Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All for lurve.

First of all, wishing u all "Happy valentines day!".

Doesn't mean much to me, nor do i understand the intricate details so as to why we are expected to be all mushy, sweet, appreciative, just coz its 14th February! Well, whatever be it, 14th february is celebrated, on a pretty large scale, in india [urban] and world-over, for reason which is called "love".
[Hereafter, all points mentioned are with respect to the love for ones partner.]

I have never been in love, i don't understand love. For me it is just some chemicals called 'hormones' running all through your brain and body to give you the "high". I have heard people talk of it though. According to people i have had the conversation with regarding love, well, heres what it sounds like.
You are crazy about that particular person, you miss them all the time, they are in and around your mind, you think of them, you like them, their habits, smile, eyes, talks, voice, smell, everything!; they become the center of all your attention, they make you feel special, they understand you, you understand them, you feel like spending every free minute with them, they and you just make your life seem puurrfeecttttttt!!!!! Pretty much it, right?

So, why is it important that the particular person looks pretty?
Why is it important that you look at your best when you see them?
Why should we give priority to what our friends would think if they don't like him/her?
Why pretend to impress them?
yes, i am verryy confused about love and issues related to it.

If being in love gives someone else authority to take my decisions, makes them the center of my life, asks me to pretend [in any way], asks me to change [in any way], makes me dependent on them, makes me affected directly or indirectly by whatever they say/do; I don't understand whats all the fun in it?

The questions most love-birds ask me,
Am i looking good?
Do you think he likes me?
Do you think he reaalllyy likes me?
Are we gonna make a hot couple? (?)
Is there any future to this relationship?
How could he do this to me?
Is it high time we got committed?
arrgghhh, Getta life people!!!

Don't we all want that special person to walk right past us and be with us forever? Yes, you cant live alone all your life, but isn't it irrational to declare a life-partner in your 3 month old relationship at 16 years of age? And social networking sites! oh man! yes, you can find a lot of hot people in there and finally may end up in love with any of them, so? make a pass on every female possible, you never know who is "made" for you. I have no words whatsoever to describe this......

Don't worry about riots, hunger, unemployment, global warming, crime against women, child-labor, racism, child-abuse, exams, dirty-politics, robberies, religious intolerance, elections, cricket, sale!, friends, economical issues, technological-crisis; coz hey!! valentines day is here!!!!!

Go on, blow some more money on the one you love, the one who might just leave you if you don't do that, and yes, have a great day..
Once again, "Happy valentines day!!"


Am said...

nt been in love?
wateva u say!!
n dont worry all o us are pretty confused bout love at this stage, i for 1 cant undrstand hw ppl an even thnk o fallin in love!!!
i mean hw do u kno dat dis is d persn 4 me, n dat 2 jus aftr knong him briefly???
agreed dat u need companionship, bt love in teens?!! i cant stand ppl who say dey r in love n break up 4 d most silllest o reasons, n den v(ie frends) hav 2 play agony aunts n shrinks 4 dem, all d while havin a huge urge to kick d loser in his ass for being such a fool!!!
n der r those ppl who jus want smone coz every1 round dem is goin around!! yuck!!!
hw vain cn one be!
bt den der r deso ppl who r really, actually in love n behav most sensibly, well i take heart seeing dese ppl, n keep on thnking mayb jus mayb i'll gt lucky n find d"one" one day!!!

Express said...

One of the most important reasons of walking into blogger was to be able to TYPE-FULL-WORDS-IN-ENGLISH! I understand our habits have spoiled, but neither is this a chat nor sms that your precious time OR money shall be consumed :P

Funnily both our views match, And I hate the break-up, make-up part too! And yea, the love-sick puppy part too....

I dated my chem books!! Quite a day.. :D

Alok said...

I believe Valentine's Day is all about the things you mentioned at the end. But, alas, leave something to popular culture, and it will be brought down to the lowest of levels.

Hoping that I will, one day see a Valentine's day in it's true meaning.

Express said...

Aren't u asking for too much?

Involvement of too much hype just ruins things!! Well, hope wish comes true :)

Alok said...

Yes, Maybe I am wishing for too much.

Being in the scientific community for too long makes you wish for ideal things, even if they do not exist. :P

But, who knows, someday it might come true!

Express said...

Thinking of it, love and science do have similarities..

Both are based on assumptions. :P
Both help in the "progress" of an individual..
and both reply to our curiosities... :D


Anonymous said...

