Friday, January 9, 2009

Treasure hunt!

All of you know that I am majoring in biochemistry, which is very closely related to our body and how things can be all good with the body; thus closely related to food.

So, our annual fest is nothing but a food festival! Appetisers!

And as a ‘sincere’ final year student, I am actively involved in it. As in I have a stall to handle, setta juniors to bully, lotta planning to do, and make the fest successful.

My stall is called “Goodness of apple”. Basically all I and my team does is talk about how healthy apple is and how you should drink the juice that we are serving :-D
And it is prolly the only ‘drink’. So, we ought to sell :-P

Only one condition though, IF WE HAVE THE JUICE!

So options!
1. Make the juice.
FAILED. Because apples are expensive, juice from one apple is too little, waste is too much which cannot be used, and too much work for almost no profit.

2. Get concentrate, dilute and sell.
FAILED. Because there is no concentrate available in the market!
Haila! Oh my god! ‘This’ didn’t strike us!!! But this is true!
We have carefully scanned every possible shop of all wholesale, grocery, super, markets of Mumbai. Crawford, “no squash” ; APMC, “some brand called gold coin shut down 3 years ago..” [yea, I ll go get that opened again]; Thane, “Apple squash exists?”

And these very shops sell every other fruit-juice that you might not have even heard of!
Mango – yes; Pineapple – yes; Orange – YES; Lemon – YES; Guava – yes; Amla – yes; Khus – yes; Peach - yes; Strawberry – yes; Apricot – yes; Kesar – yes; kokum – yes; Black currants – yes; Pinacolada – yes; Kiwi – one full row of brands, yes yes yes; DRY FRUITS - YES!!!!
How? You can remove juice outta DRY fruits and sell that and one popular harmless apple has no market.
Sick, tired and bored; I give up. Change topic, hell no Ms. Incharge; Charts are already made!!!

So, option 3. Get ready made juice dilute and sell!
And that’s what I shall be doing. Got a brand that has buy one get one free offer on :-P. Buy in bulk and sell! Keeping fingers crossed so that no other hurdles come my way.

I know I have been busy, lots of things going on in my life and currently the food festival is the most prominent. This is to be held 12th and 13th, 9 am onwards in the Jr. College Reading Hall of Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai. All of you are cordially invited with friends and family :-P


Arv said...

LOL... sounds like fun though.. have a lovely time :)


Express said...

@ Arv
LOADS of fun..even the shopping part! And the how much to sell for how much price calculation is the BEST! :D

no, erase wht I just said,
parents giving suggestions is the BEST! "why don't u add ice to increase quantity?" "5 Rs to 50ml? No1 will buy.." and the kinds

i AM having a lovely time!! :)
cheers 2 u too!
*with my apple juice*

Urv said...

Do I hear foooooooooooooood :)

Urv said...

I had a lot of Appy in college canteens.. :D

CяystąL said...


Go buy Appy Fizz :-S

Anurag said...

I would better go buy an appy Fizz than come all the way to ruia :P

Anyways Hv fun :P

Sutta said...

So, what was the post exactly about? :-/

Trinaa said...


Aditi Gupta said...

ill come up
but im gona spend my money on chocolates :P :P

Express said...

@ Urv
hahhaaa!! yea, why else do you think v r so gonna b successful? :D


and appy is gr8 yea.
its contains pig-fat :-|

@ Crystal
hahhaaa!! fizzzzzzzzzzzzz
i tried 2 strike a deal wid those people re , kameene are giving me Rs. 5 per liter ka profit and usmein mera ice ka paisa, glass ka paisa...khadda..

i am making money now.
I am happy.
and we also have soda maker 4 the fizzz... :D
paisa, ye paisa,
nahi koi aisa,
paisa, ye paisa,
ye hai museebat, aha museebat, aha myseebat :P

Express said...

@ Anurag
Yea, have fizz… have fun

And if there was just my drink being served, it wouldn’t b called “FOOD FESTIVAL” no?

@ sutta
Which is the longest paragraph? :D

Is my post ever about something?

Express said...

@ Tri
Haha, inna easy ni hai nah jaanu.
Ive raped my brain enuff wid all the fuck-all calculations; long story.

Im gonna lie that Im making the juice :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

@ Aditi
4 brands of chocolate :D
And banate wakt itna glupa hai k hum log chocolate stall k aas paas bhi nahi dikhenge :P

And the chocolate k chartsssss…aaahhhh

If u don’t buy even ‘ONE’ glass
Don’t b surprised if I don teach u immuno :P

PS I CAME 1st IN MICROBES KA JEOPARDY QUIZ!!!!!!! Killed in immuno and biochem ;) defeated MScs!!! :) :) :)

Alok said...

