pooja Gudibanda: Our friendship has last so long that I have now begun to feel its magnificence. 14 years? Eh? Thanks for being around gal, your friendship has been a sheer delight!

Poorva Chavan: My golu polu baby! My partner in all the ups and downs in tunga! Without you, ‘that disastrous internship’ would have cost me with my life. You made it fun for me!

Prerna Chawla: The first friend I made in college and definitely the person who continues to understand me the best. You know what I want, you know what I should want :-P The chairperson of My advisory board. A friend I have for life.

Priya Titus: Talking to you calms me down. I love you because you are proud of the way you are. A gem of a friend, definitely!

Raghunath Prabhu: The only guy whom I felt like making my brother in the very first meet and well, that tastings meet is one of my fondest memories in Chembur. Keep in touch man and yea, you know the job setting :-D

Richa Palekar: You comment, I like it; just coz I know that you genuinely care. I hope it remains the same way, always :-)

Ridhiman Banerjee: Is my list of top 50 important people complete without you? I don’t think so.

Rucha Kamath: You are the coolest senior I know. I am glad you were mine! :-D

Sachi Mahajan: Okay, barring the last 1 month, shes always been around in the brightest and the darkest days. And which younger sister is never mad at her elder? Yes, that’s our bond. If you din already know, I love you like I would love my sister. Koi shak?

Sanyal Jethu: His words penetrate me like arrows, his encouragement actually makes me feel as if I can fly. He has been a constant source of motivation since god knows how many years and I value that.

Savita Pakhnikar: Influencial? Ofcourse. My course instructor and philosopher n guide. I take this opportunity 2 thank you ma’am, for constantly pumping in the required energy in all of us.

Sayali Churi: My best friend. As confused and directionless as me. But prolly the most lively and cute person on the face of the earth.

Shabarni Gupta: My identical in all respects twin.

Shubho dada: My favorite cousin brother, always. Support system and is like the magnetic pointer. I somehow know that I am gonna end up like him :-P

Sneha G: I know we don’t talk much now a days, but there was a phase when I used to wait all day to talk to you in the afternoon. I don’t know how much it made a difference to you, but on me, it had a very different kind of impact. You are a special friend sneha, yes, my rock guru :-P

Sneha Sansare: You made pune tolerable. Thanks for all the laughter and kidding.

Surabhi Rao: Now, You are one of the first people to know if I am upto anything. Don’t you think that means something? :-P Whatever anyone might say, I can trust you with my life. Period.

Surekha Rao: I have never looked at you as my friend’s sister. You have been a friend, cute and smart little friend dear. Hope it stays that way. :-)

Tejas Mukadam: Don’t be surprised if I ask you for advice even after I pass out :-P and yea, for record, you are gonna pay for the bike ride and ice-cream when I decide to suicide. I think of you and I am reminded of Mahabaleshwar. Thanks for the best vacation of my life man.

Trinaa: All the other kidding is fine, but I am glad that we are such special kind of friends. Superpoke mein kuch bacha hai toh who bhi kar de :-P

Vishal Ramrakhyani: I remember how you used to meet me everytime you dropped by Ruia. I am proud by the decisions you took in your life and really hope that it works for you :-)

I can never include every-one who matters, but then these are the ones who are like life-support systems to me.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


Express said...

Pardon me, the editing and the final touches shall take sometime. exam time people!

Cяystal said...



Happy V day!

Anurag said...

where did u get the time to write so much about so many ppl....

Anyways Thank you for the mention :)

Aditi Gupta said...

these are some times i love the fact that my name starts with A
thnks gal!!!!!!! :)

Mephistophelian Sage said...

Yaay!I didnt know I am among those 55 most important people in your life,Thanks for the mention!
I am still wondering why would anyone turn to a retard for an advice & counseling session at midnight??

deepika said...

i think you understand the importance of i found some excerpt on friendshipquotes

Alok said...

As I said to you, Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Awww. :)
You mean a LOT to me as well.
You know you do, no?

Muah :*

gunj said...

omg!! another list!! :P

but seriously dats d sweetest vday post ive seen till date!
u rock gurl!!

may god add more ppl to ur list!

metal-militant said...

Hmmm.You actually sat and counted how many people were special to you?WOW.And to think you have exams coming up.Well yes,you DO have a long way to go when it comes to metal,but yes,you and i still think on similar lines so yes,still somewhat of a female version of me.

And thank you for mentioning me.It means a lot.