Well written post....I agree with your thoughts!

Express said...


they r not exactly thoughts, just random outlet to irritation...

sanket sharma said...

this was hilarious and honest!

Express said...

Thank-you. Your compliments keep me going.

Nutee's said...

hey its a really nice post .. tho i beg to differ with u on most points apart from savin money on valentines day gifts ...
anyways i really think that love exists but has more forms than one can fathom .... more so in a world where we have so much despairity and suffering .... take the example of the dalai lama ... wudnt u call his utter devotion to the well being of human race love ???
about love between two people a person who hasnt been in love or hasnt once believed in it wudnt really be in position to make a comment on it ...
and even tho i hate to see or hear 16 yr olds cozing up and saying they are in love they r certainly goin to learn from their n number of break ups and make ups about love and life in the greater perspective afterall wisdom is the name given by men to their mistakes !!! isnt it ???
sorry if i sound highly critical its nothing personal ...

Express said...

Thank-you for the contrasting point of view. I oh so wanted some love-birds to differ with me so that I can prove my point. I thought this post is dead, well, here i go..

I said this post was about love for partner, so no confronting me on dalai lama, parental love, brother-sister bonding no-no..

I know that love is nothing superficial and this post is very judgmental and angry. But this is what is remaining of love now-a-days. Thats whats most saddening. With PDA and show-off of boy-friend tag on rise, it is no more about what it should be, "the love". All the hype involved around "the V day" is crappy. I might not be experienced enough in love, but this is post is highly sarcastic man...

I have nothing against neither relationships, nor love. Its the lover's attitude and the big deal made out-of valentine's day that is on-target.

Thanks for the comment though.

Nutee's said...

ok i'll tell y i wrote such critical comment ... cause i've been thru ur phase ... ur wht ? 18 ?
its wuite likely tht u'd go thru it .... i agree most people cant understand the deeper meaning of love .. tht because they never try to ... about the PDA's and puppy love ... which changes everyday wht WE must realise is that the love these people are talking bout is their love ...
cant they have an opinion ...
anyways i think going by the blogs my efforts seem futile ...
anyways i love the general portfolio of ur blog ... they are everyday problems but seem to b very observent about them ... plus u have managed not to make it another one of those cliched DIALY DIARY kinda blog ...
i loved reading it

Express said...

Thanks for checking back and bothering to comment all over again. I never thought I would love writing so much, I even gave up hopes on bringing my log back to life. I just owe it to alok and his encouragement. I now count him among one of my good friends, I just want him to know that I am trying my level best to live upto the spirit of blogging :-)

Back to our argument.
Phase yes, maybe when I fall in lurrvee I may have a different opinion about life and stuff. Their love sure, but why don't they keep it to themselves? And trust me man, this blog was just an outlet. My friends who ve asked me the questions I listed there have not stopped asking me the questions coz I mentioned them here. Its just that I fail to see sense in it. Period.

Fall in love, true deep love. So that when you use the word love, you know the meaning of it :-)
Thanks for the comment.

Alok said...

Hey Express,

I was going through your blog and landed up on this post. I thought our discussion was incomplete, so I'm going to write something which I think is very relevant to the post.

As I said earlier, the things you mentioned in the end, that is what I believe love to be all about.

I used to be a skeptic about "Love" until I thought about it really hard.

Have you ever experienced this: You're walking, see some person, just a mere glance, and for no reason at all, hate them. I mean, you don't know anything about them at all but you just know that you don't like the person. They stir up anger or disgust in you.

Love, I feel, is the exact opposite. I think this happens because everybody carries reason and values with them. Your principles, your thoughts, they are what make you.

When you see someone, a mere glance is enough to tell you the values and reason that the other person upholds. If you find them against yours, you instantly hate the person. If you find your own projection in the other, you like them. And the extreme case is love.

And not only persons, anything in this world is subject to our judgment. Be it work, be it a book, be it a song, be it a tree.

Not everyone understands the true nature of love (even I don't :D) but they are capable of falling in love. And when they do, they interpret it in many ways, like looks and "being hot" or all that. That's the reason they behave so strangely.

Alok said...

It's not about the chemicals. They are just a result. It's about seeing yourself in the other.

If I like a song, I find myself in it. When I go through a particular emotion, I am reminded of that song. So maybe you might be reminded of a person in everything you do, because that person is just a projection of yourself.

So you see, the things you mentioned in the end, they are about yourself, your values too. And true love is about caring about that too.