Do explain the benefits of Apple juice and the name of the brand of apple juice you bought

Anonymous said...

good luck with ua apples juice... (eve's temptation..)
do visit my stall as well...
i'll make u eat out monaco cheese swv puri....(top of the world)

Swayam said...

hey there is this new tropicana twister.. which is basically apple juice..try it..
sorry i live in Delhi cant drop in.. i would have if i'd been living in amchi mumbai...

CяystąL said...

Jaisa paisa waisa nahi hai koi aisa vaisa.
So chaahe jitna de...looooourve it,baby!!! :D>.

crasiezt said...

Of course concentrated stuff is available..I had a bottle of it at home!!

Rajesh said...

Looks good...OK...well...yeah OK.. but I HATE CHEMISTRY!!!

Beauty and the BEast said...

haw! you will dilute ready made juice too!!!! And I thought it was only the ancient milk men who resorted to dilution :O

Must stay away..

Have fun nevertheless ;)

Shrav said...

have a great time!! :)

and yea, the last option sounds the simplest! Also you could put the financial burden on the juniors!! :P!

aneri_masi said...

how'd it go? kitna paisa banaya? ;)

hakunamatata said...

nw i get d raaz of d gr88 apple juice...!!

Alok said...

abe naya post kab likhegi?

deluded said...


The Seeker said...

Still in the hangover???

aZoed said...

where are you studying.. what degree.. my xcitement?? m majoring in Bioinformatics with a B.Tech degree... final sem... so I figured out, our paths cross somewhere...

Cяystal said...

I am boooooored.

And missing you! :|


aZoed said...

ah! so much to consider...
Don't you get HPMC's 7in1 in Mumbai... makes 7 half a litre bottles of apple juice out of a 1 litre concentrate bottle... we get lots of it here in Shimla... I guess these HPMC guyz don't market there stuff well...

Express said...

@ Alok
Among other things, ‘apple’ is considered to be a negative calorie food. Like, the amt of calories used 2 breakdown apple are lesser than the amt of calories that are given out 4m it. Thus dietician’s favorite. And then it has 0% fat, has essential amino acids and 95% carbs; instant source of energy; etc etc; google search

Brand ws Onjus. Hush hush :-P

@ Sayali
Haha! Yea!
But u made money; and I din…so…
How does it matter

Express said...

@ Swayam
Aww, 1st person to say that! Im touched! :-)

But, Tropicana, expensive. But the pulp tastes sexy no?

@ Crystal

Express said...

@ Crazy
Haila! That must b the gold coin company that shut down 3 years ago :-P

@ Rajesh
Aha! I hate excess use of the word chemistry :-D
And the subject? Well, guess why Im took it 4 2 years in graduation?

Express said...

@ Beauty and the Beast
Yea, had no choice; ws becoming expensive..
And people loved the juice coz it ws served chilled… so, no regrets!

And yea btw, thanks for drooping by,

@ Shrav
Haha! Hush!!!
Don’t let them hear that! Jo bachi khuchi izzat hai meri, who bhi chali jayegi :-P

But But; financial, every rupee was from my pocket.
I guess that’s why people look up to me in a different way :-P

Express said...

@ Aneri_Masi
Welcome to my page!
And well, I batofied a lot of free juice and din charge parents and teachers in any-way.

More importantly, The juice was sold out! And the prolly the Biggest hit in the festival.

So? It was no profit no loss; but, I earned too much no?

@ hakunamatata
*sheepish grin*


Express said...

@ alok
Likh diya nah!

@ Deluded
Yes, it IS a fruit.

And I want lifetime supplies; a particular doctor has to be shooed.
U knw whr I wud get?

Express said...

@ The Seeker

The hangover stays till u let it stay; so..its gonna b thr 4 a while nw :D

@ aZoed
Welcome to the page mate!
And Im 4m Ruia College Mumbai. BS Biochem.

And abt the HPMC guys? Well, even Mapro sells in Mahabaleshwar as I ws told; but Mumbai mein aaple nahi hai.. I dunno.. problem ws solved and Im glad it did..

Tc n keep dropping by!

Express said...

@ Crystal
I miss you too baby!
But wht 2 do.. this phase.. just doesn’t pass..