Aditi Gupta said...

u know wt till yesterday i was depressed n gloomy, readin ur post made me feel good
girl love you !!!
soory cndt portray my feeling ealrier :P :P
now that i am ecstatic i can :D

Anindita said...


We still have to meet up again. Then you won't have any regrets..!!


Express said...

@ Crystal
Happy V Day to you too!!

@ Anurag
Yea, I knw.. I did it in abt an hour.. for once din chat and typed something that wud stay wid me :-)

Don't thank me, thank you :-)

Express said...

@ Aditi

Happy V day!

@ Jay
Because I am mentally retarded too!
simple! :-P

Express said...

@ Deepika
thats for my friends 2 decide.

@ Alok
Yea yea, i knw..

Express said...

@ Ki


@ Gunj
Yea, already additions up!
and kya main list banaye bagair reh sakti hu?

I don think so :-P

Express said...

@ Ishaan
haha! yea..
I din do much.. just scrutinized 4m the phone list :-)

If u feel strong, doesnt take much time :-)

@ Aditi
Phases, yes..
gosh! we ve prelims up!!!!!

Express said...

@ Dita

Happy V Day!

deluded said...

huge dedication list.

your social circle is monstrous.

Trinaa said...

yaaaaaaaaaaayyyiii! c i came onlyn 4 a few mins n immediately came here! oh n superpoke mein kuch bhacha hai????? ummmm..lemme c.. ;)

lurrrrrrrrrrrrv u baby! :*

Express said...

@ deluded
ofcourse it is.
unlike some people, Im not anti-human u knw..

happy V day!

Express said...

@ Tri
bonding k wajah se aayi k scrap padhke? :-P

anyway, love u too baby, sunday morning itni subah uth gayi? good 4 our married life :-P Im a early morning bird ;)

Happy V day my Valentine!

divinediu said...

I just went aww, y'know?
I had never known I was the first one, and I still remember what you said.
Thanks so much!

Shrav said...

wow!! all the dedications were really cute!! :) Happy Valentine's day to everyone! and to you!! :)

Rajesh said...

Wow!!! Can u be more kind? Yes!! If i'm added into that list...

Well...just kidding...nice of u to hav come up wit something like this..


Arv said...

beautiful mate... hope you had a lovely weekend... take care... cheers...

Am said...

it is d nicest, sweetest, cutest post dat u hav made, till nw, after readin it, i was goin through our col photos, n laughing like crazy!!!!!!

well, keep up d gud wrk girl, u rock!!
n yea, watever u say, I TAUGHT u 2 lie [:P]

Anonymous said...

v day was just a bahana.....last few days of our college....all senti senti huh...???
well include me as well with u guys in d crying session dats gonna happen on d farewell day.....
grl,i m gonna b ua frnd for lifetime...u r one f those ppl who mean a lot to me....n m gonna miss u the most...u r d coolest n d bestest n d todu fodu gal i have eve u so much.....
u ll always remain my first love.....he he he....

Express said...

@ Diu

Misss uu :(

But no, update ur blog man,
I miss it bad! like, very!

@ Shrav
SUCH a cuuttee comment!!

Hope u had a lovely valentine. and yea,
added u 2 the blogroll

Express said...

@ Rajesh
Thanks :)

@ Arv
Yea, valentine's day was good but the next day, nightmarish...

hope u had funn days too!
and viral I hear :(

Express said...

@ Amruta
yea, one rotten apple, whole lot rotten?

<3 u sooo much!!
and ur comment ws also nicest, cutest, sweetest :P
and u also rock!

@ Sayali

and 1st last love toh theek hai, but trinaa is the girlfriend now :P

The Seeker said...

That was a very thoughtful post, And am so glad that your life is filled up with such loving people...

Take care! Happy valentine's day,,,

Express said...

@ Seeker
Yea, they made me feel like i shud b doin this 4 myself.

I love them all, and a lotta other people I shall gradually be mentioning :)

Thanks :)

To you too

Shabarni Gupta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shabarni Gupta said...

shatabdi dat was soo sweet yaar !!!! all of us luv u :)
thnx for the mention

Bhai with Chai said...

How sweet! wish I'd read that earlier! :)
thank you thank you..! :)

Apurv said...

your blogs are a constant source of honest wackiness which comes across as a delightful refreshment in this prim n proper hypocritic world...........keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!........n yea,if i made jc tolrable for u,it is a bigger achievement for me than all my stupid n useless marks!didnt know that i was so imp to u!!!!!!!!feel real honoured!!!!!!!